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Need a pediatrician in Nassau county

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I am 28 weeks pregnant and can't find a pediatrician that is okay with delaying vax. There must be one around here somewhere!


Thank you for any info you might have.



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I am looking for a pediatrician as well.  One of the women at my La Leche League Meeting recommended Dr Elissa Rubin from Happy and Healthy Pediatrics.  Her website is http://www.happyandhealthypediatrics.com/  She looks awesome.  I am going to schedule a consult with her this week.  Best of luck!  

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Thank you! I have actually heard of her and she was one I was thinking about calling to meet, so now I will for sure be calling her to meet. Let me know what you think when you meet her. 

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I have scheduled a "Meet the doctors" visit for August 27th.  I am really looking forward to meeting them!  I hope they are as good as their website portrays!

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I just heard of another great pediatrician in Huntington.  Her name is Dr. Nina Tomei.  I did a little bit of research on her and there is nothing but good reviews about her.  Don't know if you are close to Huntington or not ....   Good Luck!

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I will also be there to meet Dr Rubin on the 27th!! lol I really hope that I like her and that she is fine with me delaying vaccines. Huntington is a little far for me (I'm in Port Washington) but if things don't work out with Dr Rubin I will be looking into her. Thank you!!

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Dr. Valerie Mokides in New Hyde Park

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Please let us know your opinion of Dr. Rubin. I love what I see from their website, but hard to tell about vaccines, etc. Is the meeting with them this Saturday free if you just call and ask?

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I will let you know what I think about her. Yep, if you just call and ask you can come to meet her. They wanted my name and number when I called, so maybe they have a limit on how many people can come? Not sure. 

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We are new to Long Island (Jericho) and are also looking for a holistic ped for our 5 yo and 3 yo. We actually haven't vaccinated at all so looking for someone who will respect that. To those of you who go to Dr. Tomei or Dr. Rubin, do you know if they will support no vax? Any comments on your visits with them would be much appreciated!


Also, anyone know of a good ped dentist?



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My kids go to Dr. Tomei. My son is not vaxxed at all and I stopped vaxing my daughter when she was two.  Dr. Tomei has no problem with not vaxing at all.  As a matter of fact, she told me that all the doctors in the practice are supposed to respect the parents decision with it comes to vaccinations but if one of the doctors ever tried to pressure me to vax I am supposed to let her know. My kids normally only see Dr. Tomei for their well check ups but she's just getting so darn popular on Long Island that the last time I tried to make an appointment I was told she's now booking appointments three months in advance.  I ended up seeing Dr. Prushik.  He told me that he respects my decsion not to vax but that it's his duty to tell me about the dangers of not vaxxing.  I told him he didn't have to bother since there was no way he was going to convince me that injecting my child with aluminum, formaldehyde and monkey kidney tissue was going to make him healthy.  He dropped the subject after that and just continued on with the check up.

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we go to a pediatrician who is not holistic but does support us with us not vaxing either one of our children.  He will happily talk about what vaccinations he thinks are more important than others if you like (he will tell you you he thinks you should get them all) but he is NEVER judgemental or critical about not vaccinating.  He is in Woodmere if you are interested in his info. 


My friend goes to Dr. Tomei and is pretty happy with her (but she does vaccinate her kids).  She's been going to her for years. 


I took my daughter to Valetie Mokides and was less than thrilled with her.


good luck!

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Hi all,


Thanks for all the info so far! An update from me on Dr. Rubin in case anyone is thinking of going to her -- although she was supportive of spacing vaccinations out, she was definitely NOT supportive of not vaccinating verall and in fact went as far as to say that she was on "lockdown" when any unvaccinated children came for a check up which to me was unacceptable (others may disagree). I would like my ped to respect my decision not to vax even though they may not agree with it and really don't want to be made to feel like a social piranha! So short of it, she will accept patients that are not but I did not like her attitude in the least bit.


Lolafanana, would be great if you could send me the details of your ped please! I am looking into Dr Tomei as well but would help to have another in mind as well. Thx!

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Hi Lolafanana!


I live in Lawrence and am looking for a non-vaxx friendly pediatrician for my 3 year old and 2 week old.  Please give me the name of your pediatrician in Woodmere. Thank you!



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can you please give me the name and number of the pediatrician in woodmere thanks!

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 can you please give me name and number of your ped in woodmere

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I agree about Dr. Rubin. We went to her meet and greet and she went so far as to say that she tells parents who don't vaccinate that she thinks they are "idiots." We were very annoyed that we wasted our time going to visit her.

We go to Dr. Mokides in New Hyde Park. I saw someone post previously that they weren't thrilled with her but we like her. She is thorough and fine with delayed vaccination. She is willing to spend a lot of time with you which is nice. Parking is always easy as well. I will say that her office is not that tidy or modern, but overall I think she is good. We visited a handful of other doctors and none of them were as open to our position as Dr. Mokides.

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I agree about Dr. Rubin. We went to her meet and greet and she went so far as to say that she tells parents who don't vaccinate that she thinks they are "idiots." 

Bolding mine.  This is ridiculous & incredibly unprofessional.  It is sad that she feels that this is acceptable behavior.  I wonder if she thinks it'd be okay for a parent to tell her she's an idiot if they don't agree w/ her.



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I am vaccinating, but spreading them out and waiting on some. I have been going to a ped in my town, (glen cove) and they have been supportive of me doing things the way I want to. I have had no confrontation, but I also haven't asked them their opinion on certain subjects. They give their professional opinion on some things (schedules and diet) and prescribed me infant vitamins, but I don't feel like my 100% breastfed 5 month old needs them so I didn't fill the script. I know what I'm eating and she is thriving. I do like their location, hours, phone hours, waiting room. (sick times and well times) and if my baby is injured, or is sick, I would trust them to help. I know this doesn't help you, but it seems like that's the best I'm going to get in Nassau county, and for now I am satisfied. Best of luck with your search!
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