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Does Anyone Have a Pacific Rim Crib?

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I'm looking at buying a Pacific Rim crib, but they are soooo expensive so I am hoping to get some feedback from others who have one before I buy it.  The company we are looking at buying it from, The Organic Nest, does not allow returns so I want to be sure we will like it. 


If you have one, are you able to sidecar this crib fairly easily?


Were you happy with how it was made/held up?


Do you know if you can leave it unfinished or do you have a suggestion for a safe natural finish? 


Thanks in advance!

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I  Love our pacific rim crib! It is beautiful! We have it sidecarred and it works just fine! We have a bumper and some pillows in between the gap between the crib and the bed. I am not sure about the finish- we didn;t put anything on it- it is a natural kind of dark golden finish but it looks finished to me- it is truly lovely and IMO so worth it- we actually first got a graco crib and then returned it- if you can fford it I would absolutely recommend it!!

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Thank you Snapdragon!  Anyone else?

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We bought one 3 years ago and have been very happy.  While we did have it up next to our bed for some time, we didn't officially sidecar it...but I imagine it would work well.  DS is using it as a toddler bed now, but we will be converting it back to a crib in a couple months for baby #2.  I think it's available unfinished, but we opted for the beeswax/tung oil finish (I believe that was the combo) and it's beautiful.

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Thank you Not telling!  I went to order it, and apparently with some new rules, they are not in production at the moment, but should be soon.  Hopefully soon enough for baby.... I'm waiting it out I guess for now. 

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I actually bought my second one recently from www.maplegrace.com They just went back into production.  I had one for my first two and did not think I was having a third so sold it.  They are great.  Very well made and a healthy choice of crib.  I would recommend it!  Also I am not sure if Maple Grace takes returns on the Pacific Rim crib but I was very pleased with their customer service!

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We offer 10% off Pacific Rim Cribs with the code "mothering"......

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And they are now in stock for immediate shipping!

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