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Postpartum Weight Loss - August!

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Congratulations on your baby!!!babyf.gif

We are glad you found this thread. We are a group of Mamas trying to get back in shape postpartum. We have varying amounts of weight to lose and and are trying a variety of strategies to do so.  Welcome.

This is our official accountability thread!
If you want to be added to the roll, let me know your info and I will get you listed. And of course, let me know any changes you want made to your listing by posting in bold. We want to share your success with you!
If you have any links to tips, recipes or exercise you want to share, I will post that too.

Current Hot Mama's-

addiesmum- Current Weight- 183 lbs, Goal Weight- 155 lbs, Total Lost-

amaayeh- Current Weight- 145lbs, Goal Weight- 125lbs, Total Lost- 7 lbs!

Amandamanda- Current Weight- 133lbs, Goal Weight- 130lbs, Total Lost- 87 lbs!

Amy@STL- Current Weight-179lbs, Goal Weight- 140lbs, Total Lost- 5 lbs!
AnnieMac- Current Weight- 110.5lbs, Goal Weight- 100lbs, Total Lost- 31 lbs!

BaileyB- Current Weight- 158lbs, Goal Weight- 148lbs, Total Lost- 32 lbs!

Carley- Current Weight- 130lbs, Goal Weight- 130lbs, Total Lost- 26 lbs!

Chloe'sMama- Current Weight- 148lbs, Goal Weight- 135lbs, Total Lost- 17 lbs!

Decafmom-Current Weight- 122lbs, Goal Weight- 110lbs, Total Lost- 29.5 lbs!

Geigerin- Current Weight- 208lbs, Goal Weight- 140lbs, Total Lost-

Gobecgo- Current Weight- 211lbs, Goal Weight- 175lbs, Total Lost- 20 lbs!

Greenlea- Current Weight- 180lbs, Goal Weight- 140lbs, Total Lost-

Hollymommy- Current Weight- 131lbs, Goal Weight- 125lbs, Total Lost- 17 lbs!

Hollyrose 114-Current Weight- , Goal Weight- , Total Lost-

ibusymomto5- Current Weight- 145 lbs, Goal Weight- 135 lbs, Total Lost- 9 lbs!

Ihugtrees- Current Weight- 156lbs, Goal Weight- 130lbs, Total Lost- 16lbs!

ILoveMyBabyBird- Current Weight- 183.8lbs, Goal Weight- 155lbs, Total Lost-

JAntoinette- Current Weight- 145lbs, Goal Weight- 132lbs, Total Lost-

Jess_paez- Current Weight- 181lbs, Goal Weight- 150lbs, Total Lost- 23 lbs!
KittyWitty- Current Weight- 152lbs, Goal Weight- 125lbs, Total Lost- 17 lbs!

lapoli- Current Weight- 124 lbs, Goal Weight- 115 lbs, Total Lost-

Laylasmomplus1- Current Weight- 252lbs, Goal Weight- 205lbs, Total Lost

LoveLife- Current Weight-130 , Goal Weight- 112lbs, Total Lost- 16 lbs!

Lovemore- Current Weight- 124lbs, Goal Weight- 115lbs, Total Lost-31 lbs!

Loveneverfails-Current Weight- 162lbs, Goal Weight- 160lbs, Total Lost-10 lbs!

Mamacatsbaby-Current Weight- 185lbs, Goal Weight- 140lbs, Total Lost- 10 lbs!

mamaofprincesses-Current Weight- 181lbs, Goal Weight- 150lbs, Total Lost-

mamapigeon- Current Weight- 231lbs, Goal Weight- 190lbs, Total Lost- 5 lbs!

MamitaM- Current Weight- 121lbs, Goal Weight- 125lbs, Total Lost- 39 lbs!

Mammab21- Current Weight- 160lbs, Goal Weight- 130lbs, Total Lost-
Mandica- Current Weight- 134.5lbs, Goal Weight- 134lbs, Total Lost-68 lbs!

Mauraa629- Current Weight- 154lbs, Goal Weight- 122lbs, Total Lost-

Melissa- Current Weight - 155lbs, Goal Weight 135lbs, Total Lost-

Mylilmonkeys- Current Weight- 191lbs, Goal Weight- 170lbs, Total Lost-6 lbs!

OneWithTwo- Current Weight- 200lbs, Goal Weight- 150lbs, Total Lost-

Oregonicmama- Current Weight-, Goal Weight-, Total Lost-

Pacificbliss- Current Weight- 169lbs, Goal Weight- 140lbs, Total Lost- 15 lbs!

Pittnurse08- Current Weight- 135.5lbs, Goal Weight- 125lbs, Total Lost- 70 lbs!
Poorlittlefish- Current Weight- 163lbs, Goal Weight- 150lbs, Total Lost- 4 lbs!

prone_to_wander- Current Weight- 155lbs, Goal Weight- 125lbs, Total Lost-

RaeRae91-Current Weight- 145lbs, Goal Weight- 130lbs, Total Lost- 28 lbs!

Sandrine- Current Weight- , Goal Weight- , Total Lost-

Snapdragon- Current Weight- 150lbs, Goal Weight- 120lbs, Total Lost-
SpuglyRoo- Current Weight- 125lbs, Goal Weight- 125lbs, Total Lost- 59 lbs!

StellaNuova - Current Weight- 141lbs, Goal Weight- 130lbs, Total Lost- 39 lbs!

Sunsetdancer- Current Weight- 233lbs, Goal Weight- 153lbs, Total Lost-

Taryn237- Current Weight- 229 lbs, Goal Weight- 160 lbs, Total Lost- 2lbs!

Theoldmommers- Current Weight- 129lbs, Goal Weight- 115lbs, Total Lost- 38 lbs!
Tracymom1- Current Weight- 136 lbs, Goal Weight- 120lbs, Total Lost- 9 lbs!

transylvania_mom- Current Weight- 150lbs, Goal Weight- 130lbs, Total Lost-

TrekkinGirl- Current Weight- 194lbs, Goal Weight- 170lbs, Total Lost- 10 lbs!

Upnorthmama- Current Weight- 208lbs, Goal Weight- 140lbs, Total Lost- 15 lbs!

Wendylynnn- Current Weight- 150lbs, Goal Weight- 135lbs, Total Lost-

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Summer is in full swing. Congratulations on the recent losses. I think I got the last few updates from the July thread. The list is getting long. I think I need to put some effort in and see who is still active. Maybe send a couple of notes out. 


As for me, I am at a plateau I guess. I have stalled out at 170. Actually, it bounces around but never goes under. I am determined to see a six next to the one this week even if it is 169.9.


Send updates please! 

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last i weighed in I was still at 194lbs. As of two days ago I am on a high dosage of a steroid called prednisone. I'm hoping to avoid back surgery. We'll see what happens. From what I hear, this medicine is notorious to cause weight gain..... My dose goes down tomorrow and will gradually decrease over the next eight days. At least i only have to stay on it for 10 days total. I think I am off the bandwagon for now while I'm on the meds and focusing on my health. Will keep you posted.



edited to add....I spoke with the pediatrician who was very encouraging. He said he would rather see a mother on medication breastfeeding than switching to formula. The breastmilk is still better for the baby. He also said that the prednisone doesn't come through the milk. I was really worried about that. I hope that if I have to have surgery that it won't be a hinderance to breastfeeding.

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Still 229... didn't really count WW points last week.  I feel like I'm in limbo.  Waiting for my T-Tapp dvds to come and kindergarten to start so I can join WW.

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Holding at 140 (weighed myself the other day in a home with a scale).  I suspect these last 10 lbs won't want to go anywhere till I am ready to wean.  I am not in a rush to wean and the extra 10 aren't too bad as I am tall so I am just going to focus on eating healthy foods and trying to get a bit of exercise till I am ready to wean. Maybe over time I'll drop a couple more before my babe weans, we'll see!

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I'm stuck too. I haven't been exercising at all... I'm not really sure how to get motivated.

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wow, sounds like I'm not the only one in a rut. must be something in the summer air

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Hi.  I am new to this thread.  I had a baby in April and gained a lot of weight.  I ate healthy and practiced yoga daily before this pregnancy.  But in the first trimester i was so sick i could only eat bagels and cereal and going to yoga class made me sick, so i got out of the habit of excercise and into the habit of carbs. I am still kicking myself, but trying to not be upset about the fact that i gained over 60 lbs!  I only gained 30ish with my others, so I am a bit in shock still.  I'm getting married in October and was hoping to be close to my normal size by then (a 6), but I will not be even close (currently a 16).  Oh well, right?  I really wish I wasn't so attached to the way I look.


I don't know how much I weigh now, so I'll have to figure that out to get on the roster.  So far I have been sort of flaky about exercising.  I have done a few videos here and there and have been hiking and walking sporadically.  What I really need is a class that I have to show up to and pay for or I won't stay motivated.  DH was afraid to stay with the baby alone for a whole hour (sheesh!) so I could go to a class until recently.  But I signed myself up for a deep water fitness class at our local pool during my DDs swim lessons, so now he has to come and watch the girls at lessons and hold the baby and it is going fine.  I guess I just had to be sneeky about it!  I love the class... it's way harder than I thought it would be.  And I will definitely go because I would be too embarassed to sit at the swim lessons in the same pool as my class and not attend.  Hey. whatever motivates me right?


I have also done some pretty drastic dietary changes which is something I do a lot anyway and not a big deal for me.  Previous to the pregnancy I was eating most a traditional foods type diet with occasional slips into reese's pb cup land.  But mostly OG, whole grains, raw or cultured dairy, etc.  Now I have started doing a mostly raw diet.  with green smoothies for breakfasts with superfoods added, salads, veggie wraps,etc for lunch and then a normal dinner.  This is a big change for me, but it's going good.  I like the smoothies and am having fun trying different veggies in my salads.  It's really amazing how many things you can turn cashews into.  I can see that I am loosing weight already and I feel lighter and happier and my skin looks better.  I think I will be able to stick with the raw diet easily because DH is into it too and we both have been vegan in the past. 


It would be really great to have some ladies to chat with who are working to loose weight too.  I am glad I found this thread and look forward to getting to know you.  :)

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I'll join,  gained about 47 pounds. Dd is 14 weeks. I haven't lost anymore past the intial week PP so I am at 183.8 as of 8/1. I began watching what I eat on that date and so far this week I have done really well. I am not depriving myself and I am eating a lot of nuts, allowing for a few whole grains a day and just trying to enforce better eating habits all around. I really want to do this and stick with it and eventually get all the family eating better. Like a PP I was really eating cereal and peanut butter sandwichs and potato chips in the early trimester so my eating habits were that of a kid and my whole family has suffered. Ds has become heavier, (not overweight, but no longer slim) because my bad habits rubbed off on him and it is going to take some time to eliminate his junk food habits as he loves it so much, but I am working at that as well.


pre-preg weight: 154

high preg weight 201

current weight: 183.8

goal: 155

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I'm still here! Just busy with my brood. Jude is a very, very fussy baby so I don't get on MDC much these days. I did't weigh myself last week but I have been doing well with my eating and exercise. I only have 3 days a week where I am able to work out right now but that should change soon.

Welcome new mamas!!
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today is my last day on the prednisone and it looks like I gained three pounds in the ten days. I'm curious to see if it will come right off when I get back to my normal self. I'm still waiting for my MRI to see if I need surgery.

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Trekkingirl, your prednisone weight should easily go away. I have been on it in the past and haven't had a problem getting rid of the few pounds i gained. I hope your back troubles get better. Keep us posted!
Well, I decided to weigh today instead of Wednesday because I missed last week. I am noe 137!!!! Yay!! Please update me:joy
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Welcome.gifILoveMyBabyBird and OregonicMama!


Trekkingirl- There can be a fair amount of water retention with steroids so I bet the 3 lbs drops off quickly.


I am working on an edit of the list and will post it soon for inspection. Essentially I plan to go back through a few months of threads and see who has not posted in a while. I am going to delete inactive members but will hold their stats so I can always put them back up with total weight lost if they come back. Hopefully it is not seen as unsupportive. Any lurkers who don't like to post please just send me a note and I will keep you on the list.

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Hi there! I am new around here as well. I gained 70lbs with my pregnancy, first baby and had bad bad morning sickness. I too fell off the exercise wagon and onto the carb train...since having my daughter in February I have managed to lose 40lbs and need to get rid of this remaining 30lbs. I have a gorgeous wardrobe that I am determined to get back into before I return to work as I don't want to spend a fortune re-wardrobing myself! My daugher is now 5 and a half months old and not yet sleeping thru the night, so I am still pretty tired...working out is a struggle. I started back to the gym in the evenings once she goes to bed, but am finding it difficult to get my lazy self to the gym at night! I also need to get my diet straightened out and back to pre-pregnancy portions!! Looking for ladies to chat with, share successes and frustrations. I have 6 months until I return to work, and this 30 lbs has just got to go!! I am currently at 183 lbs, need to get down to 155 lbs to be where I was prior to pregnancy...another 10 on top of that would be a bonus, but I will be ecstatic with 155!

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I had forgotteN about this thread..I am so glad to be back. My current weight is 179lb!
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I'll join too! Last summer before getting pregnant I lost a lot of weight and got in shape doing WW and running and lifting weights. I still had about 5lbs to go to my ideal, but I was feeling really good. Then, I started the pregnancy with bleeding and bad m/s and gained 10lbs just in the 1st trimester. I exercised off and on during the 2nd and 3rd trimester, but I ended up gaining about 30-35lbs total. I lost 20lbs pp in the first few weeks, but then I actually started gaining a little around 4-8wks pp!

So, here I am at 3mos pp and back on WW. It's working but slowly. This is my 4th week of WW, and I'm focusing on the Healthy Checks everyday and also exercising most days. I tend to not lose while nursing no matter how good I'm eating unless I am doing regular, strenuous exercise. I'm limited to quick sessions(20-30min) right now, because ds is still nursing so often all day.

Also, it seems one junky meal, even though well within my point limit sets me back for days. I had been down to a 7.4lbs loss last week but gained back a little after splurging on a meal and dessert over the weekend. Ugh! Hoping that weight comes off in the next few days.

Anyway, here are my stats if you could add me.:-)

Starting Weight(4wks ago) - 154lbs
Current Weight(this morning) - 148lbs
Goal - 135lbs - hoping to get there by Oct/Nov

Total lost so far - 6lbs
Left to lose - 13lbs

Good luck to everyone! Looking forward to joining you all!joy.gif
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I haven't been nearly as active on our threads since I hit my goal weight (I'm 125! Woohoo! Update please!)  but things got crazy around here at the same time.  Right now I'm working on body fat, and by working on I mean not really doing anything and hoping that it goes down winky.gif.  I'd like to be 25% or less and this morning I was 29% so it doesn't seem like I have far to go, but those numbers are really tough for me to change.  We'll see.  I've been rowing in our little 3 foot pool a few times a day (by which I mean standing outside and rowing with the skimmer to get the water to circulate because we are having trouble keeping it maintained properly) but I didn't start doing that specifically for exercise, I just noticed that it was making a difference in my arms.  I feel like I look a little ridiculous, but who cares?  So, now that I've finally gotten down to pre pregnancy weight...I'm ready to have another one :-D I knew that would happen and was planning on that being the case since I want all my babies in July (2 down, 2 to go!) but after this second round of postpartum weight loss, I'm prepared to try much harder to control myself when I do actually get pregnant again.  Having cut out wheat means that there's a lot less filler and fluff in our diet, so hopefully that will help a lot.  I do miss bread though.  And EVERYTHING ELSE you can bake with wheat.  Some things are totally able to be converted to a wheatless existence, like a cheesesteak salad we had for dinner the other night instead of cheesesteak subs, delicious! But other things aren't so great without their bread accompaniment (hot dogs are gross without the rolls, hamburgers are so so). 


Anyway, I just wanted to poke my head in and say hi before I go back to lurking and hopefully starting the pregnancy weight gain and loss cycle all over.  Keep up all the great work ladies! 

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Welcome.gifaddiesmum and ibusymomto5! Congratulations SpuglyRoo and Amy@STL!

I think I have the first post updated. I am going through the list and sending PM to see who is still around. It actually turned out to be easier than combing through old threads. Please forgive me if I send you a message even though you have been active on the thread. It's tough to track sometimes.


AFM, even though DD is still nursing I don't think she eats much when she nurses so I changed my WW setting to not nursing. We will see if i can get past this plateau now.



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Random fly by to say I think I have been eating too much hummus. 

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I think I have been eating too much everything..... but my mom says I look skinnier   shrug.gif

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