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Originally Posted by RosemaryS-F View Post

Ok, here's another weird wwyd about this situation: the bank ended up overpaying me--by $180, roughly. Should I drive all the way back there and work it out? Arg!

IDK, up to you really.  I'm glad you finally got the money, its too bad though that she didn't even speak to you and apologize at least. 

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Yes, you should pay it back to the bank.  If you don't, they'll likely find out and bill you for it anyway.

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The overage that you received mistakenly will not come out of the client's account.  It will be a balance discrepancy for the teller.  The bank will catch it.  They will likely figure out that you received the extra cash.  Since it's not your bank, I'm not sure how they will handle getting their money back, but I'm sure they'll pursue it.


However, all that being said... keeping the cash is simply wrong.  I would hope that there is enough honesty left in the world that even thinking of keeping it would put a bad taste in one's mouth.  You felt bad, OP, when you were being wronged by the client.  Just because it's a bank instead of an individual doesn't make it "right".

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Yep, I would pay it back.  Did you not count the money at the bank? I know I would have! I don't trust bank tellers much. But, then again, my husband works for a bank, and if there is an error, they WILL find it, and will try and get their money back. Plus, that teller could get into a ton of trouble or even lose her job if the money is not found or returned. You could call the bank and explain the situation, they might even let you mail the money, so you would not have to drive all that way.


Who knows, maybe you are the one wrong and the money was not extra?  If the teller's drawer came out even, then they may say keep it.

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I wrote to the bank (it's the weekend. Honestly, the teller has already been found out, because I was in there on Saturday an hour before closing.) I said that I was in on Saturday to cash two checks, and was given too much money. I told them I'm not a customer of the bank. I asked them what they would like me to do.

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Weird.  The Teller should of counted it out back to you. 

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She did, but i didn't have the exact amount in my head. I didn't realize it until later.

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Gotcha.  That makes sense now.

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I'm sending the $ back--they were really glad I contacted them. Even if they wouldn't have found me, it saves the teller some grief.

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