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1st Trimester Weight Loss?

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Curious about others' experiences. We don't keep a scale in our house, but I happened to see one at a friend's last night and was really surprised to see I've lost about 10 lbs since I've been pregnant (now 8 weeks). I am pretty petite so 10 lbs is significant on my frame. Despite the nausea, I feel like I've been taking in a relatively normal # of calories.

I know first tri weight loss is common for many women, but have no idea what the normal range is. Your experiences?

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I lost 20 lbs with DD, but that was abnormal. I had hyperemesis and lost only 20 lbs because I was able to keep down high calorie alfredo pasta at night. I'd say somewhere between 5-10 lbs is normal if you're feeling pretty queasy or vomiting. I've lost about 3 lbs at 7w6d. If it gets to the point that you're worried, definitely call your Dr or MW.
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I've lost about 2 lbs due to the nausea and according to my last scan I am 6w5d.  I've also heard 5-10 lbs weight loss is normal.  How are you feeling about the nausea, do you feel like you have a handle on it? 

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I lost about 8-10 pounds with dd because my ms was at 6:30 pm. I lost my days worth of food every day for a month. After that I gained 20-25 pounds. I'm regularly 150 but busty, dropped to 142 (last weigh in i remember before the gaining started) then went up to about 165 by the end. I was back to my normal weight in a year with little effort. I've never practiced eating for two because I had bad ms then bad acid reflux so I was living off of small meals like nuts, fruit, and yogurt throughout the day. I don't think you are supposed to eat for two until the bf-ing starts as pregnancy requires only a small amount of extra calories. Bf-ing on the other hand is 300-400 extra a day I believe. I did aqua aerobics, walks, and yoga up until the very end. I hope to be able to do it this time around , with dd doing anything feels a lot more complicated.
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Wow I just stood on the scale and I'm down to 145 already. That's a surprise because I haven't even been vommiting much...
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I have lost between 5 and 10 lbs. in the first trimester of each of my pregnancies.  I was up about 15 - 20 lbs. from where I wanted to be for a long time after baby #5; I had started exercising regularly and cutting back on sweets, and my weight was starting to go down.  I hadn't weighed myself in a while, and I just happened to pull out the scale this morning.  I'm down 10 lbs from the last time I weighed myself, which was a huge surprise.  I haven't exercised beyond walks outside with the kids in a few weeks, and my stomach is definitely bulging out more than it was before (though I guess I knew it was bloating, and not weight gain).

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Thanks for your responses! I was particularly surprised since I haven't vomited once so far. My nausea is definitely worst just before dinner, so it makes sense that I am taking in fewer calories even though I'm eating throughout the day. I'm not concerned, just good to know that I may need to eat an earlier dinner to be able to get something more substantial down. Right now tomato soup is the only thing that is appealing. So glad Seattle is in the 70's compared to the 100's that most of you are experiencing! Our hot days have made me feel 10x more nauseous and made even the soup sound distgusting. Don't know how you all are coping! 

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I've lost 12 lbs since my doctor weighed me at 5 wks. (I'm nearly 9 wks now) And that's without too much vomiting. I just can't eat anything for the most part. It's a bit crazy but since my dr. said not to gain anything, I figure losing and then gaining that amount back will be perfect, lol.

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I hear ya, freelancemom! Hopefully you'll be hungry and able to keep food down soon. Mind if I ask what you freelance in? You a writer? Translator?

I also just realized that this Bub so far hates sweets. So my nightly ice cream or cookie ritual has been a no-go for the past six weeks. That alone would explain much of the weight loss! Hopefully he/she is a veggie lover and not a cookie-aholic like me. :)

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I've noticed that with this one, too. Chocolate makes me ill! What a travesty. In fact, the first few weeks, I could only eat salads though I've gone off lettuce now, but carrots are still appealing. Maybe this will be the one kid who isn't begging for candy every time we go to town? :D


I write articles online and also do blog posts for hire, the occasional ebook, really, whatever people need and will pay the bills! I haven't done any translation, but I do write articles in Spanish, as well as English. :)

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Ahhhhh carrots, blerrrrrrhg. I wish they sounded good! Last night I went to a "stadium games" themed party and had hot dogs and nachos for dinner...two servings of nachos. Sheepish.gif That should catch me up on a few calories. 


I love that your job takes you anywhere! I am a freelance interpreter, but am considering future written translation in order to allow us to move back abroad for awhile someday. I so, so miss living abroad, and want that experience for my kids someday. It will work out if we make it work out. :)

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