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Personal Lubricant

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Does anyone know if Vitamin E Oil is ok to use while TTC?  I know there is a lubricant called "Preseed" that is TTC friendly but I would rather not have to go buy something new.  Thanks!

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I would think anything oily would slow sperm down. And I don't know if your E is ph balanced to keep sperm alive. Usually its a hostile environment down there and that one day of viability it becomes ph balanced as to not kill the sperm which it usually does at other times of the month. Lube can slow down and block sperm. Preseed is very thin and ph balanced. It's also kinda spendy. I wish I knew alternatives but I don't and will keep an eye on this thread.

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Coincidentally, I just mentioned this in another thread!  DH and I use "Pre" which is the larger tube version of Preseed.  It's not individually wrapped like Preseed, so it's a lot more economical as you can use as little or as much as you need. 


Some women become pregnant really quickly, so the vitamin e might not have a negative affect for you, but if you're having difficulty conceiving you may want to use something that is specifically sperm-friendly and ph balanced as any oil could potentially kill sperm.

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Thanks ladies!  I went ahead and bought some Pre-seed (I didn't see any Pre').  Thought I would post the info incase anyone else was curious.  The Pre-seed I got comes in a 40 gm tube w/ 9 single-use applicators.  You can use the applicators to apply intravaginally or you can just use without the applicators and apply externally.  It was $19.99 at my local Walgreens.

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I'm pretty sure you will love the PreSeed love.gif Best of luck mamma!

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