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Morning All:)


The weather the last 2 days has been beautiful and today looks like another one:)  On the agenda...meditate this morning, kitchen needs a good scrub and soccer with the dogs as soon as the grass is dry.  Yesterday was my guys first day of school and it must have been an overwhelming one because my entire house, except me was in bed at 9p. The trees here are turning quickly, there are bright reds, yellows and oranges all over now.  Has anyone else noticed how dark it is in the morning now?  I have so much work to do before I lock down the house for Winter.  The hurricane made us get the yard clean of all our outdoor stuff so that's done early this year. 


Hope everyone has a great day.

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We saw the first trees that have really changed two days ago. Someone told me that she was completely positive that the trees didn't turn until the second week of October. I thought that sounded late, but it didn't stop me from parroting this information to my eldest. She adamantly disagreed. She thought the trees definitely turn before the equinox. Two hours later? We come across two fiery red trees in the park.

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My Gram has to avoid certain beers cause they contain gluten. Could that bother you? Or maybe another ingredient in it? I had a bad reaction to MSG, not a rash, but itchy, dizzy - it was awful. Hope you are feeling better.



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Oh, I forgot. We tried pressing the leaves we found from the first trees to change in our neighborhood, or at least the first leaves we've found. However, I've always had horrible luck pressing leaves. Any tips? How long do you let your leaves press?


But yes, I'm definitely looking forward to daylight savings time ending so that we see more of the sun in the morning. It's also cooler in the morning, even after adjusting for the sun rising later. Fall is coming. I'm hoping to get a lot of cleaning done. Even though I try to give the kids ample time outside even in the winter, we do spend a lot of time inside and I'd like to try to make the home as clean and organized as possible.

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Earlier this week I noticed a little red tinge coming in on the very top of the gigantor burning bush in front of my house.  Autumn is starting to creep in.  I'm loving it.  I love the chilly mornings and evenings but the bright, comfortable afternoons. 


How is everyone feeling?  I hope things are on the mend for everyone who was not feeling well: physically, spiritually and otherwise. . .




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Originally Posted by redveg View PostHas anyone ever heard of someone being allergic to beer?

Hah, beer was my drink of choice when I was a drinking woman...mostly because of the relative inexpense. I would've made a really lousy alkie if I had been allergic! lol.gif

That said, I'm sure it's an individual ingredient. Have you drunk other beers to no ill effect? Maybe find out what's different about that one. Hope you're feeling better.

Originally Posted by revolting View PostWe saw the first trees that have really changed two days ago. Someone told me that she was completely positive that the trees didn't turn until the second week of October. I thought that sounded late

I'm so jealous. Here in Asheville, they pretty well change the week before Samhain. M is having the beginnings of leaf-changing already, up in MA. He's having 77* days and 55* nights right now. We're having 80+* days and 65*+ nights. This weekend is in the high 80s again-- SO glad I will not be here to experience that once again! I can't wait to move back north. I want the seasons to be once again where they should be. Like it used to be, here, just as short as 4-5 years ago.


Off to see M tomorrow!!! joy.gifjoy.gif joy.gif


I'm doing it slightly different, this time. I am not getting a flight at dark-thirty. My flight leaves at 11:30am, so I can drop ds off at school first, even though he'll have to be in before-care. At least I can get up at a reasonable hour!

And when I come home, it's on a mid-morning flight, so I can have a friend pick ds up from school, and have him for about an hour, before I get home. Yay!


Oh-- ds was an utter beast, yesterday, all afternoon. At the very last minute of the day, he was fooling around on his skateboard, and it reared up and hit him in the private greensad.gif I have to say, though, karma works in funny ways winky.gif

He's alright. Thank the gods.

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Hi all! treehugger.gif


I tried to follow but between crazyness in our schedule, taking a long due vacation and the computer acting up because of some bugs, I fell off the wagon big time. redface.gif


I just hope the next few months will go smooth and I get to relax and stay in contact with my pagan tribe. (ya... I can dream since we homeschool, I have to create/adapt the material for DS's learning troubles, both kids will do gym once a week, DD2 goes back to dance once a week, and I've agreed to be part of the family politic's workgroup for our town... Thanks the Goddess for my weekly yoga class! ) wild.gif

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Beer- most "normal" beer has gluten, so if you don't respond to gluten elsewhere you can probably cross that off the list and as long as other alcoholic beverages don't cause the reaction it's probably not alcohol itself.  Hops would be my first guess for an allergic reaction... it's less common in the modern american diet, can be triggered by other plant allergies (like, if you're allergic or sensitive to ragweed, passionflower, various plant pollens, etc you could be sensitive to hops as well).  After hops I'd guess yeast and then the specifi malt used for that beer.  Really though your best bet would be to research the ingredients of that specific brew and go from there.


Life- It's an odd balancing act.  My MIL was just diagnosed with cancer and besides the obvious whammie, she can't care for the kiddos during my soon to be here birth.  My mom has agreed to step in, but honestly that option has me freaking out a bit since my mother and I do NOT get along and we have even gone through long periods of time (years) where we have avoided all contact because of how she has behaved towards the kiddos.  And she has told us she can really only care for the kids if I have the baby th-sat.  Sunday she is at church and she works m-w.  My dad isn't getting any better, and he wont, but he seems to have held steady for a few weeks now... meaning I really think he'll be alive to see this grandchild.  Which is wonderful, but also nerve wracking because I feel a lot of pressure to "have the baby before anyone dies" from the extended family.  I'm 39 weeks but apparently the new insurance guidelines for my midwives mean they can't attend me past 40 weeks and OB at the practice can't attend me past 41 weeks, so I'm really nervous about my appointment on Friday... if I have a good bishop's score then I'll probably agree to an AROM induction and hope for the best.  BUT the last time round I didn't have a good Bishop's score just 12 hours before Tor was born so I'm not sure what will happen.  The "after school" program is signed/sealed/paid for and we have a dr visit to get the paperwork done... it starts next week, on the 7th.  It looks like a great program but right now dd1 and dd2 would be the youngest kiddos and the only girls (dd2 would be THE youngest at 4, then dd1 at 6, the other kids are all 8 or 9 year old boys though the director thinks this will change as word gets out) and the school that is running this program has had a history of bullying.  There is a one month trial so that's good, but I'm a little worried.  The integrated preschool hasn't gotten back to us with paperwork but did confirm the spot for us via email so I'm still counting on them!  And the new floor is more or less totally good... though the kids have already broken TWO tiles.  How the heck they managed it we don't know (best guess, they threw a metal water bottle or other "hard" item) so we'll have to fix that at some point.  For now I've got a rug over the cracked tiles and am hoping that bloodshed remains at a minimum... the kids want to run/jump/bounce but the floor is so hard now it's just not safe!


So while I think life is sort of balancing out, and is on an overall upward swing... it's that same seasonal tidal swirl thing.  Yes, the tide is coming in and life is improving, but the turbulance and swirling is still causing some not insignificant suck.  LOL


Fairy House- the kids built a really rockin fairy house today in our woods.  Actually, today was an overall good day... hit a 50% off sale and got nearly everything the kiddos need for winter along with a dozen or so wonderful books and a pretty purple bottle for the bottle tree, all for less than 30 dollars!  And then I took the kiddos on a nature hike, took pictures of red/yellow/fallen leaves, and waatched while the kids put together the fairy house complete with mosaic floor, moss bed, and bark roof.  And dd2 even started a little larder of nuts and seeds and found an old "icicle" from our solstice tree (silver sparkle thing) to decorate the front door of the house.  I stuck some pictures on FB if anyone wants to see.  ( 



I'm trying to pull more waldorf influences back into our daily life and into our homeschool routine too.  Though I do get the silliness of trying to get new things in place right before a baby comes!  :)  And I've found enough craft sites to have me in perpetual drool mode.  Seriously, how do these ladies do it?  Is it a Martha Stewart slight of hand sort of thing where there is actually a staff of hundreds standing in the wings?  Or have they simply been blessed with children who would rather put their nature findings on a beautiful table instead of sticking those acorns, pinecones, and sparkly pebbles up their noses?  Who enjoy looking at felted critters instead of improving them with sharpie markers and then feeding them to the cat?

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Perhaps I don't have the authority, but it's SEPTEMBER. New thread: September-Pagan Circle

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