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HELP! Fleas that will not go away!

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So we got two kittens in May.  They're a little over 3 months old now.  Neither of them had fleas or bugs of any kind when we got them.  About two weeks ago, we noticed they were itching like crazy (I don't pay a ton of attention to the cats; we really only have them for the kids) and upon checking, noticed that the cats are both completely infested with fleas.


Since we've never had any luck with any cats in the past using anything but Advantage, we got some and applied it.  Worked fine.  All the fleas were gone the next day (well, dead all over the floor).  We sprayed for fleas and vacuumed thoroughly, as normal for fleas.  And now, less than two weeks later, the cats are both completely infested again.  Neither of them go outside.  I know the people who lived here before us had lots of dirty pets and had flea and worm problems (and would just lock their pets in closets so they didn't have to deal with it duh.gif), but truly...I don't know of anything else we can do.  I just gave the cats a bath with yellow Joy dishsoap as someone told me to do for fleas, but it just seemed to ... wet the fleas? They're still biting full force.  And I treated them again with Advantage, but I'm sure the fleas will be back in no time. 


I need something that will work or else I'm getting rid of these cats and the kids will probably not be thrilled with that. greensad.gif  Anyone?

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You could try sprinkling diatomaceous earth everywhere, leaving it down as long as possible then vacuum. Leaving it along baseboards, pet beds, etc...

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Advantage kills the adults.  So if there are eggs in the home (likely are) they will still hatch.  Keep using Advantage or Revolution (better imo) and vaccuum the area well.  An adult flea can lay up to 25 eggs in a day...so quickly you can be over run. 

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There is a flea pill called Program that I have used for my cats.  This pill makes it to where no eggs that an adult flea lays will hatch.  It is given to a cat once a month and a package of the pills lasts 6 months.  I buy it through Dr. Foster and Smith.


I am having trouble with fleas right now too.  I honestly think its because of the weird weather the US has had this year.  Its rained and been warm and then rained in the west, and its been scorching hot in the east.  A lady at the feed store told me that the fleas should gradually reduce toward October. 


Another thing you can do is give your kittens a bath with some cat shampoo.  Wet and soap up their head and neck first, so the fleas won't run toward the face to hide in their ears or nose.  This is what I have been doing with my 4 week old kitten, Tigger, and its helped a lot.  Especially since there is no flea medicine you can use on a kitten this young.



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You have gotten some great replies.  In addition to treating the fleas, I would go ahead and treat for tapeworm, too.  Fleas and tapeworm tend to go hand and hand.

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you can try dawn lemon dish soap as well, it is apparently really good at killing fleas as well as being gentle for kittens. Chances are with a flea issue you have to treat on a regime until no fleas are found for a few weeks.

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I would sprinkl diatomacious earth on everything as well or borox and vacuum vacuum vacuum everything. We have had problems with fleas in the past and oh my.... it can get bad. Good luck to you... I also found spraying cats with a product i have from melaluca works with tea tree oil in it.

I even bathe them in it it's non toxic and you can see the dead fleas floating away.  It's called sol u mel but its a buying company so not sure how you could get that. But possibly a similar product you could find.

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Flea problem here too...  So, do you think I could spray the furniture/carpets with sol u mel?  I have some, tons in fact, from having to buy something from melaleuca each month.  Hadn't occured to me to use that on the dogs, but I'm sure as heck going to try it tomorrow.  The dogs are in bad shape, but it's the tiny baby I'm most concerned about.  The couches have fleas and there's no way I'm bombing my house right with a two-week old baby.


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I spray it on everything. You can google it and i think it comes up too. I spray everything with it.

It worked for me but I did bomb as well... Go for the sol u mel. I love melaluca's products

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Just want to mention that tea tree oil is toxic to cats.


If you read the box the Advantage came in, it will tell you that you may have to treat as often as once a week until you have your infestation under control.


We're dealing with fleas here, too (first time in several years). I've been using diatomaceous earth with little success. Powdering a cat is no easy feat, and they lick it off. The fleas have to come in contact with the powder in order for it to work. I caved in and bought some Advantage today, after I found a flea crawling on my son's shirt while we were in line at the DMV. irked.gif


Bathing the kittens should help. Plus, it will accustom them to being bathed in case it's necessary in the future. I had to bathe a 10yo cat who'd been skunked once, and she'd never had a bath before and it was traumatic and painful for both of us.

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Flea eggs will live for about 3 months before hatching so with Advantage it is advisable to do the full course of flea treatment (6 months) with them getting a treatment once a month.  It is important to also vacuum and wash everything to get up the eggs.  When you vacuum the eggs will live in the bag so it is important to throw out the bag (or empty the chamber if you have a bag less vacuum like us) and take the trash out right away.  You will also have to vacuum the furniture (chairs, couches, beds).  Also keep in mind that if you go to a friend's house and they have a pet with fleas you can bring the fleas back home with you.  So if you want to be really careful wash your hands after leaving the friend's place and when you get home through your clothing into the laundry.


It's been a horrible year for fleas here and we're dealing with the same issues.  It's a lot of work but it's worth it.  And keep in mind that if you do choose to get rid of the cats you are still going to have to do this level of cleaning.  Well fleas generally don't live on humans they will hop on and eat human blood.

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Dawn dishsoap or Avons skin so soft. 


Place white paper on floors to see where the most fleas are.  They're attracted to white.  I sprinkle borax and salt all around our base boards then brushed it in.  Shampooed the couches and all linen and hung them out to dry.  Left the salt and Borax for a few days.  Vacummed it all up and washed the animals in either Dawn dishsoap or Avons skin so soft.  Then left a small cup of soapy water under the beds and couches near night lights for attraction (they jump in and die).  I ended up treating the whole house three times and spraying our backyard with some stuff I got from the health food store, I'll look it up when I get home. 


Now I just wash my animal monthly with the Skin so soft and I haven't noticed a flea in quite some time. 


I get rid of gnats by putting pickle juice in an old jar and poking holes in the lid.  I generally call not it when it needs to be emptied

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