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Spotting after BM

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Is this happening to anyone? What do your doctors say? I don't remember it so often from my first pregnancy. After a BM, I spot just 2 wipes worth, then it is over, not even a trace in my undies. I went to a Dr last week, mentioned the bleeding, and he said the cervix looked fine. Then I have been constipated in between (maybe subconsciously scared to go, scared to push at all), the last time I went I used glycerin and there was no spotting. Today, I just went and I don't feel like I strained much at all but there was the spotting. I am still abroad, coming home on Sunday, so I can have access to a CNM/Doctor duo, I have my appointment next week but being in this transition of moving (finding out about the pregnancy 1.5 weeks before the move) IS DRIVING ME INSANE. Should I be concerned?? I read a few threads on other forums and some of them say to call the DR others say that is is really normal, others say it could be an infection.... So confused... Curious what other people have experienced and what their health care providers are saying.

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Is it possible that you're getting a drop or two from your rectum when you wipe, instead of the vagina? Constipation can cause hemorrhoids and fissures.
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Nope I've had fissures and hemorrhoids and the whole GI shebang, started when i was 23 so i know it too well. Blood from that hole is bright red and only a few drops at a time, just FYI. I know where it's coming from, it's spotting mixed with vaginal fluid.

So has anyone had this and what did their provider say?
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That's interesting. You'd probably notice if it was an infection...they're pretty uncomfortable. I wonder if bearing down causes a little spotting from the cervix since things are getting more blood and are sensitive during pregnancy. It definitely would be a bit disconcerting. Hopefully they'll be able to help you at the appointment -- or at least reassure you.
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Dd is getting her molars and has a bacterial infection somewhere indeterminable. I've been to the doctor twice in the past two weeks and to the ER 4 hours for her because he's been holing her neck strange. All of the docs have no clue an finally just prescribed antibiotics. She's not sleeping through the night because of the molars. I'm getting really stressed. This isnt how I wanted to leave Spain :-( the spotting is just one more thing... It doesn't happen any other time and it's not bright red... I'm just trying to get back to the US ... Trying to remember to breath :-)
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I seem to spot-bleed like crazy wth every pregnancy. It's maddning but seems to be my norm. It also has made me research everything and anything bleeding in pregnancy related. From what I've read spotting after a poop can be from the poop pushing up against your uterus/cervix as it moves from your bowels out your bottom. (funny how having kids make poo things so a non-TMI! lol) So you could have a tiny bleed in your uterus (totally normal the first weeks of pregnancy as the placenta digs deeper in) or you could have a really sensitive cervix with a tempermental vein that keeps getting bothered when something pushes up against it. I picture it like how in labor the baby is pushing on the bowels and poop comes out....but the opposite.

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Thank you !! I think that is what is going on because it is only after larger stools (TMI I know!!!) and it is only a bit of spotting. I just hate dealing with this abroad, and while transitioning. Tomorrow we are leaving and I thought I would be so sad, I will be but now I am in nesting mode and I need stability!!

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