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New to board.

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I am 23 and 35 weeks pregnant with my first baby. I've wanted to be a mommy all my life, so I am thrilled. My due date is May 14, but if you go by what I believe is my conception date it bumps it up to the 6th. I personally think it will be between the 4th and the 6th.

So far I have had an easy pregnancy. No morning sickness or other common discomforts. I have been very emotional though. I am very inward/introverted to begin with, but I find I've become even more so. I find myself thinking alot about life, death and god. I went through a couple of months where I was feeling down and depressed, but I think that was due to living with my mother and not having my space. It's amazing almost the instant I was in my own place things turned around. Now, I am happy as can be, getting ready for baby.

My fiance has been working out of New Orleans-we live in Pittsburgh. He's been gone for a month now and won't be back until it's getting time for the birth. I am praying I won't be earlier than the first week of May. He's a professional diver and at first wanted to keep his career going down there, as the diving up here is a bit different. Now, that he's experienced being gone he is considering working up here. I think the baby will convince him.

We have decided not to find out the sex. I prefer it to be a suprise. In some movie I watched a character said finding out would be like taking a peek at your christmas gifts. This is exactly how I feel. My fiance has said from day one that it will be a boy. At first I just chuckled, but then in every dream I have with babies and kids they are boys. Today I went on a shopping spree and ended up buying two outfits in blue. I'll keep the tags on though, just in case we're wrong.

So far we've got one boy name and one girl name. Araya Rose Brown for a girl and Kai Forrest Brown for a boy. Araya is Thai and I've been told it is a greenish lily in thailand, but I am not sure on this meaning. I tried looking it up online with no sucess. Kai is Hawaiian for ocean. Being a diver my fiance really liked this and it ties into me too as I was born in Hawaii(but I am not Hawaiian.) I like nature names, but I did not mean to have two. I am looking at other possible middle names, but haven't found ones that flow with the first names.

That's enough rambling. I wish I had found these boards sooner.

I really liked the Rowan Skye name someone posted.

Also, read the discription of braxton hicks contractions and was exited to know that I was having them. I was wondering what that feeling I get every evening was.

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Welcome! Do you have a birth plan?
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I am planning for a home birth with just the midwife and my fiance and maybe the midwife's assistant. I want as few people there as possible. I am such a quiet, shy person that any more would be stressful to me. I think my mother is a bit hurt that she is not invited, but I've got to do what's best for me.

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Welcome! Glad to have you here. I wish you lots of happy birthing vibes, and hope that your lil one stays put until your df can experience his/her birth.
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Welcome Ahimsa! Congratulations! I like the names you've picked for your baby. Very nice.

Jump (or waddle) on in!
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Hi May moms,

I too am due Mid May and am 23 years old. We didn't find out the sex - I haven't had any ultrasounds and didn't want to know anyway. If its a girl -it'll be Julliana - A boy - maybe Jaydn.

I've never posted on this type of a forum before so bear with my ignorance of online ettiquette. I'm so glad that Mothering has a forum. I don't have any friend's with kids and its been weird not being able to share the experience with anyone.

I'm planning a hb with a rented gentle birth pool from Waterbirth International. I'm also keeping it small, Me, my dh, and my mom plus two midwives. Me and dh just watched a video showing three live births and I think he's a little freaked out. I'm getting excited but it still doesn't feel real. I think I'm more scared of having a baby than of giving birth.

Any other first timers due in May?

Question: I really want to bed share with my baby but am worried about safety issues. I have a futon bed. Should the baby go between me and dh or between me and a clip on siderail. Dh is worried that he'll crush it Any ideas or wisdom would be greatly appreciated. Its one of the few things that I feel hasn't been settled.

Gotta Go to a LLL meeting soon so I'll have to check back another day.
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There is a whole forum on bed sharing! Read away!
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