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Ice Cream/Frozen Yogurt

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So this is a bit of a silly question, but one I would like answered if possible.


I am currently nursing and pumping for my 6 month old.  She, like my older daughter, is sensitive to milk proteins.  With  my first daughter, I cut out dairy as much as possible, but noticed that she didn't have a problem at all if I ate yogurt.  I'm assuming that that is because the process changes the proteins in the milk, making them easier to digest.  She grew out of it by the time she was 2.


Anyway, the same is true of my baby.  With the exception of yogurt, intake of any kind of dairy causes her to be fussy and to spit up a ton.


So my question is this.  It's summer and it's hot.  I love ice cream, but I haven't had any because of her sensitivities.  But what about frozen yogurt?  My hunch is that it's not even close to regular yogurt and won't work.  I don't have time to make my own, and I don't have any of the places around where I live that sell unsweetened frozen yogurt.

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I found sorbet (not sherbert, which has milk products in it) to be really nice last summer when I was dairy-free for my little guy. The lemon kind is almost creamy...

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Even if it were made with actual yoghurt, I'd want to check the ingredients list for other dairy ingredients.

I second the suggestion of sorbets, although you'll need to double check for dairy ingredients in those too :(.  Or if your little one is OK with soy, perhaps they sell frozen soy "ice cream" where you are?


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when we were going through this, we found a brand of coconut yogurt, ice cream, and coconut milk that worked out for us.  it's pretty dang yummy too.  unfortunatly, ungodly expensive though. 


most kids who have the dairy sensitivity can't handle soy either.  i also found that most of the rice ice cream (not the milk, not sure about yogurt) had something dairy in it or soy.. whatever it was, it didn't go over well for us.


dd ended up growing out of ALL the sensitivities, too.  sometimes it takes a little longer?

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there are some amazing brands of coconut milk ice creams available at most grocery stores. so delicious and coconut bliss are two i can think of off the top of my head. they're vegan, so no dairy products at all, and quite simple ingredient lists. they are hands down the best commercial ice cream i've ever had. 


when i go out, i get sorbet... getting ice cream on a hot afternoon is something of a montreal obsession, and i find that lots of the better ice cream shops have a really amazing range of sorbets. 

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