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Do you follow the egg yolks only until 12 months? FD is just over 11 months and had scrambled egg yolks for the first time yesterday, just made me wonder if everyone follows this rule.

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we don't do eggs at all until after a year, egg allergy runs in the family. 

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No, I don't.  My son got scrambled eggs at 8 mths old, but egg allergies don't run in my family.

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My girl loves scrambled eggs.  Oops.  I'm a terrible mother ;-) 

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We gave DS scrambled eggs around 8 months as well. Since then he has had eggs in other forms like omelettes and quiche as well. No egg allergies in our family though.

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Thanks for your replies! I am not 100% sure if allergies run in her family or not. I asked an aunt and she didn't know of any. FD did end up with a rash on her back a couple of days after having the scrambled yolks, so I think I will wait a bit before I try them again. Today she had tofu for the first time! So exciting. I'm a little late introducing proteins I think. Oh well on that, there is so much else to stress about when you are raising someone else's baby. I constantly second guess myself and wonder what the family/doctor/social workers would think eyesroll.gif .

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