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Good TV recommendations.

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My DD is almost 26 mos and watches some TV. I need some new ideas for her.


These were her faves: Pingu (when she was a baby) and the wonder pets


These are currently her faves: Caillou, Diego, Kipper, Backyardigans and some of Barney.


She doesn't care for: Thomas, Dora (sometimes she watches it)


She (We) don't like : The care bears, anything with monsters, ghosts or scary creatures.



We want : educational, wholesome, entertaining and simple shows. More like Caillou.


Any recommendations? Thank you.


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My kids like Pocoyo.  They watch it on youtube, and an episode is about 7 minutes long.

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Sounds like you may be on netflix.  My son's favorite right now is pink dinky doo ( it's a pbs show) also you can find sesame street, world world, sid the science kid, yo gabba gabba, blues clues on their streaming video

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DD is only allowed to watch PBS.  She doesn't care for Sesame Street (?!) but loves Super Why and The Cat in the Hat.

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Signing Time and/or Baby Signing Time--they teach ASL. And DD loves Word World!

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The miyazaki movies are amazing- My Neighbor Totoro, Whisper of the Heart, Kiki's delivery service are all ages


Porco Rosso, Spirited Away, Princess Miyazaki, and Nausicaa could be scary for yours- monsters and such- but still great movies

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DD loves Baby Signing Time but they aren't cheap. She also likes watching videos of herself from when she was teeny tiny. She likes hearing our voices talk to her. We've recently begun to watch Sesame Street (WAY too hot outside) but it kind of goes over her head and makes her a little zombie. I think it just goes too fast and is somewhat chaotic.


So we have hit Netflix's kid friendly nature documentaries. Stuff like Microcosmos and this Disney Ocean's thingamabob. I just make sure there are not polar bears killing seals and sea lions out there fighting it to the death ... some of them can be brutal so DH and I pre-screen. March of the penguins is good, too.

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We watch Nick Jr. - no commercials! - that time is filled with puzzles, rhyming, etc. DS's favorite shows are anything with music, like Jack's Big Music Show and Fresh Beat Band. and he likes Olivia. (he's 20 months BTW)

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My 2 year old DD loves Dinosaur Train and we stream them from Netflix. Dinosaur train is wonderful, she always surprises people with her dino vocab, and she does a great job of retelling the stories. Wonder Pets and Sesame Street are the second and third runners up. Word World and Super Why she has seen once or twice at grandparents but enjoyed. 

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The only thing my LO watches at this point is Mr Rogers. He is a big fan, we don't watch it often so I'm not sure how he would like it if it was a more regular thing.

He likes the part with the little trolley the best. I like when he shows how things are made (like zippers etc). Everyone thinks it's weird that we watch that, but I'll put it out there just in case it appeals to you and your LO.

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DS is crazy (a little too crazy) for Charlie & Lola episodes on youtube. And I really like watching them too!

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Pardon my ignorance but Nick Jr. - is it strictly cable? We have a dish but we don't get it - I don't think.


Where do we watch Mr. Rogers?


And she didn't much care for Sesame St., Yo Gabba Gabba or Blue's clues.


Where can I get Baby singing time?


Thank you guys - so much.


I will check the youtube recs too. I try not to show things on the computer though (and hate the juggling I have to do to put youtube on T.V.) but I will try :-)

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If you have access to it, try Little Bear. Sweet, slow-paced stories. It was what I loved best for my older dd.

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Where can I see "Little bear"?

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there are some little bear episodes on youtube but there are also hacked/spoof versions.  i was going to order a dvd from amazon, it seemed like they were extrememly cheap (like <10$) last time i looked.

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my 18-month son loves "the wiggles", "between the lions" and "signing time'.  He asks for them every day.

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Thank you but I am getting majorly confused - where can i access these shows please? Can you add the info alongside please guys?

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Mr Rogers




We watch it on our computer screen which doubles as out tv.


Hope the link works if not, google Mr Rogers and it should be the first one up (pbskids.org)

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Sprout TV - the wiggles


PBS - behind the lions


DVD - Signing time

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Originally Posted by Blessed_Mom View Post

Where can I see "Little bear"?


We watch Little Bear on cable - Comcast/Xfinity has some free episodes on demand. You can also rent dvds from Netflix, and I just bought two dvds from Half.com for about $5 each.

And yes, looks like there are several episodes on YouTube so you could see if your LO liked it.

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