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6-9 Homeschool...what to get first

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Our kids started out as Montessori-inspired homeschool kids.  Later, our son attended a Montessori 3-6 school for two years, and our daughter attended it for one year.  We had some special funding to make that possible, but now we are moving, and there is no Montessori school close by even if we had the special funding still (which is no longer available). 


Because we started out with homeschool, I am pretty well stocked for the 3-6 age group.  What I don't have is the 6-9 stuff, and though they are not quite there, we're quickly approaching that range.  My son is 6, though a little developmentally delayed.  My daughter is 5 and slightly advanced. 


Alison's Montessori is having a big July sale, and I want to order some initial supplies before the sale ends or the stock gets low, but I get lost everytime I start.  My funds are very limited.


Where should I start? 


I have looked at the 6-9 scope and sequence list, but I am still learning when to introduce what, so I am uncertain with a lot of things.


In terms of language, both kids are still fairly focused on learning to write, and my son is still working on learning to read (my daughter spontaneously started reading at age 3, and is now at maybe a 2nd grade level in regular public schools, but her teachers did go back through the Montessori reading works to make sure she had the foundation...I think the ground is now fairly solid underneath her).


In terms of math, I was told by their teachers that they can both do the tens board, that they were both working on the teens board, and that my son has been really interested in the hundreds board (he did the work twice with glee, though I think she discouraged him from using it when he went back after the second time, about which I feel slightly uneasy).  My daughter has also been doing a lot of addition and subtraction work just in the course of daily life in our home.


They're also both working to learn to tell time. 


We have continued work on the metal insets, and they have not yet gotten into the shape solids yet, so I know we have to get that.


I have far less of a sense about what they've done so far in things like geography, botany, etc., as most of that was done in school, and while a little work came home, their teachers didn't communicate much about it at parent-teacher conferences, etc.


Anyway, what would you get first?  Links especially appreciated.





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What did you end up buying? I would like to do the same as well  for my 9 and 12yo kids  when they leave their montessori school.

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I would get the puzzle maps, decanomial box of beads (more than enough for all math work), and a timeline (maybe ancient civilizations first). We have a LOT of material but most of it doesn't get used with my older children. They have some of the science kits from Alisons Montessori which they LOVE. But really they just enjoy books about anything real life. They love the dk eye witness books and typically are just reading most of the day. Hope this helps :)

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