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Hi all, I'm back!

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Hi MDC friends!!  It's been quite a while since I've posted or even visited at all!  I had several reasons for taking an MDC break, but there were lots of times that I found myself wishing "I wish I could post this!"  Anyway, here I am, hopefully I'll be around pretty regularly again.


SO...lots to talk about to catch you all up.  But there's an immediate joy I want to share with you all!  We got word today that Connor has been approved for a wish!!!!  We are so freaking excited!  I first found out that he might qualify about 2 years ago, but I was pregnant with Gavin and Connor was still pretty unstable with several surgeries looming (more on those later, they went well!); plus I wanted him to be a bit older so he could take part in the wish.  So, we waited.  I contacted the agency a couple weeks ago, filled out forms, had the dr do his part, etc, and got the official approval today.


NOW...the board meets to vote on wishes on Friday.  I have until Thursday afternoon to come up with a list of wishes.  Or we can wait until the next board vote on Aug 12th.  Since school starts late August, I'd prefer to get his wishes to the board this week.


I've been thinking about this for a while...what could we do that's very special for Connor?  In many ways he's a typical 4 year old boy, he especially likes airplanes, anything military, anything outdoors, animals, etc.  He also has been into space a lot lately, the International Space Station flew over recently and we went outside to see it; the museum near us had a travelling exhibit about the Space Station; we watched the last shuttle launch and recovery.  If I had thought of this before, we would have arranged to see the launch in person, that would have been perfect! 


The wish agency partners with Give Kids The World in Orlando.  At first I didn't want to do the typical Disney trip, but when I learned about GKTW, it piqued my interest!!  Especially when I learned that Kennedy Space Center is within driving distance.  I'm not sure if Connor would enjoy Disney very much, but I think he'd love Kennedy, and Sea World.  And he is a fan of Star Wars, isn't there a big Star Wars exhibit at Universal?  So maybe a trip to Florida would really be the perfect trip! 


But I'm still open to other ideas.  There's nothing that he needs, no celebrity that he especially likes... 


I'm so excited to be back here with all of you :) 

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Welcome back!  


FWIW, my ds would flip over anything to do with a trip that combined the Kennedy Space Center AND Star Wars!

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grouphug.gif Glad to hear from you after so long! I just wanted to say that. I don't have any input on the wish - but it's so great that he gets one, congrats! and I hope he enjoys it whatever it is.
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Thanks! So I talked to the boys about it last night. They have no concept of what a "wish" is.  The best Connor could come up with is to "go to a play place and ride my bike" the best Ian could come up with is to "go to Ryan's house"  (Ryan is a local friend who lives 2 miles away!)  LOL!  When I asked them if they know what Disney is, Ian had a vague idea, Connor had no idea (hey, that means my attempts at non-commercializing them is working out pretty well!  LOL!)  When I tried to describe it to them, they thought it sounded like the zoo near us, so then they wanted to go to the zoo.  When I mentioned the space center, though, that caught their attention.  I really think we're on to something with a trip to Kennedy Space Center!  So I contacted the wish agency to see if they could arrange for something special at Kennedy, meet a real astronaut maybe, or see something behind the scenes.  I think we'll still stay at Give Kids The World, that place looks really awesome! 



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That's so cool!!!


I think it so sweet that his first thought for a wish is to ride his bike. love.gif

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How sweet!  Riding a bike or going to "Ryan's house" is adorable.  Good luck planning the trip.  Keep us posted!

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I just wanted to let you know that my Sophia is a Make A Wish child - we stayed at GKTW about 3 years ago and it was fabulous!  Sophia was 7 at the time of our visit and has pulmonary atresia intact ventricular spectum with multiple coronary fistulae.  If you have any specific questions, please feel free to email me:  lhackath@ccf.org



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Welcome back, mama! That is so exciting!!
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Welcome back! I've been wondering what happened to you for months, and hoping that it was a break and not some sort of disaster. Good to see you and congratulations on the very cool opportunity to grant Connor a wish! 

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Welcome back!  I am so excited for you!

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Wow, that's fantastic!  Glad to see you're back... hope all is well :)


Would love to pick your brain about Conner's speech/palate issues... my Al (also 22q) is having some issues and you're one of the few people I 'know' to ask questions of! 


Take care,


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