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CNM in Cheyenne, WY

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Does anyone know of a Nurse Midwife that is in or near Cheyenne?  (Other than Tarr) I'm looking for one that might do a home birth, and the closest I can find is Ft. Collins.  It would make me feel better having her closer, given the time of year I'm due.

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Penelope Caldwell in Laramie is a CNM offering homebirth. She does travel to Cheyenne. A friend of mine had Janet (CNM in Denver) attend her homebirth. You have to go to Denver though for prenatal appointments and if it's winter she might not be able to reach Cheyenne if I-25 closes down. As my insurance doesn't cover homebirths, I went for the freestanding birthing center in Denver (mountainmidwifery.com) as it was 100% covered by Tricare. They worked with me for spacing out appointments and even though I had DD in January I was able to go down there in 90 minutes in early labor (which I believed to be a false alarm).

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