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How many towels?

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How many towels would you suggest for the birth?  We have a bunch but just trying to think if we should get more (just found someone selling them for a really good deal.) 

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We only ever used about 3-4 big ones. But I also birthed in the winter and had waterbirths/labored in pool.
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Really, kitty?! That seems like so few. This is my first UC and I planned on gathering a dozen towels. But you think that five or six would be more than enough? Did you use disposable chux pads and/or plastic sheeting or just the towels?

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We have about 6 clean and packed away for the birth. I'm planning on waterbirthing but want to have enough that if I want/need to get out of the water several times that I can have a clean dry towel each time. We also bought some chux to have on hand in case I decide water isn't for me during the birth.
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We used four each birth. Two of them are for me postpartum since I bleed a ton.
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I've used 2 each time.  I had 3-4 stacked up with the birth stuff, just in case I needed more but I never really had a messy labor/birth.  I had a rug or a tablecloth underneath me at the actual moment of when the baby was emerging, and then something to wrap baby with (the two towels) and wrap me with (a light woven cotton blanket).  I guess if I needed more towels I'd get one from the linen closet.


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You know I don't think I've used more than 2 each time. I start sleeping on a chux pad when it gets close to the birth since my water has broken while sleeping. And another chux for the birth, I just don't bleed a lot. 

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I didn't use a lot either. I gave birth on the floor on top of a couple towles and a shower curtain. I showered after the birth, so maybe two? Later, I sat on chux pads on my bed. My husband purchased 1 1/2 dozen and even more washcloths. I used only a few washcloths, too. We still laugh about it.



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If you use the bathtub to labor and/or birth in, you will need less.  I only used a couple for my births.  For birthing outside the tub, I would say maybe stock a dozen or so if you're not using disposable pads.  Better to have extras than not enough!


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