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Headaches after c-section

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I'm 20 days post partum and since day 13 I've had some pretty gnarly headaches.  They are always in the same spot (between my right eye and right ear- feels like my head is going to blow out right there).  At first I thought it was a spinal headache, but I read that those are common from day 3-12 and this didn't hit until day 13.  It does get better if I drink a lot of caffeine so I've been pounding down caffeine every day when they start up.  At first they started as soon as I would sit or stand up and got better when I laid down. Now they start up randomly during the day whenever I get stressed, bend over, or my heart rate begins to rise (like running up the basement steps to catch the ringing phone).  Medications like ibuprofen (and even percocet) don't have an effect on them.  Only caffeine, and only if I drink a lot of it.  I hate drinking soda though (I switched to one flavored with stevia so I don't throw on a bunch of weight) and I don't drink coffee (yuck).


I wanted to call my OB office, but I'm afraid they're going to think I'm a total hypochondriac. I've already been in there for blood clots and I didn't mention the headaches.  I tend to forget about them once they're gone and I think "maybe that will be the last one." Yeah, a week later now and it's never the "last one."  Any thoughts?

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If you have blood clots I'd get into a dr & mention them.  It could be postpartum hypertension or hormone migraines.

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