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New house - kids' room

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We move into a new house on 8/15. It's a cute little house with a cute yard in a cute neighborhood, and I think we're going to love it, but the spaces are weird and I'm trying to figure out how to organize it. 

My main concern is the girls' room. It has a decent amount of floor space (15'9"x11'8"), but the roof slopes down into the room so that the ceiling is only 5 feet high along the outer wall, leaving only one place in the room where a bunk bed could conceivably go. My dh is thinking about un-bunking the beds, but I can't see that working - we need room in there for two dressers, a bookshelf, toy storage, a desk, and possibly a second bookshelf, and the closet is tiny. Also, the laundry room is off one end of the room, so there's an extra door interfering with wall space. We might be able to throw another closet rail in there to make up for the tiny closet. Not much else, because the roof slopes the other way in there and the ceiling is only 5 feet high over the washing machines and the chimney goes through it and the hot water heater is in there too, so the space is tight. At one point, I considered using the laundry room to make up for the complete and total lack of a linen closet, but I'm pretty skeptical about it. 

So anyway, if you had to put together a cool room for two kids (ages 4 and 10) in a 15'9"x11'8" space in which one long wall was only 5 feet high, how would you do it?

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We have a room like that that my boys share.  We ditched the dresser (actually store it by the laundry, so I don't have to run all over the house putting clothes away--which is also by the bathroom.)  Then all the stuff that does go upstairs gets hung up. 


We unbunked the beds, because it was just weird having them bunked basically in the middle of the room.  We will probably build a custom loft type bed for them--so it isn't as high as a bunk bed, but they can still have some private space, storage below the bed. 

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I'd swap the bunks for 2 singles with under-bed drawers and bookcase headboards like this:




(There's a girl version but I can't seem to link it.)


Then you just need room for a desk. If you can't fit a desk, try a wall-mounted drop-down table or even a deep shelf?

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