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MaxsFox: Congratulations on getting married!   My thoughts are with Max.



Thanks for the ideas about the jeans.  Ds decided that plain jeans (Gap) are fine.  (which is good because I don't feel like hand sewing patches on jeans. heh heh)

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Originally Posted by revolting View Post


Just got back from our trip. Same lake. Different side. Managed not to get caught up in the family drama and had a wonderful time. Reading a book about the Chicago River that started with this quote by Loren Eiseley: "If there is magic on this planet, it is contained in water." While in Michigan, we picked peaches. I've found it much more difficult dealing with the bounty of a peach harvest, since the ripening is staggered. Any tips?

What a beautiful (and true) quote!!  -- I just made peach pancakes for breakfast this morning.  Last year I froze a good amount of my harvest of peaches - just blanched them and froze them in bags with some apple juice.  They were amazingly delicious in the middle of the winter!!! yummy.gif

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Originally Posted by vydalea View PostWhat a beautiful (and true) quote!!  -- I just made peach pancakes for breakfast this morning.  Last year I froze a good amount of my harvest of peaches - just blanched them and froze them in bags with some apple juice.  They were amazingly delicious in the middle of the winter!!! yummy.gif

I think pear mincemeat is the BOMB-- but I dunno if it'd work with peaches. Unless maybe the peaches aren't totally ripe yet. Peach pie? You can always make the filling ahead and freeze it yummy.gif

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I'm waiting for my friend to call me back so I can really talk about this but, for now, I'm reaching out to this community.


I need some calming, healing energy ASAP, please!


My gynecologist called me (on a Sunday).  She has studied my ultrasound and has found a concerning growth.  She said it's a possibility that it's just a polyp or fibroid but she would like me to come in tomorrow (Monday) to discuss it.  We have also set up surgery in my local hospital for Wednesday.  She wants to go in and have a look and if it needs to be removed (etc), then she can do it at that time.  But, she said I need to discuss this further with her on Monday in person.


I'm trying to stay calm but it's not easy.  Now's the time when I wish I had a loving husband who can be by my side through this.

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Sending healing energy your way DoK!

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Good morning ladies! I haven't been on here in a year. May I join you ladies again? It's been a long year without your lovely chatty conversations. My baby is getting older but not bigger. :( So I've been dealing with the multitude of appointments with him trying to figure out why he's not gaining any weight. Today is the first day of the older 2 in homeschooling!! They will be in 4th grade and 1st grade after going to public school. And my middle girl is pre-Kish. She's so ready to learn more things. She can count and knows some letters. She wants to do what her big sister (the 1st grader) is doing. :) I'm on facebook a ton. I love coffee even though I can only have a couple cups a day. It's starting to cool off here. It feels like fall at night and in the mornings. I love it! 


I've read about half way through Inner Temple of Witchcraft last year. I came across a Youtube channel that is going through this as a group. I'm going to restart it. The channel is named Journey Thru the Temple


Wow. My kids are still sleeping (except the baby DS 9mo.).It's already 9am.

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Welcome back!  :)


Healthy hopes winging your way DoK, and hmmmmm on the "trailer" look... I'll admit I thought it was a reno'd trailer when I saw the pictures (there are a lot of "not a trailer but rather a single wide shaped prefab home" around here, it's a common building style).  I know a few places that have really spiffied up though so let me see if I can figure out what exactly makes them look so different from the others.


Torin turns TWO today!  Yay hurray!  We got him a Yo Gabba Gabba dvd and a Brobee stuffed critter (Brobee is a character in YGG), a small toy Mater car, and a ball.  And the kiddos helped me make an ice cream cake that is currently chilling in the freezer!  :)


On the down side... remember a few months ago when I was talking about how the couch we were given turned out to be a giant blob of mold?  It was a beautiful couch (burnt orange suede, hide-a-bed, kind of an antique).  And then after a month or so in our home I moved it to clean (it weighed a ton since it was a metal frame) and the floor was solid mold... the inside of the couch too.  Ick!  We threw out the couch immediately, bleached everything down (floor, walls, etc), ran special UV filters, and so on.  And it sort of worked... we had to get rid of some art and other paper stuff, and some toys.  But everything seemed ok.


Well... a few days ago I noticed some mildew/mold by the floor where the couch had been.  And several soft toys that had been "abandoned" on the floor near there while we were camping were mildewed.  DH pulled up part of the floor to see what was going on and... it looks like the mold got into the subfloor and spread out from there.  :(  So we have to pull out the entire floor (which we'd installed less than a year before), and the subfloor.  And then treat the concrete slab with anti-mold/anti-fungal nasties, put down two layers of drylock/kilz, lay new waterproof membranes, put in a new subfloor, and replace the floor.  All while I'm 38 weeks pregnant and without any specific budget.  To say I'm stressing is like saying the grand canyon is a nice ditch.  :(  DH worked round the clock last night (he got about 2 horus of sleep) and our weekend was consumed by this.  Not to mention I had to go through and get rid of nearly all of the kiddo's toys and stuffed animals and whatnot.  We're still waiting to see if we need to replace the couch and armchair... we found mildew in the folds of a chair that had been temporarily (like 2-3 weeks) in what we're calling the hot zone so we're going to open up the lining of the various other upholstered items in the room and see what there is to see.


And not only that, but the minivan failed inspection so DH ALSO had to replace all four brakes (went well, but a heat shield got shifted so dh has to re-do that bit on one wheel well) and we have to figure out a way to replace the two rear tires (also with no set budget so we're thinking maybe of putting the snow tires on the front wheels and moving the front tires which passed inspection to the back to replace the two that failed, that way we only have to pay for the tire mounting and an alignment).  Oh, and the water heater is on the fritz again so the temp fades in and out.  We know what the problem is (misaligned thermo-couples) and it's not actually that hard to deal with but it DOES require taking the system off line, pulling the thing off the wall, opening it up on the floor, and dorking with tiny parts.  And since the contents of the living room have now been smushed into the rest of the house (all two rooms of it) there's no place to do the heater repair.  And it's a lower priority than getting mold out and a floor in so... the dishes and laundry and diapers are all suffering.  I've had to do some double washes and it drives me nuts to waste water like that.  To say nothing of having to take the extra time/energy.


We picked out tiles last night though, that was sort of fun (ceramic, and with the anti-everything grout.  No frakin' mold, ever).  LOL  And dh will be bringing more tiles home with him... we really really REALLY want to have the house back together by the time the babe is born.  But the stress and the crazy energy the kiddos have been putting out has me on edge.  Lots of contractions and what-if-ness.


Serenity now, right?  And yeah... I'm having flashbacks to the invasion of the Ants when I was pregnant with Torin.  But that was at 36 weeks... I'm 38 weeks today and that's got me a lot more jumpy!

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Wow Clay, that's a whole lot of crappiness ya got going on there!  Mold is a nightmare to get rid of.  If that chair even has a little on it, I'd get rid of it ASAP.  Mold spores travel on the air and it can spread like wildfire.  Many, many hugs to you.  I'm sorry you have to deal with this, especially right now!

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DoK: I hope your appointment today went well and your doctor helped you to understand a bit more of what is going on and made you feel somewhat better.  My thoughts are with you and I'm sending some calm-chamomile filled energy your way!


AND Your way, Clay!  I was slightly stressed out just reading about your weekend - and so close to the time that the babe will arrive.  One thing after the other can be super aggrivating.  I always get exceptionally annoyed when it's car crap.  *grrrr!* and it never fails, just when we think there's a moment to breathe...*what's that rattlin??* irked.gif  On a more cheerful note: HAPPY BIRTHDAY, TORIN!!! birthday.gif


Southernmommie: hello, hello!!  


btw: revolting: ever since your post on the excess peaches I've been craving peach pie.  My husband thanks you! winky.gif  (yum yum can't wait to make some!!)



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DoK- yeah.  It's one of those hard plastic "egg chairs" from IKEA kids?  The nylon cover that folds down had mildew in the folds.  We pulled that bit off and DH is going to take the base into work and autoclave it (the lab has a super sized autoclave and since the chair is entirely hard plastic it should be fine).


Need some healing thoughts for my MIL... she was going to watch the kiddos while I'm off having AppleBelle-y but she was diagnosed with cancer yesterday.  :(  It's the same exact type of cancer that took the life of three of her four sisters so she is pretty upset, even more so than she would be if it was "just" a cancer diagnosis.  She will be meeting with local specialists today, then travelling to a "center of excellence".  So she'll be out of town for an unknown amount of time.  And DH may need to travel to be with her now and then.  This means that we will have to rely on my mom for child care during the birth and hospital stay.  And then I may be on my own with the lot of them if DH has to travel.  This is not good, and I'm honestly a bit scared for my kiddos in my mom's care, and for myself if I end up solo parenting 4 kiddos while newly postpartum.  So hope and healing and balance for all would be a wonderful prayer right now!


The living room is totally disassembled right now so I'm trying to keep all three kiddos occupied at the kitchen table.  They're watching Yo Gabba Gabba dvds on DH's laptop but the disc is almost done.  ACK!  What else to do?  It's a nice day and I could take them to the park, but I'm so huge and uncomfy the thought of running around after the kiddos is just exhausting!  And with the money we're spending on this emergency reno I can't take them to any of the indoor play spaces (our science center membership has lapsed) or to walk the mall (because they expect a snack at the mall and I can't deal with the potential tantrums if the snack turns out to be apple slices from mom's bag, not to mention I'm not sure chasing them through the mall would be any better than chasing them through a park).


Time to put on the serious thinking hat, rustle up the good vibes, and chaaaaaaaaarge!  LOL

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Oh Clay, so sorry about the mold fiasco you've got happening! Ugh. We lived in a house with mold issues for a year, and it was dreadful. Condolences to your MIL on the cancer diagnoses. :( Wishing you all the strength you'll need to deal.



DOK, that sucks! Facing these things is tough, but I know what you mean by wishing you had a partner to go through it with. Thinking of you.


Got today off. Phew. Hoping to have a yard sale this weekend and attend our local art and air festival.

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Clay- *hugs*


SouthernMommie- good to see you on!


DOK- thinking of you sweetie!


I am enjoying being an Aunt, my sister had a c-section on Sunday (though I am still confused as to why) but baby and Mom are doing well.



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Oh, Clay, what a mess. I would SO come stay with you and help you out, if I could! As for parks...is there somewhere nearby that is enclosed or fenced? I could never take ds to any park that wasn't, because he would run full-tilt into the street, on purpose, and laugh his little arse off. Every.Single.Time. I had to micromanage and shadow him if it wasn't fenced, and that just got to be too much-- and I had/have no other children and I wasn't pregnant. But at least, if fenced, you wouldn't have to chase.


Your DH is a hero. Tell him, for me, that he wins goblets, many goblets, and golden trophies, and the goblets are super-yummy dark chocolate encrusted with gumdrops and filled with gummi worms loveeyes.gif

Welcome back, southernmommie! Has it really been that long? huh.gif

Still no bites on the house-- I might have said this, but the realtor says the Real Estate Weekly is getting 4-5 hits a day-- but nobody's leaving contact info greensad.gif
On the bright side-- 10 days till I see M! joy.gif joy.gif joy.gif
So, y'all-- check this out. Remember I was kind of upset because my caregiver told me she had an audition that was non-negotiable after she committed to staying with DS?
Well, my friend Julie said she'd be happy to pick DS up from school and keep him overnight, that Friday. DS gets out at 3pm. Her kids are homeschooled, so their schedule is wide open. That would leave the caregiver with only having to drop DS at school Friday morning, then she'd have the whole day, and overnight, free, until the next day, so as to galavant around and get ready for her gig, or do whatever she wants to do.
So Julie and I were hanging out yesterday. Caregiver takes care of Julie's kids sometimes, too. Julie told me that Caregiver had spoken to Julie, saying "Oh, no, don't worry about it, I will be in Asheville anyway (she lives 40-odd minutes south) so I will pick up DS from school, take him home to get his stuff ready, and have him to your house about 4:30pm".
Well-- I'm kind of irked. First of all, she'd asked me for a raise, AND a gas allowance. I can barely afford the price I was paying her, even though it was super-cheap as childcare goes-- good thing I saved my tax return money. But I was looking forward to not having to pay for that 24 hours, since Julie's my friend and we barter childcare anyway. AND, ds and Julie's kids were all looking forward to the picking-up-from-school thing, especially to maximize the amount of playtime.
Caregiver is uber passive-aggressive, and I'm thinking she just wants to keep her finger in the pot of that 24 hours, so I'd have to pay her anyway. But of course I can't say that to her. I emailed her and said "but Julie already agreed to pick DS up from school (why she didn't tell Caregiver that, is beyond me-- I think she did, but Caregiver overrode her) and the kids are wanting to play that extra time, so Julie will pick him up"-- now waiting to see what kind of an email I get back.
Ugh. I hate human relations.
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The fear has set in.  Fear of the procedure itself.  Good lord, the thought of it is making me feel panicky.  

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My prayers are with you DoK.  Remember to breathe.  Everything will turn out as it should.


Clay, I'm so sorry about your mold issue!  I can only imagine how much that sucks.  I'd be tempted to get rid of the chairs as a preventative measure.  Also, prayers for your MIL.


Things are shaking up around here, and we're getting closer and closer to living our homesteading dream.  But the land we're looking at is in an area that doesn;t seem great for us.  Perfect land, not so perfect location.  I'm not sure how this is going to turn out.

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My 2 cents?  If you don't love the location, or at least like it a lot, don't do it.  Location really is a BIG deal.  An absolutely wonderful everything else is going to just barely balance out a less than wonderful location because no matter how great the rest is, you'll be hit by the location issue at every turn.  It's not like other "flaws" where you may go months or even years without having to deal with it... loaction affects you every single day.


Ask me how I know?  LOL  Our last home was a fabulous old craftsman that we brought back from the edge of doom.  It was smack dab downtown i a wonderful little progressive city.  It was walking distance to everywhere we needed, there were parks and a really amazing school also just a block or so away, we had several friends nearby.  BUT the house was located on a corner where gentrification was a loooong way away.  Three or four blocks away in any direction was wonderful, but that corner was ground zero for serious drug sales, prostitution, etc.  Our house was the only privately owned house and one of two residential buildings right there... and that neighboring house was horrible.  One resident shot out the front door with a shot gun trying to get into his ex, we found used condoms and dime bags on our porch every morning, people would pee on our porch and have sex in our side yard, and we called the police every.single.night for the first year and even after several years of living there we were still calling 2-3 times a week.  I loved the house.  I loved being in town.  But I couldn't take it on that corner.  And then when I started SAH after our second child was born we couldn't afford it anyway.


So we moved.  Great rural lot, about two acres of woods and streams surrounded by hundreds of acres of state protected wilderness.  Absolutely beautiful.  And?  The location sucks.  It's a half hour drive to the closest anything.  I can't get a job to help out with finances because it's too far out to make anything worth it.  We can't get sitters for the kids, and there are no other children for the kiddos to play with.  The next closest neighbor is an ok guy, but he is also a backyard breeder of seriously mean dogs... they kill our chickens, have attacked our oldest daughter, have forced us to rehome our pets, and also forced us to fence in sections of our lot in order to give the kids a safe place to play without fear of dog attacks.  I can't wait till a miracle happens and we can move.  Sure it's beautiful land, and it suits what we thought we wanted, and it has so much potential... but the location isn't right and that has seriously ruined the whole darn thing.


So really really REALLY journal and meditate and role play and imagine how it's going to be living in that space.  All the good things, but also the not so good.  The middle of winter, during mud season, if there is a medical emergency at 3am, if you decide you need a second job or need to put off school for a while, what are the schools like and the available services and the zoning laws (can you have animals?  can a CAFO buy up nearby land?  are there mineral or fracking concerns on your land on on neighboring lands? etc).  It may be the location wont be such a big deal, but it's the one thing you really can't change so try to be certain about it!

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DOK - sending you lots of calming energy this morning for your procedure.  hug2.gif

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Afternoon all,


DOK, sending you positive healing, healthy vibes. 


Clay, you have been dealing with so much lately.  I hope things take a smoother track soon!


Here I am tilling the garden, a space that did not do well this year.  I think next year I m going to plant flowers and find a new location for my tomatoes.  I am also watching the weather to see if this hurricane is going to cause us some bad weather.  When I lived in Florida I never worried about hurricanes, our house was well built and hurricane ready.  Here in New Hampshire I feel like the entire area is not set up for such storms.  The trees alone don't seem to have the root base that the trees in Florida do and here they are close to the house.  Well, fingers crossed that it misses all of us:)

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DoK- i wish i could put your worries in a bubble for you and blow them all away.  I am thinking of you and sending you "om"


Clay - wild times in your world.  i love your positivity, through all the craziness.  You amaze me.  


Maia: Human relations are tough. man oh man!  This babysitter situation sounds really much more complicated than it should be.  


MaxsFox:  I am a true believer in both pets and homes choosing you - like when things feel/fit just right - you know what I mean?  If you have any nagging feelings that it's not right, there will be something else.  What's that saying... "sometimes the universe says yes.  sometimes the universe says no.  sometimes the universe just says not yet." What the heck do i know, though!?


redveg: do you move your plants around a lot year after year?  Do you find if you plant things in different spots they do well?  I just ask because I am a total novice gardener - its only our 3rd year with veggies and this year was not a great harvest.  I know the deluge of rain we got at the beginning of the season followed by intense heat didn't help much but was thinking that maybe there were other factors contributing.  ??  Any insight?  


grouphug.gif hugs for everyone.  i feel like the whole world needs it right now!!  


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