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X-Posted in I'm Pregnant - Placenta Pills While Pregnant

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I have this posted in I'm Pregnant, but I haven't gotten any responses:


Has anyone taken leftover placenta pills while pregnant?  I have some in the freezer still and I'm wondering what pregnancy issues they might help with.  Nausea? Tiredness? Keeping up milk supply?  Anyone have any experience with this?   I'm not pregnant yet, but we are going to start trying soon and I'm wondering if I should take them.  I'm not sure what I am saving them for, I don't think I would be able to take them at menopause, which is probably at least 20 years off, because I just wouldn't want to have something that has been in the freezer that long.



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DId you find any info about this anywhere?  I have a 3 year old placenta in my freezer I was thinking of encapsulating.  But I wasn't sure if it was worth it... 

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No, I haven't.  I think I will probably dig them out of the freezer and give them a try once I am pregnant.  They helped me not feel so tired right after the baby was born, so I think they will help out when I'm pregnant too. 

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i have some in the freezer, too, and while they really helped tremendously with ppd related issues following dd's birth, i would not take them now while pregnant. 

i think besides the iron rich benefits, there are lots of hormones present within the placenta, and i don't know that i wouldn't worry a lot about how those could affect the developing fetus or the hormonal balance that takes place in pregnancy.  i love placenta medicine, but i just wouldn't do it while pregnant. 

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Wouldn't the baby be getting all those hormones from the current, growing placenta?  Or is that not how the placenta works...I don't have much to go on besides my common sense, which isn't so common. :)

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yes, of course, but wouldn't that effectively double the amount?  i tend to think of hormones during pregnancy as a very fine tuned balance, with ebb and flow at particular times of development.  but of course anything i've said is just my opinion and i am not a medical professional by any means. 

do you have a person near you who prepares placenta whom you could ask? 

i'm really curious too, but i am thinking it's a bad idea, myself.  but again, i don't know what i'm talking about in any official way.

eta, i am going to ask on facebook to two professional preparers of placenta.  i needs to know the real answer.  i'll report back.

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That makes sense about the balance of hormones.  Hmm..


I don't think we have anyone around here that does it professionally, I had my parents do it for me! :)

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