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DD has been slowly working on cleaning up her bedroom so far. I'll be helping a bit more this week.

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Great work OkiMom!


I'm trying to figure out how to make my existing curtains into sun-blocking curtains using a dark sheet. headscratch.gif


I couldn't sleep this morning so I went through my chest of drawers. I emptied out one whole drawer and one of the top tiny drawers. The bedside table is also clean and clear. Next up is the babe's closet. I'm having a hard time figuring out how to store his clothes. There are: 1) too big clothes 2) too small clothes and 3) just right clothes... How should I arrange them? For the too-bigs they are just hanging up and the too-smalls are sorted by type/size and in large ziplock bags inside a large storage bin. But the bin is getting full. BTW I am keeping most of them bc I DO plan on having another child. The clothes that fit are in a drawer under the changing table AND hanging in the closet. This is a real problem bc I tend to forget about that closet. I need to put all the clothes near the changing table I think because I don't want to have to walk away from him to get something while I'm changing him. Since our bed is so low he's usually always changed on the table. 


Anyway, his closet needs to be cleared out so that DH's clothes can go in there.


Looking for closet inspiration that won't cost me anything! haha

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So we've been on vacation and then returned home to family upheaval.  I'm going to do SOMETHING, but with only half of the month left, I won't make nearly the same progress as the rest of you.  (And I'm the OP bag.gif).  How's everyone else doing?

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Well almost... Everything is organized but the curtains aren't done. I am planning to hang a second rod to put the light blocking curtains behind the regular curtains. The idea is that in the summertime (the room gets direct afternoon sun) the thermal shades would be closed and open at night. In the winter they would be closed at night and open to let in the warm afternoon sun if there is any...

So I'll wait to take my after photos. It was really satisfying to see DH open the closet after work and say "woa!"

Hope you had a good vacation. It always takes me a few days to get back into the swing of things after being gone.
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We are making progress slowly but surely! smile.gif


Over the course of last week, DD tried on every single piece of clothing she owns and organized her drawers and closet. We have a small bag for charity, too. (She is 10 and doesn't outgrow clothes so fast anymore.)


Over the weekend, she dusted and vacuumed her bedroom. I washed all her bedding and Daddy helped her make her bed.


Yesterday, she started going through the little things she likes to have out all the time (hair accessories, jewelry, lip balm, crafts, etc). She tossed out some items and she has put away most. She'll finish this task today.


BONUS: She cleaned her desk in our family office completely for the first time in ages!

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Oh i love this! My DS starts school next week and i just got a new dresser for his room that i havent put up there yet, i need to declutter the toy situation, and i need to go through his clothes. I will post before and afters.

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I finally took photos winky.gif










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I know this is an old thread but I really enjoyed the pictures; very motivating. Great job, everyone!

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