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Ugh Men always seem to be able to drop weight quicker than women. I think it is because they have a greater muscle mass than most of us and that helps burn off extra fat. DH can loose 5 pounds by blinking his eyes, I swear!

I have held steady this week... I haven't been able to exercise like I usually do because there has been some family stuff going on. But at least I haven't gained any back! I won't be able to get a workout in until Sunday so I am already starting to feel a little itchy. I need the endorphins!!
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every time I buy fruit for smoothies I make a few and enjoy them..... then I end up snacking on frozen fruit. It's a great healthy snack during summer heat. My favs are frozen mango and frozen strawberries.

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Originally Posted by mylilmonkeys View Post

The twins are only 5 mo old!!!  Poof, I'm pregnant.  No warning, nada.  But, I decided I'm happy, and I am.  I'm honestly too exhausted to spend any time at all worrying about 3 little ones 13 mo and younger.  Crazy, but as with all hard things, it will get better.  I am NOT looking forward to telling family.  I'm thinking about composing an email which demonstrates that we have accepted this little one with JOY and they better too, and not give us grief about it.  


Fitness goals...well at least I took all the weight off from the twin pregnancy already.  I'm several pounds under where I started with them.  Not where I'd like to be by a long shot, but it beats doing all that hard work only to get preggo again. LOL  


Financial goals... we may end up dipping into the EF for midwife fees.  We'll see.  I have the luxury of being able to wait to pay her until close to the end if necessary.  Since I apprenticed with my midwife for over a year and am on my fourth pregnancy with her, we know each other real well.  I can wait and see what the tax return brings, hopefully find a vehicle that we can squeeze three buckets, two boosters and a 5 pt. harness seat, as well as the three that are not in a seat.  We probably could squeeze another bucket in our current van, but we've been planning on an upgrade to a newish 15 passenger anyway.  Then we'll decide if we need to dip into the EF.  Dh may have a good leftover on his student grants, too.  And, if it turns out to be another set of twins, I'll just go the hospital route and actually use our insurance for a change.  Yippee.  We are THAT close to BS3, so that really helps.  Dh will be graduating just about the time this new one arrives, and pray to God he provides a new job with growth potential. 

Congrats! joy.gif I just had my 9th in May.
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I hear you all on the men losing quicker thing. My dh started WW with me a little over a month ago, and he's lost a lot more than me. He sees the scale move everyday, while it's taking me a week to a week and a half to lose 1 pound.

Pacificbliss - If you could update me - I'm down to 145! Thanks!!
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Originally Posted by ibusymomto5 View Post

Congrats! joy.gif I just had my 9th in May.

Congrats to you, too! 


And sorry for the off topic, ladies!!  I'll be back in 9 months or so. ;)

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oh and frozen grapes

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September thread is up! Please take a minute to review your stats. I am under 170!!!

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