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Nursing more after illness

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Previous to last week my 16 month old was nursing before naps (2/day), before bed, and through the night. This was perfect for both of us- I didnt have to pump at work, and it was a managable number of nursing sessions for the both of us.

Last week she came down with her first real illness- fever, earache, decreased appetite and lethargy. I nursed her as often as she asked, for reasons of comfort, nutrition, and hydration.

Now that she is better, she continues to ask just as frequently. When I tell her "You may have milky before your nap" it's met with lots of tears, which I cannot handle. I cannot let her cry over withholding ME. So, I end up giving in, which is why I'm posting. I know I cannot continue the she asks, I say no, she cries, so I give in cycle!

I offer snuggles, drinks and snacks which seems to make no difference.

It took a little gentle persuasion to get to where we were before. I never let her bawl though. Am I back to square one, or should just go back to how things were automatically?

I feel sad and frustrated. I know you ladies can offer good advice. Thanks in advance :)  

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Sounds like you were doing everything right til you gave in to mommy guilt. Do you have a partner? It may be time to get him involved with the cuddles and distraction if it's too hard for you to say no and not feel that the the comfort of your lap and love while she cries is enough.

Remember to remind of her when the next nursing session will be and try to move on to the next activity rather quickly, but it may be that she just needs to let out her sadness over not being able to nurse, and you holding space for that can be really powerful.

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Nursing frequently also increases the fat content of your milk. It is possible that she lost weight or needs extra nutrition after her illness and frequent feeding will obtain that.

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