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Cloth Diaper Stash?

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What CDs are you planning on using for your babies?


I found about 20 NB prefolds and 2 fitteds that were in a box that I was planning to sell. I know I have another box somewhere, but I have to look to see what else I have left from my last baby.. So, I think I will only need covers and snappies.


What will you be using?

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I bought a dozen Babykicks OS organic fitteds, and 3 Bummis covers... that's all I have so far, but my mom will probably get a random assortment of cloth diapers at her second hand store... they come in looking brand new sometimes! 

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So far I'm severely lacking.. I have two flip covers, prefolds that I'm getting from a friend, and about four kushies all in ones that probably need to be stripped. I will be honest though, I'm not planning on starting cloth until about a month in.. I just know I'll be too insane from having the baby, Christmas, and all that.

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I will also be using sposies for a bit at first...people always give them to me, plus some from the hospital and whatever free samples I get...I like them for the meconium and then even the first month or so when they need changed CONSTANTLY lol...sounds horrible, but, I get more sleep if they are in sposies and I can wait 2 wets or so before changing!


That said, I have tons of NB PFs, a handful of NB covers, and XS AIOs/pockets...I have enough, but, I plan to buy a few more with some store credit I have at a local consignment shop that sell used CD's once I find out the gender..I just want some more fun ones lol. Once baby is 6mos or so I have a TON of BumGenious and other pockets and will probably mostly use pockets, but, I also have a TON of regular and toddler PF's and some covers and some fitteds also...so I am really set once baby is big enough to fit one size/small CDs...I have skinny babies, so I can only use NB for a long time - my 2yo still fits small CDs lol...he is 26lbs, but, he is long so everything else is too wide in the legs.

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I'm a first timer, so we'll see what works, but I definately have in mind what I --think-- I like most. I have mostly small and OS Fuzzibunz and AMP pocket diapers, (about 20 total) plus we bought a ton of microfibre cloths to use as extra inserts, since the AMP are also very easy to use with the insert laid flat inside, instead of stuffed (more like a prefold and cover). I also have about 10 kushies AIO's that are in pretty sad shape, but will work in a pinch. We'll pick up more to fill out our stash once I've confirmed what we like. I'm hoping to stick with the AMP's, and they're made locally, so I can run to the store and pick some up without ordering. 


Then for the newborn/xs stage I have four new kushies AIO's, three fitteds, and I picked up a set of 10 bummis prefolds and two covers. I won't buy any more newborn size diapers, like someone else said, I'm taking full advantage of all the samples that we can get, and then I'll probably buy a costco sized box of newborn diapers. Once those run out, hopefully baby will be closer to the OS and small diapers. 

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I am still deciding what to get.  I was hoping to see some hand me down diapers, but most of my friends who cloth diapered have all ready passed theirs on.  I won't buy anything yet though.  Cloth diapers seem to just show up every once in a while. 



If I was to buy anything it will be Bummis Super Lite covers with prefolds.  Though the Bummis Super Brites are also nice.  I have used Bummis before and really liked them, so will probably just stick with what I know.  

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Oh, and I do sposies for the first week or two as well.  Those first few days are messy and exhausted, so I take advantage of those free and convenient diapers.  

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We were crazy broke when dd3 was born (she got receiving blanket and dish towel flats and a couple recycled soakers for the first few months) so I'm starting pretty well from scratch for this little one.  My plan is to have a dozen infant prefolds, 2 dozen smalls, and a dozen nb/sm fitteds for overnight.  For covers, I'm planning 4 sm bummies super brites and 4-5 pairs of longies, and maybe a few wool wraps/soakers if I come across any good deals.  I'm working on finishing up a set of 4 sleep sacks as well.  I feel pretty confident mostly bypassing the newborn sizes in favor of smalls as my girls were all 10+ pounds by 4wks.

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We are crazy broke for this baby... luckily I have some leftovers from DS2. I don't think I have any NB, just smalls and some meds.


I will probably do sposies for meconium too.. whatever they give us at the hossy and we might buy a pack. I imagine we might be given some also.

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I had forgotten about meconium but was planning on doing sposies for probably a solid month anyhow.  After that, I have mostly swaddlebees one size pockets, bumgenius cotton all-in-ones, and a couple motherease.  I have not missed stuffing pockets but am kind of excited to get the diapers out and strip them and everything again. 

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I forgot about stripping the dipes...thanks for mentioning that! I know they haven't been done in a while - DS2 did not tollerate cloth very well so we mostly used sposies with him so I don't think they have been stripped since DS1 was an infant.

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We're doing a combo of pre-loved (so far we have 7 fitteds, 7 covers - bummis & sustainable babyish wool knit, 6 pockets - blueberry minkie (TO DIE FOR), happy heiny, baby kanga....the fitteds and covers are size small, the pockets are one size fits all) and new (probably get a couple of dozen good prefolds and couple of snappis to fasten them) and see how we do with that. I think seven covers should do us, but if we need a couple more, we'll get those as needed. Depending on how we like the various types/combos, we'll decide what to do when it's time to get mediums. I found some one size covers that come with a snap in liner at a local natural parenting store, so that might be what we go with for bigger sizes, if we like prefolds and covers. Oh! I also have a bunch of Fuzzibuns, size medium I think.


The assorted smalls and the one sizes came from one friend de-stashing, the Fuzzi's came from another friend de-stashing, and whatever we buy will come from greenmountaindiapers.com and/or that local store. For newborn size, we'll use disposables the first week or so (however long a bag or two of 'sposies lasts us) and then there is a stash of newborn sized (assorted types) cloth diapers that circulates amongst my cloth diapering buds.

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Since DS is potty-learning right now (he's almost 2), hopefully we'll have his (about 10) Sunbaby diaps available when this one arrives.  And I just ordered 10 custom-made gender-neutral cloth diapers from a fb friend who makes them.  So baby should have about 20 (including some snazzy Cleveland Browns diaps, astrology diaps, etc lol). 

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We're going for fitteds with covers, maybe some pre-folds in there as well. I really like GMD Workhorse diapers. I've heard nothing but good things about them and the price is most definitely right! The store I'm managing just opened this week and we had a Hutterite woman(there's a colony just outside the town I'm in) come in and ask about selling some homemade diapers. She said they weren't used and she had about 40 and she said she would bring some in for us to look at, but she left before I could get any more details. I hope she comes back soon because if she's selling something I'm interested in, I might just buy up her stash.

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I just bought a dozen size small AIOs from Cotton Babies clearance section.  Today I also picked up 6 XS from where I work.  I'll use the XS AIOs for 3am diaper changes, and prefolds and NB covers in the begining when baby is growing fast but too small for most everything else.  After that stage, I'll use the small AIOs and OS AIOs that I have already.   :)

It's exciting to be able to buy some PINK diapers after 5 years of primary colors.  ;)

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My mom just informed me that she has a big stash of cloth diapers for me! Some used, some new, but all free. smile.gif They're prefolds, and she has a bunch of covers in different sizes, brands, and conditions, as well. I'll probably have to buy a few covers to "fill in the gaps," but how nice to not have to buy all new! Especially since DH and I are moving across the country in a few weeks and money will be tight.

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Fantastic!  My MIL is an expert deal finder, and a few years ago she picked up about a dozen AIO's from a local thrift store for $9.99 total. They went to my SIL's place, who then didn't end up cloth diapering... and were supposed to come to us "next time she found them". A few months ago they moved, and she informed us that they are lost forever, and she thinks she may have donated them to charity. I was so soo disappointed. 

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Originally Posted by nigellas View Post

I just bought a dozen size small AIOs from Cotton Babies clearance section.  Today I also picked up 6 XS from where I work.  I'll use the XS AIOs for 3am diaper changes, and prefolds and NB covers in the begining when baby is growing fast but too small for most everything else.  After that stage, I'll use the small AIOs and OS AIOs that I have already.   :)

It's exciting to be able to buy some PINK diapers after 5 years of primary colors.  ;)

HaHa I have a bunch of store credit at a local store that sells new and used cloth diapers and I have been holding onto it until i found out the gender, now that I found it is a girl I am so excited to start buying girly diapers! I mean flames and dinosaurs and blue is ok...I'm sure she will wear thsoe too...but she is getting some pink and some girly prints! LOL!


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We have prefolds and covers and AIOs left over from DD, and I'm making some fitteds to have for around the house. Right now DD goes coverless in a fitted around the house and it's perfect. I'm also making up some wool covers and dyeing them with some leftover wool interlock I have. I think we're set, I just need to buy fabric since I'm also making a layette too.
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We have about 12 kissaluvs and some newborn prefolds and covers and then a lot of regular size prefolds and a few bumgenius all in ones.  We ended up using a diaper service when dd was about 6 mo to 1 yr but ended up using sposies once she started daycare (they wouldn't do cloth diapers there).


Not sure how I am going to handle twins.  There is a newborn diaper rental service that I might use (that doesn't do laundry pickup - they just rent out the diapers) or I might find a diaper pick up service.  I really like the kissaluvs for the newborn stage but I don't want to invest in more diapers as I think we are done after these 2.

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