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Wow, I'm back on page 10.  :(  I'll go back and read but wanted to check in with everyone.  I thought about you on my run this morning. 


13 miler outside for the first time in ages, it was rough yet good.  I really wanted to stop around mile 9, it was hot, my legs were shot, and I really wanted to walk.  Yet, I kept running and got 'er' done.  :)  Back for personals!


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geo~banghead.gif That report sounds entirely frustrating. greensad.gif

mel and lala~goodvibes.gif for uneventful hurricanes!

Golfing was FUN this morning! It was my first time out in nearly 6 years. Seriously. I was pregnant with DS last time I golfed. And it was probably my best game (and ONLY birdie) ever. orngtongue.gif I golfed with my friend Amy from school (who I did the Courage Classic with) and we got paired with a super nice older couple. I was relieved because the last thing you want to do when you're golfing for the first time in a long time is get paired with some uber-serious or uber-good golfers! We actually weren't TOO terrible, either. We certainly weren't good, but we weren't bad! We walked, so we could call it a "workout". Which, you know, 3 miles in 3 hours, that's a workout, right? redface.gif We decided that we will definitely play again soon...although we kind of have to, since they required us to pay for 18 holes and take a raincheck for the back 9.

DS survived his first week of full-day kindy. He is exhausted, though. He's practically asleep on the couch at 4:45...
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Hello from China - I am waiting to get home, my flight (luckily shanghai to SFO direct) is delayed by 3 hours...so I am catching up with my Dingo ladies.

Wanted to see how our mamas on the East Coast are faring with Irene.

Mel38 - time to bunker down! I think you are just getting windy rain, and not full gale force Irene?

School starts for us on Monday. I am very glad that I will be home for the first day. DS is starting 5th grade and is already anxiety-ridden about the fact that middle school starts after that. Poor kid - he worries too much for 10 years old.

DD meanwhile has some beyond-their-years mean girls in her 3rd grade class. Hang on, it's going to be a bumpy ride. Especially since one of them is in our Girl Scout troop and I am the leader. crap.gif

Shanti - I hope the PF clears up for you. It sounds just awful to deal with. The only thing I have heard is the old golf ball under the foot routine.

Plady - I wish you some serenity from the mom situation - you are such a solid, strong woman to cope with all of that toxic nonsense! Family is so hard, sometimes.

Geo - Too confusing without having the same last name? Wow, she should try California, am-I-right?

Bec - grouphug.gif

It is almost Griffin5k time, if I recall correctly. It is in a few weeks, or somewhere around Sept 18th? I have the date somewhere. Just wanted to make mention in case Galloway-ers et all might be inspired to work towards it.

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I was just thinking about the Griffin run yesterday.

Geo-bummer of a report. I thought this was going to be the Mac daddy report with all the answers. Hope those answers come soon.

Ds1 bullied in school already, new bullies. So mad!! School is handling it really well for now, I'm following up on Monday.
Ds3 bday party today when I get home from work.
DH taking anxiety/depression medicine, starting to help.

RR: rest day which is goo since my upper, front thighs are killing me!!
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No run today. I managed yesterday and my feet aren't too sore today so I will give them a day off (except for the stretching of course!) and see if the pain eases a little. 


We will be watching Jack Layton's funeral service this afternoon - so glad my kids are old enough to sit and watch and take it all in with us. The conversations we've had about politics, Canada, and many other things this week with ds (15) have been amazing. 


My kids don't go back to school until the day after Labour day. ds should be fine. He has friends, activities and is academically driven. He made it to the Canada Wide Science Fair last year and is trying really hard to make it again. dd1 should be okay too - going into grade 8 and has friends and is determined to (her words, not mine!) "clean up" at the grade 8 graduation awards ceremony at the end of the year. If the drive to get high marks pulls her head out of the fashion magazines for a bit of time every day, I will be happy  ROTFLMAO.gif . I am most worried about dd2. She had a terrible year last year with "mean girls" in her class. Brand new teacher coming and I just hope she will be a good one.


I was thinking of the Griffin5K while I was running yesterday too.


Okay, I need to read back and catch up with everyone's lives  grouphug.gif

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sept 24th if i remember right...
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Shanti ~ glad you could run yesterday.  I hope all three of your kids have a great start to the school year.


RM ~ oh dear, your poor DS.  It makes me gloomy.gif just thinking about it.  I pray the school continues to deal with bullying in a proactive way.  Great job on your long run yesterday!  How's the Clean Eating going?


Poppy ~ and HI to you in China!  Hope your kids have a smooth start to the school year too and the bullying doesn't emerge again.


Gaye ~ golfing!  How fun!!!


I ran/walked 6 miles yesterday and felt good until the very end, when it got hot.  Last night we had a bonfire in the backyard and turned on the floodlights for trampolining after dark.  Fun!


Thinking of everyone in the path of Irene today and tomorrow.  My sister can't get a flight into Boston from Seattle until Thursday now (she was supposed to fly back today).  My parents are trapped in Dusseldorf, Germany until the storm clears the east coast as well.

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Quick check-in to send out some Stay Safe vibes to our East Coast dingo mamas! 

Originally Posted by poppywise View Post

DD meanwhile has some beyond-their-years mean girls in her 3rd grade class. Hang on, it's going to be a bumpy ride. Especially since one of them is in our Girl Scout troop and I am the leader. crap.gif

Hmm, maybe you could assign her a skit or something to explore how to deal with bullies/mean girls?  As a community service thing?   Fly safe!

Originally Posted by Runningmommy View Post

Ds1 bullied in school already, new bullies. So mad!! School is handling it really well for now, I'm following up on Monday.

Nooooo!  I hope the school can really handle it.  What a way to start a year! crap.gif


Geo - I'd be furious about the test too.  What is the point?  Was it for your family or their own entertainment?  Sheesh!  And yeah, lady with the last name issues must just generally on edge or just stepped out of a time machine.  I don't have my kids' last name either.


Shanti!  Hi!  Sorry about your PF, I had it a bit in Mexico, I think the stretching and different shoes helped.  It also seemed to be worst when I was just starting up running after a break (uh oh, that could happen again). 


JayGee - That trampolining looks like so much fun!  I want one but I keep getting hung up on safety.  Dd1 has a truly weak ankle that never healed right from a sprain and she's been forbidden by her PT to go on them so it seems too unfair to have something she can't use.  But oh man!  It looks like a blast!  Are there any added complications to homeowner's insurance?


We go pick up dd from camp.  She made it with no issues from the lice, I'm crossing my fingers and toes and everything that when I check her later she will be nit free.  SIL was very apologetic and sent some books for dd to help distract from any further comb-outs.  I haven't yet gotten back to her though since I wanted to wait it out until the end of camp to be sure it didn't ruin the week.  I guess that's kind of mean of me.  I'll write her now.


I asked my mom to apologize and am basically resigned to just limited contact until she heads back to CA when that will take care of itself.  It's so sad, it must be a nightmare to believe every horrible thing that comes into your mind (y'all remember her reaction to my bike trailer). 



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Yep, Plady, I think the bike trailer was the first thing that came to all our minds. You do what you gotta, mama. fingersx.gif for no more nits.


Poppy, just saw you made it back. Welcome home. blowkiss.gif


Really getting anxious with all the mean and bully talk. Hoping it is smooth as can be when it rolls around here...and hoping for strong kids and helpful, clear-thinking grownups for Dinglets all around.


Swam tonight. Didn't properly count laps, but I am pretty sure I did a little over 1000m. Will do some abs before bed, I suppose. Maybe also a headstand, because I am pretty sure it's helping me, too. The hip has been much improved this week, definitely still feeling the back issues, but also definitely beginning to lose weight and get slooooowly back into some sort of shape.


Finished my first book club novel today, looking forward to my first book club meeting. And Eid al Fitr. And school starting. And a sister and friend coming to visit in September. Lots around the bend...

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Popping on to say HI! :)


I hope all the Dingos on the east coast are safe!  I'm thinking of you.


Yesterday morning, I was up early and at the beach with my yoga teacher friend who was a hosting a sunrise yoga class.  Beautiful morning and I am amazed at how flexible I am in some poses but totally restricted by my belly in others.  I'm 34 weeks today and feeling pretty good but also getting to the point of being sick of being pregnant too somehow.  We close on our farm in 3 weeks!  We have a flock of ducks waiting for us and a goat and a dog to decide on.  Hey JO - what breed(s) of goats did you have?


Hoping you all are well!  Maybe my Griffin 5K can be birthing on that day. <3



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We watched Layton's funeral today, too. My oldest was really interested in the last federal election, so despite being only 5 had a pretty good sense of what was going on. This week was also the anniversary of my mum's death, and I took them for a drive by my mum's old home and garden, and to the beach where some of both my parent's ashes were spread. Heavy stuff for a five year old.


Thinking that different last names are confusing seems so... 1950s. Our family adds to the confusion- my husband had a legal name change when I was pregnant to his mother's (maiden) last name. But since we moved back to our hometown, we often have to explain to people that he used to be Mr. V, but is now Mr. R, the kids are R, and I'm still W.


Again just barely keeping up... one week until solo parenting begins, one and a half weeks until school/daycare starts again and I've been running around like crazy trying to get various details in place so that I'm organized. Surviving. In many ways looking forward to the ways that the time space might help me to figure things out.


The kids have been a bit insane with the transitions, and I'm looking forward to school/daycare being back in full swing after Labour Day. It seems like a really inopportune time for weaning, but my two year old has started to skip days of nursing. She's been having a really hard time winding down at night, and some late, late bedtimes and refuses to nurse down greensad.gif I *need* my evenings to get stuff done, but if I let the stress build about bedtime it gets worse. Fingers crossed that this is temporary.


RR- Somehow with all of the busyness, I've managed to get a lot of swimming in. Yesterday I went night-swimming by myself in the most amazing phosphorescence ever. I've never seen glowing fish like that, and sparks on my bathing suit still as I wrapped it in my towel a while later. So beautiful! Today we took the kids canoeing and swimming again- the tide was turning and it was a bit choppy (compared to totally flat calm last night), so a good workout despite a pretty short distance. And tomorrow morning, I run!!



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I'm going out the door for my first official run/walk. 

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Originally Posted by Plady View Post

I'm going out the door for my first official run/walk. 

Go, go, go! :)


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Okay, back!

Lesson 1 - I have lost a ton of fitness.

Lesson 2 - It's okay to start again.  And again and again and again.

Lesson 3 - Don't be tempted by the blackberries in the first 1/4 mile, you'll regret it later.


So even though it isn't the first day of the month it is the first day on my September calendar so I'm going to post goals for the week.

M - Strength (lower body)

Tues - Run/Walk 2 miles

Wed. - crunches/push-ups

Thurs - Run/walk 2 miles

Fri - Lower body strength

Sat - rest.


Tonight is about my last night off for the next couple months.  I start rehearsals for the play I'm in and then in a couple weeks I start rehearsals for the play I wrote.  I hope the kids enjoy being around the theatre as much as they claim to.


Mel W - That phosphorescence sounds magical.  I've only really seen it once, it never occurred to me to look for it out here.   hug.gif for the untimely weaning.  I'm just weaning Ali G, I told her that kids had to give up nip at 4 and her birthday is Wednesday.  She's been drifting away the past few mights on her own.  It's very bittersweet, I was feeling ready but still, my last baby.  You know.


Jennie - You're so close!  Wow!


Jo - Lovely post on your blog.  And inspiring me to be a kinder person, as they often do.  Thank you.


How are you East Coast dingos?  All safe I hope!


Ugh, I can feel my back seizing up, I'd better go stretch! 



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C and I did 11 miles Friday evening.  I think a Friday evening LR tops an early morning run - the weekend to so relaxing...


We ended up at a park ~4.5 miles north of my house with 5 miles to go.  C had a $10 bill in her pocket and happened to know that DQ was exactly 5 miles from there.  (turned out we were 0.08 miles short - which led to a lively discussion of measurement error, and revelation that lawyers are really weak on their understanding of independent errors)


DQ never tasted so good.  Literally, I generally avoid it.  ;)

Originally Posted by Runningmommy View Post

Geo-bummer of a report. I thought this was going to be the Mac daddy report with all the answers. Hope those answers come soon.

Ds1 bullied in school already, new bullies. So mad!! School is handling it really well for now, I'm following up on Monday.
Ds3 bday party today when I get home from work.
DH taking anxiety/depression medicine, starting to help.

Bottom up:


Here's to a better outlook for Ben.

Happy birthday to your DS!!!!  I hope it was a great one.

The bullying.  That makes me so MAD.  Can you have him work on defensive strategies with his councilor/psychologist?  Youth pastor?  A family friend who could be a "big brother" to him?  While the bullying needs to be dealt with at the source and it sounds like the school is making an attempt, he could probably be taught some skills to make him less of a target.  No wonder he's so anxious about school.  :(  I think we could go a long ways towards world peace by eliminating middle school. ;)


On the report:  I spent an hour on the phone with the clinician.  She was at home and won't be back into work until the end of September, so she didn't have his raw scores or the interpretation manual to answer the bulk of my questions.  She was surprised that the "internal processor" bit wasn't in the report, but she gave me her home phone number and told me to give it to the kindergarten teacher and she'd talk to her.  I might do that, but I doubt the kindergarten teacher will follow up.  Is it bad to be so cynical this early in the year?


Anyways, I've been convinced to watch and wait for a few months.  She was talking about sending him to Harvard at 12 (ummm, no.)  Most importantly, she gave me a lot of ammunition and a strategy for approaching the school, partly with an 'in' with the vice principal to get the info I need based on the partial report.  Whhooopsie, lookie those math scores.  DH and I have a 2 week plan for the kindergarten teacher, and an agreement on what is appropriate (2-3rd grade math) and what is not appropriate (2-3rd grade classroom), and a strategy for aligning those things.


I'm feeling better, a tad more settled, and with a plan.  My mom points out that the whole math thing will be easier this time around:  he's a boy.  As much as it pains me, she's probably right.



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RunningMommy - Ugh, on the bullying.  And having read your facebook today, it sounds like poor Ds is having a hard time in multiple venues.  I don't understand enough about the interpersonal dynamics of kids who bully or are bullied, but I think Geo is right that maybe there is a way for him to learn some skills to help him be less of a target.  But ultimately, school/church/anywhere else must deal with the bullies themselves.  Speaking as a kid who was pretty mercilessly picked on in school, having some area of life where I was really competent helped a lot.  For me that was piano and running - they were things I was good at and having that bit of confidence went a long way to making me feel better about myself.  For my oldest DD, swimming was a huge confidence booster.  Does DS have some outlets that he can really enjoy and hopefully excel at?


Geo - Yay for a plan!  Let's hope this kindergarten teacher surprises you.  And ending a long run at DQ sounds like a brilliant idea to me.


JenLove- I love the idea of you doing yoga on the beach!  I can't believe you are getting so close.


Plady - Congrats on run/walk #1.  And you are so right, it's ok to start over again and again and again.  Hope your life doesn't get too crazy the next couple months.


MelW - good luck with all the transitions your family is experiencing.


Shanti - !!! It's so nice to see you!


NRR - My kids seem to be settling in to school pretty well, thankfully.  DD1 is excited about several of her classes.  She has what seems to me a really rough fall schedule (AP Physics, AP Calculus, AP English Lit, Psychology, Sociology, Band - which has lots of outside time required, and Intro to Theater, as well as Geography online, and "home school PE" which requires her to log 90 hours of physical activity this semester.)  The first home football game was Friday night, and both DD1 and DS2 marched with the marching band.  It was a lot of fun for Justin, and pretty sad for Catherine, who is missing "her" band a lot.  They both seem to be making friends, though, and overall are settling in better than I expected.  Caroline has a teacher who is very structured and organized, which suits her well.  But, she is pregnant.  With twins.  So we'll see how the whole year pans out.  My oldest turned 23 last Wednesday.  23.  Still hard to wrap my brain around being the parent of an adult.


RR - Yesterday was my first 20 miler of this training cycle!  I was really pleased with how it went.  I run with the big running group on Saturdays, and in particular a group of 5 women within the group, and we have so much fun.  I even managed to plow up the great big hill at the end.  I broke my monthly milage record again during the 20 miler.  (Last month was an all-time record 128 miles for me, and this month I'm at 137 so far!)

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I'm home from a 6 mile run. If I don't eat better I'll never make any fitness gains. It has been too long to count it as a fitness rebound.

Ds1 is volunteering at a race this morning (XC team thing) and I need to pick him up. As to school here, I am holding my breath. Ds1 has a long way to go before I relax on the social front and I think academics are an okay fit this year, dd1 seems happy if tired, dd2 and dd3 start next week. How funny that my happy child is my only child in middle school/jr high. What a switch from last year. Ds2 and I are waiting for some time w/o all the others. He is so excited about his birthday.

Lisa, I am so mad for your son. Does he have somewhere that he has friends or allies? A martial arts class, a painting class, somewhere he has positive interactions with kids? If even church doesn;t feel safe to him it makes me think the world is ending.

jo, your writing is so powerful.
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Dropping in quickly to report 7 miles run this morning!  I did it in a run 3 minutes, walk 1 minute format.  This allowed for me to finish in about an 1:27 (which is passable for me).  I have my eye on a trail half marathon on my birthday in 6ish weeks.  I'm not laying down any money until I have a few good long runs under my belt, though!  Now, off to breakfast!


RM - I'm so sorry to hear about your DS.  It seems like one step forward, one step back.  I hope the bullying stops and the rest of his year is easier.


Geo - I'm glad to hear you feel better after talking to the clinician.  I know I always feel better when I have a plan.


Plady - Congrats on getting out there, and I love your goals!

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Originally Posted by mommajb View Post

Lisa, I am so mad for your son. Does he have somewhere that he has friends or allies? A martial arts class, a painting class, somewhere he has positive interactions with kids? If even church doesn;t feel safe to him it makes me think the world is ending.

This.  I keep reading that self esteem is part of the being bullied equation.  Self esteem can be built from finding a passion and talent.  Swimming.  Boy Scouts.  Judo.  Running.  Cooking.  Woodworking.  Drawing.  Anything that gives him a clear sense of self.  Things like scouts and group activities that have kids from school can also build in a peer group.


Have you read The Bully, The Bullied, and The Bystander?  And totally take Katie's fb offer on some tips on working with the school.  Remember that she's a jr high councilor. 


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Originally Posted by sparkletruck View Post

sept 24th if i remember right...

you do! i just found the original art...so sept 24 (or thereabouts) it is.

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