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Job confusion

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What kind of work do you see me doing that will be fulfilling to me?
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Hi there. I have to be strict about the question format and it's one clear question per post. If you have subscribed (which obviously you have) you get three questions. Just please post them separately.


Can you edit this one to one distinct question please. Sorry for the hassle. thanks.

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Sure! Sorry about that.
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The answer that I keep hearing is being a Sahm will be most fulfilling. I feel some resistance on your part to accept that that could be the most fulfilling though. And even though I'm saying that it doesn't mean you won't do anything else.

I can see other things you do/will do. To me, you look like a helper. A behind the scenes kind of person. Very valuable in this. People cannot do a good job up front if they don't have great support and help backing them up. So keep that in mind when you are thinking about jobs. And what I'm seeing is you helping a friend out, with what looks to me like her own business. Something she does from home perhaps, but it's turning into (or will) a pretty successful little business. I see you helping with the ins and outs of that. Possibly as an assistant, bookkeeping. Maybe some of the marketing stuff...really sort of a jill of all trades to help her. Again, you are very valuable b/c you are so good at this.


So know your strengths. Meaning, some ppl desperately put themselves into positions they aren't meant to be in. Lots of ppl think that the only way is to own your own business. But not everyone is an entrepreneur. Not everyone has that kind of drive to really be the front man. And some ppl are really what makes a business run, but they do it from behind the scenes and they rock.


I feel like I'm rambling, but usually when that happens, the person needs to hear something I'm saying. Hope it makes sense for you.

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