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Correlation between sex and morning sickness?

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With your previous pregnancies, did you have more morning sickness with girls? Not so much with boys? I'm curious if there is any truth to it. Last time around, I had hyperemesis and was vomiting all day. This time around, I've been nauseated, but I've only thrown up a few times. There are a lot of things that can affect your level of morning sickness, like vitamin levels, lack of protein, dehydration, stress, etc. I'm curious if the old wives tale is true. I've honestly never had anyone I know have a girl and be completely free from morning sickness, but some with boys have.
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For me? Absolutely yes. I was still nauseated and food-aversioned with boys but it was nothing like the m/s I had with my daughter. I KNEW she was a girl based on how different I felt the entire pg. I was more emotional, less gracious, and just more touchy. My DH thought it was a girl too based on that. wink1.gif

So maybe not everyone experiences that but wow, I sure did.
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I didn't have a moment of nausea with DS (my first).  I was consistently mildly nauseous with serious food aversions with DD and now I'm super nauseous most of the day and basically don't want to eat anything.  But honestly, it could just as easily be a boy, maybe pregnancy just gets harder with each child.  One of my friends had no nausea with her first daughter but was on Zofran for months with her second (DD).  I have friends who were really sick with boys (but also sick with girls), so who really knows.  I'm not giving my boy clothes away yet!  (or girl!)

BUT, to answer your question, for me personally that has been the case, but you never know! 

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With DD I had 24/7 nausea until 14 weeks.  It was pretty bad and I certainly had some really, really miserable days, but I was still able to pull it together enough to continue working full time. 


This time around I'm basically incapacitated with constant nausea/dry heaving/intermittent vomiting/extreme exhaustion.  I have food and smell aversions too and I didn't have that at all the last time.  Overall I'm feeling absolutely horrible and am just trying to make it through this time.  I still nurse DD so that may be affecting things too.  DH and I both have boy vibes (DD does too) but who knows.  It will be interesting to see!  

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I have always had Hyperemesis, but its *always* much much worse with boys. The fact that I am not extremely sick already (I am due the very end of March so only 5.5 weeks) makes me almost certain its a girl. Its always been right for me....

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My worst ms was with my son. it was a 3 month long pukefest, I got carsick even and would have to pull over to throw up. That was my first baby.


Almost no MS with my second, a girl.


My third I had some queasiness and mild ms, another girl.

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For me there was a huge, obvious difference in my daughters verses my son.  I have only had one son, so it could have been a fluke, but I don't think so.


I was so sick from early on with all my girls and remained sick for the entire pregnancy.  With my son (#4 of 5) I had very mild nausea in the beginning only, and threw up once total.  My energy levels were also much better with my son.


When I got pregnant the fifth time, I knew by 6 weeks that it was a girl because of how I felt.  This time I feel sure its another boy.  I crave food like crazy, want to cook and exercise, super mild, rare nausea, etc.  With all my girls, I would have to eat continuously day and night to help ward off MS but with this one, the hunger pangs will subside and not turn into nausea.


I also think there was more intense emotions with the girls.  It makes sense.  You get high surges of either estrogen or testosterone to help form the baby's gonads.  I think all the extra estrogen made me a mess.


All I can do is wait and see, but I would be absolutely shocked if this one isn't a boy!

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Yes, for us there is an inverse correlation between morning sickness and sex.





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I had no nausea at all with my boy, and I'm having some this time around so hoping it means girl.

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I had almost no nausea when I was pregnant with my son, and quite a bit of nausea for the entire first trimester with my daughter.  I never vomited with either one though.

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Well, I've only had boys and I was a little sick with them. This time, though, I'm bedridden for half the day. If I get up to go to the bathroom, I am likely to vomit. :( Based entirely on that . . . I'm 99% sure this one is a girl, lol. Very scientific, but man, I feel awful. We're leaving on the 11th for Canada and I'm SO worried about traveling (alone with a 5 and 4 year old!). It's going to be a two day trip thanks to layovers and I really don't know how I'm going to handle the kids, luggage and puking at the same time.

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I was really sick with my daughter (vomited every day, violently, at 6:30 on the dot for a month starting week 7). I am nauseous but not that nauseous and I have only thrown up twice, realizing after the fact that it was from taking my multivitamin on an empty stomach. It kinds freaks me out that I am not getting morning sickness too bad (like is there something wrong). I do still have boob tenderness, dog nose, and some tolerable nausea... I want to go to the Dr. so I can hear the heartbeatredface.gif, I am finally stateside!!!

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With both my boys I was so so so sick. When pg with DS2 I barfed so much and so often that DS1 used to mimic me to others (as I've said on another thread). With DS1's pg all I needed to do was bend over to pick something up and I would vomit. I threw up on the cat once. She was not amused.


This time, I am feeling queasy, but it's totally under control so far. At this point with both boys I never went anywhere without having at least 3 safe places to yak at a moment's notice. At this point with #3, 7 weeks on 8/3, I'm starting to feel illegitimate for joining the Morning Sickness thread. 


I really really hope it's a girl and my body reacts against males but not females. It would be beyond belief to think I could keep 3 meals a day down this pregnancy.

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