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Any plus size moms?

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I'm struggling with the baby belly. I already had a "belly" before the baby was conceived, and it's the part of my body that I've been most sensitive about. Now that my baby is growing, my belly is getting pushed out further, to make room for baby to come up from below and behind. I thought I'd be fine with it - finally my belly has baby in it, not just fat! - but I'm really having a hard time. I feel like I look like me, just BIGGER, and a bigger me has never been a good thing before, yanno? I put on one of my Enwrapture Vintage skirts, tied as a dress and then as a skirt, to try to get a cute belly picture, and I wasn't happy with any of them. Between my boobs getting bigger and my pudgy belly poking out, I just thought they were awful.


Anyone else struggling with body image stuff?


ETA: I totally have a love/hate relationship with the belly pic thread - I LOVE seeing how everyone else is progressing and all those beautiful bellies... but I hate that mine isn't like that rolleyes.gif

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I have struggled with body image with every pregnancy. It is very, very hard. But I will tell you that nursing will help with the weight loss and your sweet baby is worth all of these negative thoughts and feelings. I am "average" but have lots of extra fat and skin all over my body and gain 45-50 per pregnancy. (Five pregnancies over the past 8 years!) You are not alone, mama! And I guarantee you if you could see many of these mamas without clothes on, you would see that we all have our issues and problem areas. Hugs!


Also, have you ever seen theshapeofamother.com?

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I'm plus size, but I haven't had too many issues with my size. I don't do the belly pic thread, I have to focus on what my body is doing, not how it looks because I don't want to feel less than (or more than, as it were) You might be in the in-between stage... around the time strangers can tell you're pregnant, it's easier to appreciate your shape.

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I also struggle with body issues.  I've lost a lot of my 'plus' size over the past couple years, but I will always have more curves than I like.  Also, having had more than one previous pregnancy, I have the saggy skin and less toned body than I want to begin with.  Since I also have a very wide pelvis, my uterus doesn't really 'pop'  out, it retroverts and what comes forward is the squishy bit I dislike while the firm uterus itself is pretty hidden. *sigh*


I an envious of the belly pics thread, but even without extra weight, I won't show enough for that for a long time yet. 




My body is strong enough to carry and nourish a child. 

I take walks wearing both my little guys almost every day- they are big kids, so together, that's about 70 lbs of toddler!

The aches and pains and fatigue are unavoidable, but at the same time, I know that I am strong enough to push through it and that in a few months, my body will be my own again and between nursing and chasing the kids, I'll get back in shape eventually. 

In the grand scheme of things, this will be a short time.

I can plan now to look forward to what I want to do to get back into shape, and since this will be my last child, I can really work towards that goal.  Personally, I am making a goal of being able to run a 5K by summer, and hopefully a 10K by late next fall.  Giving myself a concrete goal helps me.


I spent a long time with an eating disorder, and I can easily slip back into that OR I can appreciate all the positives of having curves, being strong, being healthy (I may weigh more than many, but my blood pressure is perfect, my A1C is 5, I can hike all day without getting tired/winded, I have the resources to draw on to keep caring for my kids even when I'm feeling crummy, I can deal with pain and discomfort, and continue to function as a loving parent.)  I needed to learn to focus on what my body IS, and not the ideal it isn't. 


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First off, you are BEAUTIFUL. Period. You are carrying a precious baby inside you, and that baby is worth the change in your body. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL and your body is BEAUTIFUL because of what it is doing.



I'm plus size. I've been plus sized my entire life. I started this pregnancy heavier than my previous two (started at 212 or so and I'm 5ft2). But I just have to remind myself 1. I am healthy, I love myself. 2. My body is beautiful, I love myself. 3. My beautiful body is creating a beautiful baby who is perfect, and I love myself! You can do this, and you are absolutely beautiful inside and out.

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Thank you all very much for your comments. I'm normally able to just let feeling like this roll off of me, but yesterday it hit me harder than usual I guess. Thanks for lending your ears.


Amanda: I have seen theshapeofamother.com and it's wonderful. I'll go back and visit again. Thanks for the reminder.


Mummoth: I bet you're right, that I'm just in that limbo-y in between stage.


Insidevoice: I need to paste that to my hand and read it often - "my body is strong and growing and nurturing a baby"


Mamaecho: And on my OTHER hand, I need to paste - "1. I am healthy, I love myself. 2. My body is beautiful, I love myself. 3. My beautiful body is creating a beautiful baby who is perfect, and I love myself! I can do this, and I am absolutely beautiful inside and out."


Thanks again!!

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It's definitely not just plus-sized moms who struggle with body image during pregnancy! I'm dealing with this, too, and I'm normally quite in shape and average-to-thin. It's hard to see the one part of my body that our culture says must be small... being anything but small. =) I try to remind myself that this is how it's actually meant to be, and that our culture lies to us all the time!

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