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Starving all the time

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With my DS's pregnancy, I had no appetite. None. To the point, where I lost weight the 1st trimester and kept my weight gain low (20lbs). This time around, I'm always starving. Always. And I'm worried how much weight I'll be packing on.

And all I wanted today was goddamn chicken fingers and french fries. Ugh.

I have the opposite of morning sickness. Anyone else?

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That's exactly my situation, only I'm still early enough that I'm expecting the morning sickness. Last time around I had no symptoms until 5 weeks, and morning sickness kicked in with a vengeance at 6.5 weeks. Today I'm 4w4d and STARVING.

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I have to eat something every 2-2.5 hours or I'm STARVING and get sick. I need to grab a slightly bigger purse so that I can stash a few granola bars, or fruit roll ups or something. It comes on quick, too! There doesn't seem to be a full to comfortable to hungry sensation - just full and starving. eat.gif
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I am finding I have to eat every 1.5hour to 2 hours if not I am full blown starving then I start to feel sick like nauseous going to pass out hungry. UGH.

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I can not remember when my MS started last time but I've been having signs of it wanting to rev up.  I'm 6weeks, but I'm with you, I think maybe the difference is I'm trying to be much more proactive about eating once I get the hungry pang.  I can't eat quick as much (like 75 percent the amount my normal meals were) but I eat like every 2 hours. Kinda rediculous.  Once I quit feeling full, I start thinking about what might sound good.  i've told DH i'm like a caterpillar.  My DS is on the same food plan, so my DH being the only normal one, is actually the weirdo around here.  Though it could be that I've just not reached my MS phase yet (please say it's the first idea, please say it's the first idea!) I told my DH when he tried to pick something as well for us to eat last night for dinner (how dare he! :P ) that he'll get to do all the choosing he wants for the next two months when I'm on my saltine diet because either something sounds really good or really bad right now!

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Me too... almost 10 wks and I've been starving for over a month!  I have to eat protein every 2 hrs or so and most meals I'm still starving after a decent serving portion.  I have gained very little weight, so I think I'm just burning lots of calories growing this little one!  I've never been starving for a pregnancy before.  I like being able to eat in spite of morning sickness, but it's a bit ridiculous to eat two meals before lunch and be shaky and lightheaded at lunchtime.  It's been happening all. the. time.  I'm looking forward to 2nd trimester and getting these wacky pregnancy hormones under control!

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Me too.  But I have morning sickness as well. I just have an all around weird thing going on with my appetite.  I think some of it may be blood sugar tanking, and I know my eating habits are not helping that.


But I am doing stuff like getting up at 10 pm or 2 am to go find some protein because my stomach is just crawling with hunger. :/

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I have very little appetite, which is not normal for me at all. Once I realize it's time to eat because I am getting cranky or shaky, once I start eating watch out, I can't get food in fast enough! Weird.

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I'm always hungry, but rarely eat because nothing appeals and it all makes me ill. Yesterday, I was on the verge of throwing up all morning and we were in town and doing errands and I was just dying from nausea AND hungry. I told my husband I needed to eat and he suggested fried chicken (gag). I told him I wanted churrasco (beef) with rice and soup and dragged him to a local restaurant. They had economical plates that had NO beef and the expensive plates which had just what I wanted. So he had economical (poor guy) and I ordered the churrasco. It was HUGE and came with rice, soup and tortillas and a tomato sauce. OMG. It was so perfect. The meat was enormous and in two parts so I gave him the smaller piece, thinking I couldn't finish. Well, I did and it hit the spot so well, I wished I hadn't given him the other piece of meat. eyesroll.gif

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