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Have to go no sugar...why so HARD? aaaaargh!

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I realize that's a stupid question - of course it's hard! Humans are primed to seek out fats and sugar and now it's EVERYWHERE. I've been trying for a long time to reduce our sugar consumption as a family. I know it's possible because I've read about it here on mothering, and I have friends IRL who don't even keep sugar in the house, but it seems so DAUNTING! A lot of it is emotional - I grew up with lots of sugar, my family (parents, sibs, etc.) eats lots of sugar, and so I've learned to associate sugar with good things, like family and fun. And DH thinks I'm paranoid and overreacting when I talk about the adverse affects of sugar on our health, so that sucks...


But I have to get serious now. DS2 has decay in his top front teeth, and I've noticed lately that he and I both have yeasty-smelling sweat and urine. That indicates to me that we both have a candida problem. He's had thrush since he was a month old, and I have it on my breasts of course, and GSE has only helped keep it at bay but hasn't gotten rid of it. I feel like I'm always itchy, and I just have to finally step up to the plate and do this. DS2's teeth is really what sent me over the edge though. I have to do everything I can to reverse the damage and prevent further decay. greensad.gif


I've tried several times to go low/no-sugar, and I always fail within 3 days. Partly it's because I'm the ONLY ONE at home who's trying, and I'm sure partly it's because I'm basically beating an addiction, which is always going to be hard up front. I'm not sure what I'm looking for with this thread, maybe some moral support. I know some of you have BTDT; it might help to hear from you.


We're going semi-paleo too. Meats, veggies, nuts, fats. Very little fruit at first. Wish me luck! I'm gonna need it.


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My daughter's health recently required we cut out gluten. Then we did a trial period of no almonds, black pepper, tomatoes, and cane sugar (she showed possible sensitivities on blood tests.) Then we cut out dairy. That was daunting. First I cut out milk, then I cut out cheese.


And I'm loving this diet. It is really forcing me to find healthier alternatives. I now make my own veggie broth, make my own mung bean tortillas and almond flour bread, and am learning to cook with nuts.


One of the way I made this successful was to conquer one issue at a time. Gluten free was fairly easy for me. The first hard step was getting rid of the bouillion I loved because it had soy sauce (wheat) in it. After lots of looking around, I found my only alternative was to make my own broth. So I looked around for recipes. Then I decided to store it by freezing in ice cube trays and freezer bags so I had to find BPA brands of each. Once I conquered that, I moved onto the next step. It took a bit of work, but step by step I figured it all out and am so happy I did.


So, figure out what your first challenge is and take it from there.


Regarding sugar. I AM A SUGAR ADDICT. So I don't keep it in the house. That's the only way I can handle sugar.

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Thanks for your reply - good advice. We are already dairy-free due to sensitivities, and egg-free because DS2 is sensitive. We've been partially gluten-free as well, so we've definitely been heading this direction. It's daunting though.


I make a pretty good bone broth, but I really need to get into a better system of making and keeping it. Storage space is at a premium. I think ice cubing it is the way to go.


Honestly? My biggest challenge is going to be DH. He thinks all this messing around with diet is stupid. He may have a genius-level IQ, but he also thinks he knows it all, whether he's done the research or not. irked.gif I found out he's been feeding DS1 dairy behind my back. Yeah, he's that bad. 

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Does your doctor agree with the dairy sensitivity? If so, make an appt. for your doctor to tell your husband to stop with the dairy. 


I do the grocery shopping and the cooking. My FIL died at 47 from a heart attack. My husband's brother died at 58 from a heart attack. My husband didn't see a need to cut down on his fat intake. I did. I do the grocery shopping and cooking. I decided to only buy lowfat cheese, milk, etc. If my husband wants higher fat items, he can buy them, but he never does. 


We jointly decided to make our daughter gluten free. Since I am the one that had to spend all day chasing after our son's gluten foods that he left around the house, I unilaterally decided to stop buying most gluten (with rare exceptions for our son.) If my husband wants gluten, he is free to buy it himself. He never does.


There is a lot of power in being the one that plans the menu and does the grocery shopping. I also see a lot of responsibility there too. I found recipes for gluten free tortillas, bread, etc. that the family would all eat. It took time (and a bit of resistance to trying new things on their part,) but I've done a good job.


So, see if any of my experience helps you.

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