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Dylan has arrived!

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I'm so happy to say that our son decided to come out on his own.  Here is his birth story!


I woke up at 2:30 on Sunday, July 24th with a strong contraction; I had a few random contractions the night before, but nothing unusual.  I timed them for about 90 minutes until they got to be about 3-4 minutes apart.  DH was at work; but I knew he would be home by 6am.  I paged my Midwife who called back saying she was attending another birth and would have a backup call me.  The back up, who was wonderful, arrived at 4:30; she timed a few contraction (which of course slowed right now) and did an exam.  I was only 3cm, but full effaced.  So she left with orders to get some rest.


I managed to get back to sleep and woke up a few hours later with some more contractions, but mild and random.  DH and I took DS for a long walk and I returned back to bed.  I kept reminding myself that labour is a marathon; I need rest!  My contractions finally started to get stronger and pick up around 3pm, so I went to have a bath and had a small snack.  DS of course woke up from his nap at this time and thought it to be fun to join mommy in the bath.  He knew the baby was on his way; when Mommy's eyes are closed you can't talk to or touch mommy.  He was so excited.  I paged the Midwife again at 5pm; she arrived at about 6:15pm examined me again.  I was 6cm and my waters were bulging.  Since we were planning a hospital birth she strongly encouraged that we head to the hospital asap.  We left for the hospital around 7:15pm - I was in no hurry; DH was bouncing off the walls trying to get me to move faster.  We arrived at the hospital and things seemed to pick up, the pain did.  I asked to be examined at 9:30pm - as I had hoped to have DS cut the cord and wanted to know how long it might be.  DS was at the hospital with our parents at this time.  I was mortified to find out that I was only 7cm.  I requested that they break my waters to try to speed things up.  They did and of course there was meconium in the fluid.  This put my mental state in a even worse place.  Hospital policy is that if meconium is found in the fluid the NICU team has to do an exam immediately;  there for DS could not be present to cut the cord.  My DH was visibly shaken; as he didn't really know what it all meant.  I sent him out of the room to have our DS taken home.  My Midwife quickly got me back to reality.


Things started moving along much quicker once my waters were broke.  I had a few moments of "I CAN'T DO THIS", and begging for drugs.  As previously instructed they would not allow me anything because I required that when I was in my right mind, and also because I was nearly fully dilated.  My husband refers to this time as my demon eyes; apparently my pupals was nearly the size of a pin head, it frightened him.


I started pushing at midnight and after 55 minutes of groans and screams Dylan was born.  All 10lbs 6oz of him!  I am elated to not have a single stitch and the swelling was minor.  My tailbone on the other hand is still very sore, I can handle that.  I checked into a room at 4pm had a little sleep then waited for DH and DS to come get me.  I was back home by noon the same day.


He is a dream baby!  He sleeps and eats, fusses very little.  He gaining weight like a champ.  His check up yesterday at 5 days old he had gained 9oz - he was 10lbs 14oz.


Thanks for reading!228843_10150254147825843_733240842_8141071_3661291_n.jpg

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Congratulations! I enjoyed reading your story. Cute picture!
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joy.gifWelcome to the world, little Dylan! joy.gif


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Great pic and story, Congratulationsjoy.gif

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Beautiful story!  Congratulations!!  My YDS has the same big brother t-shirt.  thumb.gif

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congratulations....great story


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Congrats! Such a healthy big boy!

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Welcome Dylan!!! What a great story!



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Congrats! Sweet brothers!

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Congratulations! joy.gif

I went into labor on the 24th and my Dylan was born on the 25th, too, at 3:28 am. love.gif
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Good job Mama!  Congratulations! love.gif

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Originally Posted by MarineWife View Post

Congratulations! joy.gif

I went into labor on the 24th and my Dylan was born on the 25th, too, at 3:28 am. love.gif

How great is that!  I knew I wasn't labouring alone!  thumb.gif  Congrats to you as well!

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