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yes, I will get right on that! I'm betting you'll get to try soon. My vote is DP hits it and then its your turn right after! And I'd LOVE to come visit! 

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AFM - Had a little freak out/meltdown last night. We are fast approaching our start date and I think the enormity of what we are about to embark on just hit me full force. DW knew all the right things to say to comfort me and it was really freeing to let all my fears out in the open. It was mostly stuff like "Oh my god, are we ready?, What if it takes a long time? What if it DOESN'T take a long time? Should I finish school first? Will our relationship struggle? Will we be good parents?" You know, the usual I imagine. The truth is we ARE ready. I've never wanted anything more in my entire life - BUT change is so, so hard for me. Even good change. And what we are about to do is going to be the biggest change ever...but also the one most people say they would go back and do in a heartbeat. So - that's where we're at. If all stays on schedule I will be ordering swimmers next week! HOLY SHIT! winky.gif


How exciting!! DP was like that before we started trying for DD - change is hard for her too. I waited until 30 seconds after our first insem to have my freakout eyesroll.gif  By the way, I'm not really glowing....just being cheeky. orngtongue.gif



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Carmen: I'm 3DPO. We're in this together! So you have a BFP for september? Mine is going to be the 9th. 



AFM: Just had my first day at my new job! It was great! I wish had started 4 weeks ago. I loved it so much. I'm thrilled to be back behind a camera and thrilled that the guy training me said I was a natural and doing so well. This is a great way to distract me from the TTW!

It's such a great feeling to go to work and love what you do. I think my BFP will arrive between the 5th and the 7th.



Afm: Ahhh it feels good to put my feet up and relax for the first time today. DD needed A LOT of attention when I got home from work today....which is fine but exhausting after a long day at work. She's currently fast asleep beside me :) I'm not putting much thought into this cycle because of the late, late O. I think our timing was good but I feel a little detached.


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Carmen—I hope you start glowing for real any day now!

Dandy—I’m so sorry to hear about your DP’s cousin and their loss. That is just heartbreaking.

MrsPP—like I said earlier, you guys are totally ready—it’s just the lesbian thing of always thinking that there is some reason to put it off. I think you should just jump in and figure it out when you get there!

Sara—glad the new job is so much fun! I knew it would be!

Gelly—ok, it’s all yours! I’ll PM you the details.

Good luck everyone! I expect to see you over at Q&P in no time!
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Hi ladies.. We are 8DPO and my DPs temps are still higher than normal is that good? I read somewhere that they start dipping sooner you get to starting AF, if it comes, and it stays higher if your prego.. Is this true? Im not trying to get my hopes up lol but the things I read make me feel like wow thats whats happening with us, ya kno. lol.. Like always every month her boobs are sore a week prior to her getting her AF and they are not.. lol I think im making myself hope to much lol.. We are going to probabaly take a pregnancy test Fri or Sat to see what it says if she hasnt started. When do you girls test? Or do you just wait and see if AF comes?

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Hey everyone...I know it's half a day early but come on over to the September thread!






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