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OBs in and around Concord, NH?

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I'm looking for a progressive, open minded OB who can deliver at Concord Hospital. My first birth (a planned homebirth) turned into a C section at Concord Hospital. The staff there was wonderful. My next birth will (hopefully) be a VBAC and I need to find a doctor. I loved the midwife I saw during my first pregnancy and was really spoiled by her attention and accessibility. I'm not looking forward to receiving a different kind of prenatal care -- it just occurred to me that for the glucose test, I will now probably have to drink that orange stuff instead of having a big pancake breakfast with maple syrup and and OJ like my midwife instructed me to do. A minor thing, I know, but still a whole different mindset. 


If you know of a great OB who isn't completely old school, please PM me with any recommendations.


Thank you!

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the dr's at concord ob were great. we went thru them for our last 2 births. i switched practices specifically for dr heidi hallonquist. we had gone thru 3 miscarriages prior to finally getting pg with ds1 and she was the first dr to treat us with compassion. she was the dr to attend ds2's birth. she's very laid back, respects your birth plan, and is comfortable with a natural birth (which so many seem uncomfortable with). she was great with dd (5yrs old) who attended ds2's birth, as well as guiding dh thru catching.


the other dr i would recommend is dr ashish chaudri. not sure which practice he's with but he's the ob back-up for the midwives at concord birth center. he was the on-call the night we had ds1. he was AWESOME! he literally sat in the rocking chair and verbally coached dh thru most of the catching (which is what we requested). he was great about following our birth plan, didn't flinch at us having a doula there, etc. it was as close to a homebirth that i could havegotten in a hospital setting.

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Excellent - this is so, so helpful. Thank you!


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I can recommend Dr. Anne O'Connor at D-H Manchester. She works with the team of midwives there and is very pro-VBAC and IMO excellent at her surgery, her bedside manner and mama care. Worth driving the extra distance.

Good luck.

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I have to second the recommendation for Dr. Anne M. O'Connor.  She is absolutely WONDERFUL!!!  It's also worth nothing that Dr. O'Connor has a background in midwifery.    She cared for me when my first pregnancy ended in a miscarriage, and her beside manner was praiseworthy - she acknowledged the loss, patiently listened and answered ALL of my questions.  She even made herself available for a callback when I had a question about what I was experiencing after my miscarriage.


Dr. O'Connor also performed my UNPLANNED C-Section last year.  After pushing for 2 hours, my little one was not coming out, so the nurse midwife from Dartmouth-Hitchcock Manchester called in Dr. O'Connor who very calmy came to examine me and advised that she recommended a C-Section.  I can't tell you how happy I was that it was Dr. O'Connor who was on call that day because I trusted her!!!  I even told her when she came to my bedside that I was so happy it was her who would be doing my C-Section because if I had a choice, I would choose her.


Dr. O'Connor is also well-respected by her colleagues.  She has a very dry, but calming personality and she is VERY knowledgable.  So don't expect a "Chatty Cathy", but you can certainly expect that you have her undivided attention when she is with you.  She definitely makes you feel heard and acknowledged.  Who likes to feel rushed when they see their OB, especially when you are pregnant or have given birth and have questions?


Not only is Dr. O'Connor exceptional, but the midwives at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Manchester are wonderful.  I had heard many good things about the midwives from my friends, and I am very pleased with my experience at this practice.  I especially feel that the midwives acted as MY ADVOCATES at in the practice AND at the hospital.  That's very important to me!!!


I am expecting again, and my births will be less than 18 months apart, so it is being recommended that I have a planned C-Section this time.  My first preference is Dr. O'Connor.


Dr. Anne M. O'Connor is in the Obstetrics, Gynecology & Nurse Midwifery
department at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Specialty Care at Bedford Medical Park and you can schedule an appointment with her by calling 603-695-2900.


Good luck with your pregnancy and birth!

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Thank you for such a lovely and glowing recommendation. Unfortunately for me, Bedford is just too far. I wish I was closer!

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