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Becoming a SAHP when the kids are older?

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Anyone become a SAHP after their kids started in kindergarten or school? What is it like - emotionally, in your relationship with DH, financially,...?


I have always had a job, and I guess that is part of my issue - letting go, letting DH be the sole responsible moneymaker, when I have always been so indeppendent. But I have had my current job for 14 years - 5 years it was a FANTASTIC job, 4 years it was a mediocre job ( luckily broken up with 2 maternity leaves) and the last 5 years it has been horrendous. Beyond bad. I have changed boss, I have cut down to 30 hours a week, but it is really horrible and not fixable. I have been physically ill due to the job. I am looking for something else, but not finding anything. I think 14 years is fair enough - I can not anymore.


DH knows this and he is on board. We can live off his income, but it seems like a rip-off. If I was to be a SAHM, I should have done it when the kids were little and really needed me. Now they are 4 and 6, and in fulltime kindergarten and school. So there is guilt. And I worry about the balance in our lives - DH and I are clearly and really on an equal footing, and I worry this might change. And yes, I admit it, even if it makes me seem shallow, I wonder what people will think of me when I do not have a "real" job.


The only thing I do not think will be a problem is time. I appreciate how precious time is, how valueable it is, and am not one to waste it. I am an artist, so I will paint (right now this is getting done at night in bad lighting). It is not realistic as an income, but I want to do it anyway.


If you have BTDT, tell me - the good and the bad. How did it work out for you?

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I haven't done it yet, but I will soon. My kids will both be in school in the fall, although I will work 2 mornings a week, about 7 hours total.

I say go for it. It's great for kids to have a parent home after school and during vacations, plus you can volunteer in their school.


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I think that you might want to find a way to keep your days busy. At first not having to get up and go to work might be nice, but it does get old quick. Personally I find myself running out of things to do and getting stir crazy day after day. A part-time job or helping out in your kids classrooms once a week may be a good solution so you still feel as if you are doing something. KWIM?

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