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Madison New Mom Groups?

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I am a new mom in Madison, WI. Had my first babe about 8 weeks ago.


I'm looking to connect with other moms through newborn playgroups, etc. But it seems the only ones in town are mostly in the mornings. We only have 1 family car, and DH has it from 3am to 12pm for work.


Anyone else a new mom in Madison who would want to rideshare to groups like these?

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I'm not a new Mom, but suggest getting on the Mom in Madison website & discussion list. You may find some Mamas there as well.

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There is also a Holistic Moms Madison Chapter that meets the first Thursday of every month @ 6:45 p.m.  Currently meetings are held at the Goodman Community Center, but they will be moving to the Sequoya branch of the Madison Public Library beginning in September.  Not all mamas of new babies, but great holistically-minded people and lots of interesting discussion, etc.  They are also working on establishing book club meetings, playgroups, moms night out, etc.


You can check out 2 meetings for free without joining!  :)

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