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OMG.....3 weeks without any form of physical activity sucks! My nausea was just so bad that all I wanted to do was sleep, so I avoided exercise like the plague! But finally feeling a lot better, and I made it through pilates tonight (that's one small step for myself and a huge leap to keeping those lbs at bay)  WEEEEEEEEEE! How's everyone else doing?

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I'm moving!  Ok I'm still walking.  I found another walking partner and it's helping.  I feel so much better.  I was able to get out last night before 8pm since it was cool enough. 


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I've been doing Zumba which I love because I sweat but it just feels like I'm dancing for an hour.  I've only been averaging  about twice a week at most though because I work 12-14 hour shifts as an OB nurse and the day after a long shift...I'm toast.  I've gained about 6 lbs and I'm almost 14 weeks but most of that is from eating carbs to keep the nausea at bay during the 1st trimester.  Hoping that more time to work out and less carbs will keep me on a more even weight gain for this pregnancy.  DH and I are headed out for a walk in a little while which is always nice in late summer! :)

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I'm starting to walk my dogs everyday for 20-30 mins, with minimal stopping. Today I go to my first prenatal yoga class! I'm going to do prenatal yoga once a week.

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