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Best baby wearing for at home???

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Hi there-

I have a 11 month old DD who is wants to be held ALL THE TIME.  I have an Ergo, Moby, K-tan, ring sling and a Mei Tai.  None of them seem to do the job.  I want something that holds her very tight against me so I can bend over and pick up toys and have an arm free.  I also want something that is easy to get on and off.  


The Ergo is by far my favorite, but it is not great for around the house and I like to keep it in my car to use when I am out and about.


Any ideas for me.  

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At 11 months, you should be able to get her onto your back.  The Ergo is great for back carries, as well as your Mei Tai.  You can also use a woven wrap, but not the Moby.  If you like her on your front, try wrapping the Moby tighter to get a nice tight fit, or ring sling her on your hip and make sure you pull the top and middle of the rail to get her snug against your body.  I was not a fan of the K'tan, as it was not adjustable, and pulled on my shoulders. 


Really, the back carry would probably be the most ergonomic for you and hands-free-ing :) lol.  You can even use the Mei Tai to get her up in a higher back carry so bending over is easier (you can do this with a woven wrap, too).  BUT, if DD likes you to cuddle her on your front, you can get a woven wrap that will support her nicely in a Front Cross Carry or, like I said, fiddle with tightening up the Moby.


Hope that was helpful!

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I would buy or make a woven wrap if I were you.  Just as comfy as the Moby, but more supportive.

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