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Can you help me fight my junk food junkies?

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This is embarrassing.  We used to do so good in eating nothing with HFCS, white flour, crap.  But we have fallen and it is beginning to get ugly in our house.  I kind of blame my DH- but that isn't totally fair either.  Long story short- my DH loves junk.  Red Bull and now 5 our energy shots (yikes), chips, and chocolate.  I never used to buy this type of crap- but since he is an adult and all- he just drives to get it and let me tell you- it drives me up the freaking wall that he will invent an errand to drive 12 miles round trip to buy a red bull and hershey bar.    Aaagh.  I try to save us money and there it goes.  So I bought some of it becuase I thought that it was cheaper in bulk and no extra gas.  Well- that hasn't really worked out so well either- because now my kids are turning into junkies.  Well- me a little too. 


I try to feed them up at meals- but my DH won't eat carbs  (as in potatoes, squash, sweet potatoes, brown rice, egg noodles, orwhole grain bread/busicuts- I don't use white flour at all).  And he doesn't like veggies- like at all.  It is so frustrating.  Because he is all "carbs make you fat".  But anyway.  Then we have started a family night on Sunday- which started out wih a movie and popcorn- then DH insisted that we have pepsi with our popcorn.  So now the kids beg for that. 


So wise mamas- how do I fight this?  I know it shouldn't even be in the house- but what do I do with DH?  I need suggestions- because DH has unbelievably hightriglycerides and now my kids have a few cavities each and I am just a loser mom. 

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I have no advice, but I can sympathize.  My DH's thing is pop and chips.

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lol, our situation is the same here! I try so hard but DH still wants to bring it in the house- but he also doesn't think ds should have any, so at least there's that. Have you explained to your dh why you don't want this stuff in the house? Show him research and stuff if that works with him... otherwise, do like I did with my husband, and just use logic! In your case, just say (in as nice a way as you feel) "People have been eating carbs since they invented agriculture, and they weren't all ridiculously obese until this junk (food) was made! You don't see the 500-pound people eating brown rice and squash, they are eating energy drinks, fast food and processed food!" :)

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Well, maybe I made some progress at least for a day.  Last night I made steaks (our own beef- so awesome), spelt biscuits (amazing), sweet potatoes and grilled eggplant.  I gave orders and told everyone how much they would eat.  No one was thrilled- except the baby- but no one begged for dessert and DH didn't eat chips after.  So one night of success before Dh went to town for a Red Bull this morning.  At leat I am not the only one going though this.  

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Dh here has gotten into soda (regularly, not just sometimes) this past year.  And he's always getting chips & dip (or similar).  I don't buy the stuff, he spends his money on it. . .  this isn't even the kind of junk I even like were I to get something.  And I hate that he sits & eats it before our really nice, quality healthy meal or whatever.  And I kinda hate the expense of the junk food PLUS the fact that since it has little to no nutritional value, it's a bigger waste.  


The best thing (for both of us, with junk cravings/habits) has always been finding a healthy substitute that satisfied what we like best about the junk.  I've been trying to make iced tea for dh and bottling it so he just has to grab it, it's cold and flavorful.  He really likes that as opposed to soda but doesn't make the time to do it himself.  Even doing it a few times a week saves a few sodas.  Something else special like lemonade, juice & sparkling water 'sodas' with fruit in them might sub well on a 'family-fun' night.  As for chips - roasted seaweed snacks have been our biggest hit being crunchy & salty.  Sometimes oven fries are good enough.  I haven't tried kale chips, but I suspect people would like them and they'd work with dip.  I personally favor tortilla chips & salsa, which I feel are inherently healthier, so thats another  option I set out at home a lot.    


I also try to encourage dh to get the smallest sizes of things, as opposed to 'saving money' buying the big bag on sale or whatever.  There are several places I know I can get the mini-chip bags cheaply, and I'll even get 2-3 bags because I know everyone won't end up eating them and I'd rather him not get a big bag of chips that sits around the house for a week.  Maybe some of our ideas are helpful.  shrug.gif    I generally understand your frustrations with it.  Its not a fun struggle.  

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Carbs make him fat, yet he consumes popcorn, chips and pop. OY. That would be frustrating. We go for a long walk to the store when we want junk food. That way, at least we went for a walk as a family, before we eat a lot of junk as a family. Its not too often we do that though.

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