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Madeit, my snacks are mostly the same as yours, when I can manage to eat more than what I make for my meals.  I've had a difficult time eating even as much as I used to, so I've been making a normal breakfast, and picking at it until lunch, pick at lunch throughout the afternoon, and pick at dinner until bedtime.

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I'm trying to get eggs down right now. Our girls started laying recently, and we're currently knee deep in eggs. We get pastured beef and pork from my cousin, and we're waiting for them to get to weight.
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What are coconut crispers? They sound yummy!!!

Originally Posted by madeitX2 View Post

Ohhh snacks....

Crispy nut trail mix with naturally sweetened dried cranberries.
Coconut crispers
Homemade raw yogurt


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Well eat when you feel hungry no forcing needed, right?

Yum! Coconut crispers are good. Easy and addictive!

4 cups of shredded (unsweetened) flakes - I like fine
1 cup of your favorite crispy nuts or a mix - chopped (favorite cashews)
3/4 - 1 cup of grade B maple syrup (just enough to wet the ingred)

Mix all together in a large bowl and place on a large cookie sheet with sides and lined with parchment paper (I have used coconut oil too but these stick major). I spread all this on a 15x17 pan. Pat it all down. I have also split it between two smaller pans. It depends on how thick you like them. Then put in oven at a low 225 degrees for 1 and 1/2 hrs. Then you can cut in 1/2 and flip to dry out the under side in 20 min or so. This come out crunchy and lightly golden. Yum!!! Break into chucks and enjoy anytime day or ngt in yogurt or with chocolate spread on top.

Also coconut is great for cleaning house drink plenty of water or your house could get backed up if you eat to many.......Know what I mean?
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I eat a mostly local, whole foods diet.  No dairy except butter, but lots of eggs, liver, bone broth, greens, soaked everything, clo...


I usually have eggs (our own free range) and a green smoothie for breakfast, leftovers or pate for lunch, and then it's something different for dinner each night.


For snacks I have been eating a lot of avocados and  I always have a seed mix on hand - sesame, pumpkin, and sunflower soaked and then dehydrated with tamari.  I recently tried to make so nut butter but I didn't like the texture so I turned them into snack balls -  soaked and dehydrated almonds, cashews, and walnuts ground and mixed with coconut oil, shredded coconut, and a little maple sugar.  They're pretty tasty.  I eat fruit as it's in season - we'll have blueberries, peaches, and raspberries soon.  I've been eating bread a butter too.  I am really craving the butter!

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Thanks madeitX2! Coconut sounds sooooo good right now! I've been slighly nauseous in the evenings and I made coconut bread to eat when nothing else sounds good. Love it because it satisfies my craving for fat and protein. I used to eat almonds for snacking but I'm super sensitive to oxalates so they are out for me.


Did anyone see that Green Pastures emulsified flavored FCLO is on sale? I haven't tried these flavors so I guess I will get one of each. I hope the kids will like them...well, DD2 is the picky one.


I've been loving avocados too. Love the idea of the seed mix SageR!

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Madeitx2, I'm going to have to try that!  Yum!!!

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Hi ladies

When I posted the recipe the next day I made a batch as well. They go along way.

Avocados hmmmm. I have some in fridge to make into a choc pie.

I just bought my first bottle of the orange flavored FCLO to mix in OJ but have not opened the bottle yet. Silly me!
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Count me in! I'm 100% paleo, but I am a huge fan of WAP and use a lot of TF in my diet, just not the grains. I'm all about the FCLO, fermented foods, bone broths and organ meats... so glad to have found this forum and some like-minded March mommas!

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