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Infection caused by retraction?

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DS (15mo) has been itching and playing with his penis ever since he discovered it. Within the last few weeks (months?) he's really been itching, first his penis, then testicals and bottom.

I took him to an ND a couple times who didn't think much about it. We took him to a new ped 2 weeks ago who said it was yeast. First of all, I just never thought it was yeast and didn't even notice the pinkness until she pointed it out (tip of penis, scrotum, and anus all slightly pink). Also, he hasn't been on antibiotics recently, he eats very healthy (no refined sugars or wheat either), he's diaper free at home always, I have no yeast signs, etc. I gave him an OTC anti-fungal, GSE, ACV in bath water and stripped dipes.


It didn't go away and the last few days has been sick w/a cold or something. I took him to a different ped today (I didn't like the previous one, though she did not touch his peniswink1.gif). This one preceeded to retract just the slightest bit (but I know anything is retracting) and I told her not to, but it was too late. She was one of those who just isn't educated, but means well. Anyway, I couldn't believe I let that happen and have been crying about it, so please no lectures. She said he has an infection and gave a antibiotic cream, with an oral one just to take if not better in 48hrs.


First - is the cream OK to give? I don't do antibiotics (we've had too many issues w/them), but topically, I don't know. What if it is yeast (she didn't do a swab), wouldn't it make it worse? Is there alternatives? I'm giving him garlic and GSE, anything else?


Second - He has had a history of too much messing with his penis. He had a catheter at 3 mo. and I was not educated, they probably retracted and I don't even remember (it was already so traumatizing!) Then, a few months ago he'd been messing around down there and red and I pulled it back again. That's the day I got on this forum and you wouldn't believe how horrid I still feel, to know that you might be the cause of your son's pain, ugh, I'm disguisted w/myself. Plus, he's been messing (and I mean going to town) with it for months. Is all this what's caused this?


Third - could he have had this infection that long? Or would it have gotten worse? Maybe it started w/yeast and then went crazy?


Please, any well meaning advice and opinions would be great, sorry to write a novel, but I'm at the end of my rope (did I mention he's sick and teething now too?!).

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I don't know, it doesn't actually sound out of the ordinary to me. I'm not sure what you mean by "itching"- is he uncomfortable and literally scratching the area, trying to relieve itching?  If so and it was yeast, and had been there for some time, I think you would see obvious signs of infection.  Serious red patches, discharge, even blisters at this point.


Or is he happily pulling, tugging, manhandling, and twisting whenever he's diaper free?  If it's the latter, I'd say he is just a boy exploring his body parts.  I have 2 boys, and both of them will pull their foreskins like it's taffy.  You can't believe the stuff they do, but apparently it's all made of rubber and doesn't hurt!  Also- the skin in the genital/anal area is pink, so I don't necessarily see that as any sign of something wrong. The end of the foreskin is meant to be that color.


You said he's sick.  Does he have a fever?  I wouldn't be giving antibiotics, cream or otherwise, without proof that he has a penile infection.  You're right, it could exacerbate (or cause, since I kinda doubt he has one now) a yeast infection.  I would ask for a swab of the end of his foreskin (no retraction! If you do go back to that ped, you know now that you have to stop her before she starts and tell her not to pull it back!)  They can culture it and see if harmful bacteria are present. 

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Thanks, Kristi, I like the swab idea, I might do that.

I can tell it is bothering him, though. He does a lot of happy playing with it, of course, but now it's like he'll look at me with pain in his face. Or when he has a dipe on (going to sleep) he'll try to reach, fussing, like it either hurts or itches. There are a couple tiny red bumps on his testes today, so I think something is going on. I just would like to know what it is!!


Good to know that that area is supposed to be pink, that's what I thought! I felt so dumb when the doc pointed it out! I need to compare to a friend now!

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With the bumps yeast is a very real possibility. I to would be reluctant to do an topical abx cause it could make yeast worse. If it where me even though it is a PITA I would take him back and push for a swab just to make 100% sure what you are dealing with.

Now about the possible itching/painful penis even though he is 15 months he could be having a bit of separation issues going on. He is young for it but still well within normal range. Here is a thread on things you might run across during separation http://www.mothering.com/discussions/showthread.php?t=764732 if it where not for the red bumps I would suggest maybe that is all that is going on but with those he probably has a diaper rash of some sort.
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