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favorite nighttime systems - especially fitteds

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It's been five years since we've used cloth and I'm looking for updated recommendations (as many of our favorites, i.e. Stacinator deluxe fleece covers and Happy Hempys hemp fitteds seem hard to come by.)  We do use wool as well- what's your favorite system for overnight?

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My favorite is hemp kissas (i think that's the brand I got them used and there is no tag) or blue penguins pre-snapped (like a prefold but with snaps) and a Stuffin's hemp doubler folded in half on the pee zone. For a cover we use a bumpy interlock wool or a stacinator interlock wool cover or a soaker from a very thick well felted wool sweater. I prefer the look and feel of knit and crochet wool but at night I think the bulletproofness of felted wool is needed. Oh and I used to use a merino sleep sack from covered caboose but it's too hot now that it's summer and it's too small for my son too, I need to find him a new one before fall/winter rolls around....

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I like ME Sandy's fitteds with a Sandy's stay-dry liner and (if needed) a Hemp Babies doubler. The ME Airflow covers have been totally bulletproof for us, but I'd imagine this combination would work well under wool too.
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I have a bunch of different "night-rated-by-me" diapers. I agree that Sandys with the extra liner work extremely well - I use them under an Aristocrats or Woollybottoms cover. Right now I only have a terry Sandys, and that works well with the liner and a thin hemp booster, but I want to buy a bamboo Sandys, which should be more absorbent.


I have also used a ME One-Size bamboo fitted with liner and hemp booster. Never had a leak, but I do find lately that DS for some reason gets "caught up" in it at night on occasion, and that irritates his foreskin.


I also have a couple of Wild Mountain Mommies fitteds that are very trustworthy at night.


I'd say my favourite is the Sandys though. It's nice and squishable, and very absorbent. This is the third size of Sandys that we've used (the first diaper he wore after he was born was a Sandys :) ) and I trust them completely for night-time and early morning use.

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When DD was 6 months old I finally tried fitteds at night and was so glad I did.  We've been using them at night for a year now.  I've had success with happy hempys (they are a fitted diaper with a pocket) stuffed with a prefold, and sustainablebabyish organic bamboo fleece fitteds.  I use a dancing bears fleece soaker and its a great nighttime combo.  

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I love our MEOS+snap-in liner+tri-folded microfibre towel (tucked under the snap-in liner).  We put an AirFlow cover over this and it works really well at night.  DD is 5 months old and typically feeds twice during the night, plus right before sleep, so that is 3 feeds total.  I don't change her diaper till morning so it goes approx. 9pm till 7-8am with no leaks for us.

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Under the Nile fitteds are amazing!


I bought one on sale and absolutely love it. It is fluffy and soft and so absorbent that my 13 month old doesn't even need a doubler overnight. I can wrap it around her while she is turning somersaults. So easy. The aplix/velcro is extremely durable and the laundry tabs actually work. They fit perfectly under a Disana wool pull-on, but I also can undo the rise snaps on a Thirsties Duo and put that over the diaper.


I got mine through underthenile.com, but I have seen them on Green Mountain Diapers, too.

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