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Khan Academy?

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Just wondering if anyone is using this and what their thoughts are...I have a 7 and 10 year old and am always looking for different resources.   Thanks!          thumbsup.gif

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My younger two girls have used it a bit for math. I think the software interface is pretty cool. The videos can be an excellent instructional / review tool for some kids. There's a wonderful self-directedness and self-pacing that can take place using the program. 


On the other hand I think the pedagogy is pretty shallow and mainstream. There's a sequential, symbolic lecture on a virtual blackboard, with auditory explanations. Very much classroom-style. The teaching isn't multi-dimensional, is limited in its appeal to various learning styles, and lacks creativity in my opinion. Unless I had a very mainstream school-style learner I wouldn't want it to be the only, or even the main, form of instruction they got. We find it's great for review, and for a temporary change of pace.


Also, you may find that there's not much that's appropriate for your 7-year-old. There are 125 math topics but only a very small handful of them are below a 7th grade level. My 8-year-old, who is at a 6th grade level, exhausted the stuff at her level pretty quickly.



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Given that it's a free resource, I think it's great.  My oldest daughter (9) likes to sit and just listen to some of the lectures, esp. the science.  She likes the straight-forward approach.  She does not like games and such-- she just wants information. 



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