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A boy!

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Baby was born this morning right at 3am. 7lbs 14ozs, 21.5 inches long, not bad considering he was barely 38 weeks! I had contractions on and off all day yesterday. They slowed down right before bed so I went to sleep thinking I'd either end up waking up in real labor or not. I got sleep maybe 40 minutes before waking up and knowing baby was certainly coming. It was about 11:45 then, I called our MW, and then woke up DH.


I UP and then have a loose arrangement with a local MW that if she is around she will come if I want her to. She didn't last birth, and DH wasn't exactly so thrilled with UCing. This time I kept it more of an option to call because DH and I haven't had the best relationship this pg, he has never been excited we were having another baby. I decided she could come and hang out downstairs. We got my fishy pool going with water, I don't know when I climbed in, at some point when I couldn't take the contractions on land anymore. MW got here at around 2:30am, she lives a good distance from me. Peeked in the bedroom to see if I wanted anything and then just left me alone. I told DH a little while later to wake up DD1, she had missed the last birth because it happened so fast and really wanted to see this one. My mom had just gotten back from vacation, stopped over that afternoon and DD2 insisted she was going home with her. DD2 normally sleeps with me and is my very light sleeper so it  was perfect that she wasn't here. At 4.5, she didn't care so much is she was around when baby was born.


Anyway, baby was born a very short time later. He is doing very well, nursing constantly already. No name yet, course boy names are really difficult for me so it could be a while. GIrls are fighting over who gets to hold him the most, DS could care less about a new baby, life is normal at our house!



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Squeeeeee!!!! What an adorable little boy! I am so happy for you Peony and am now sitting at my desk in tears joy.gif

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Great story! So happy for you! Congrats and welcome baby boy! joy.gif joy.gif joy.gif


P.S.: I love the picture. He looks so serious already.

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Yay Peony!  He looks wise smile.gif

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That is a good looking boy! And the labor sounds like it went very well. Hopefully your DH snaps out of it soon!


Congratulations, you did beautifully :)

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Congrats! Wonderful birth story and a handsome little man. We're still stuck on a boy's name ( this is boy #4!), so I'm eager to hear everyone else's names!
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hooray for that sweet new baby! and a straight forward birth. hoping your WHOLE family gets to soak up the sweetness of that little guy.


           joy.gifhappy baby mooning!

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joy.gif He is adorable! I'm so happy it all went well love.gif

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Congratulations!  He is so incredibly handsome, and is one lucky man to have you as his mama.  I'm so glad all went well with the birth!  I'm sure your DH will be smitten in no time!!

  Rest up and enjoy your babymoon!!  (And send some leftover labor vibes to those of us waiting impatiently!)




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(I'm so jealous.) 


Congratulations!  He is a beautiful baby!!!

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How exciting! Your baby boy is adorable! Much joy to you, baby, and all your family.

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congratulations!!!  what great news!!!

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He's a cutie!  I'm glad you had a safe, peaceful labour!

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he is so beautiful mama! Makes me all hormonal and giddy for you! joy.gif:joy:joy
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Congratulations, and what a cute little boy.


Thank you for including a picture in your birth story.


Enjoy the babymoon and hope you have an easy recovery.

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Congrats! joy.gif

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Hooray!!! Congratulations and happy babymoon! I can't wait my turn now.

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Sounds like everything went perfectly! Congrats on your new baby boy!

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Yaaaaay! Congrats! He is so cute, what a great nose he has! You are a rockstar mama!

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Yay!!!!!!  Congrats!!    joy.gifjoy.gifjoy.gifjoy.gifjoy.gifjoy.gif  I'm super excited for you.

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