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Non-vax friendly ped in NW Georgia

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Hi!  We'll be moving to NW GA in about a month and I'm looking for a non-vax friendly ped for my 3.5 and 1.5 year olds.  Anywhere north of Calhoun and west of Blue Ridge would be prime for us.  Thank you so much and I can't wait to meet some like-minded GA mommas!



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I used to live in Blue Ridge and can tell you, you will be VERY hard pressed to find a ped anywhere out there that accepts no vax. (and if you do, PLEASE pass on the info!) When I lived there, I drove to Alpharetta (2 hour drive) when I had to see one. I know there are options closer now though... like in cartersville and maybe kennisaw.. but thats as close as you will get as far as I know. and thats about 45 mins or so from Blue Ridge. If you are interested, I will find that docs name and send it your way. depending on where exactly you are, you may want to look in chattanooga too.

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Oh.. and on finding like minded moms.. good luck again. When I was up there I found ONE mom who had cloth diapered her kids (all grown now) and she was the lady I bought my milk from.. Lets just put it this way. Blue Ridge and Ellijay have the highest teen pregnancy ratings in the south east, mixed with the highest meth usage ratings in the south east... so finding people who are like minded will be a task. I have no doubt they are there.. just wont be as many as yo might be used too. I fostered for years out there, so maybe I just saw mostly bad parenting  and def a lack of attachment parenting..walking through the local walmart will prove that its mostly people who bottle prop, kids in buggies wearing nothing but a sagging sposie diaper and 5 year olds with pacis in their mouths, mountain dew in the baby bottles, kids with rotted out teeth from soda and junk food and lack of hygeine and teen girls with their preggo bellies hanging out and their boyfriends spitting chew in their beer cans and using the most fowl language you have ever heard. Heck.. Ive seen these kids out after hours in the parking lots with their babies still in the bucket seats.. on top of the car with a bottle propped up while their moms are hanging with her friends and paying the baby no attention at all.


Like I said.. Im sure there are some and I probably have a sour look on the area bc I got the kids in my house all of the time from these parents... but it was a HUGE reason we left the area.

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I live in North Ga and drive all the way to Alpharetta for our ped. I'm seriously considering just taking them to my family practitioner though, I really like her and she's only 25 min away. Maybe you would have more luck with a family practitioner?

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Thanks for the replies! I actually found a pro-breastfeeding, non-circing, non-vax friendly ped in Chattanooga that many people seem very happy with - Dr. Tom Voychehovski.  Thanks!  What part of N GA are you in, MYTWOMONKIES?  My husband will be working in Rossville, not sure yet where we'll be living.

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Glad you found a pediatrician, that's great! We're in Clermont, not sure where Rossville is but I'm thinking it's quite a bit further north than us.

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