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I have two children...both nursed until they self weaned at 18 months, likely due to my being pregnant. My youngest has started asking for "milk" again and I offered to him knowing that my milk in quantity is long gone. He only suckles for a a few seconds and is done and maybe just once a week or so. No biggie except for the pain it causes me! Today, though, as I was trying to get a little bit out, or see if there was any, my nipple expressed dark green, like forest colored, liquid from some of the milk holes and then greenish yellow like colostrum tends to be in the early days after birth and some was clear. It was very strange. I have never had that before. Anyone else??? It's only on one side. I can't get anything from the other side. I don't know if I am concerned I just think it's weird!


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I saw someplace online, that showed green milk as being normal. which just seems odd. I wish i could find the link.

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That's interesting. My 2 year old is still nursing and I'm making drops of white/yellow milk yet (more from one side than another). I have kind of a funny shaped nipple on one side, kind of a bump on the bottom of it, and yesterday I noticed when I brushed against it in the shower a drop of orange colostrum (? I think ?) randomly jumped out of that part. So, part of my nipple is making milk and part is making colostrum? Who knows!

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What you eat can affect your milk - including color.  If you consume lots of food of one color, I'm especially thinking of strongly colored veggies, it can cause your milk to turn that color.

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I have white, yellow and clear colostrum at this point. I have breastfed three children and have never seen green milk or colostrum, but I have read that what you eat and drink can change your milk colors (like green and blue).
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I don't know about green, but I definitely have colostrum now. It's yellow and salty -- I can tell DC3 is not sure what to do about it! And DC2 finally weaned at 3.5 years, probably because of the taste. I'm not complaining -- I was so ready for him to be done. He had nursed through the last pregnancy (obviously) but I guess it was more important for him when he was littler.


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It's probably totally fine.  What prenatal vitamins are you taking?  Rainbow Light by any chance?  Or a different brand that contains something like spirulina?  That can cause your milk to turn greenish/blueish and colostrum tends to be yellow.  Put blueish and yellowish together and you get green.   Meds can also change the color... have you taken anything different recently?  Also, you could always ask your care provider to be sure you do not have an infection.

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