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Originally Posted by BabySmurf View Post

Well, I'll throw this in here since it just happened:


I just had to take DS to the ER (he's doing fine now redface.gif) and DS was understandably distraught.  The male nurse that was helping us out was super supportive and kept making positive comments, which made things easier, but the ER doc was really uncomfortable that I was exposing myself and wouldn't come in the room while I was nursing.  He asked if I wanted him to close the curtain for more privacy, and when I shrugged and said it didn't matter he said "wow, you are REALLY comfortable with yourself!" and looked at my DH in surprise.  As if my first concern were other people around who may or may not notice that I was nursing my babe  shrug.gif Proof that some people really don't "get" it, even when they are in a room full of people who do.  

See how much Dr.s know? haha

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I was visiting in-law relatives in another country(states) when dd was 15 months, nursing her on demand as usual, but slightly uncomfortable because I knew that it was not the norm among them to be nursing, let alone nursing a toddler. Anyhoo, my MIL told me afterwards that her aunt had remarked that I'd better be careful about nursing in public because I might get arrested!!  

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OMG! Yes the States can be ridiculous but you can't get arrested!

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Okay, I got one. I work at a different site every day, and I was explaining, to a colleague I hadn't seen in a while, why I don't want to pump in a bathroom. I said something like "I wouldn't want to fix my own lunch in the bathroom, so I wouldn't want to fix the kid's lunch there either". She seemed surprised and asked if I was feeding the baby the milk that I pumped. Yes, I said, she would be drinking today's milk on the next day that I worked. "Oh, I thought you just pumped to get rid of it," she said.


*scratches head*.

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Not particularly funny but last year I had an ER doc tell me that my not quite 2 year old didn't need to nurse anymore and that after 6 months all the benefits of breastfeeding were gone. : ( 


It's no wonder some women say such dumb things, if doctors, the so-called experts, can't even get it straight.





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Yeah.  I fired my pediatrician the other day for telling me that if I didn't start my 4 month old on rice cerial, he'd be "behind".  The goal, in her mind, is table food by 9 months... and you gotta start at 4 months to get there "on time".  I asked what she thought of child led weaning and she had never even heard the term!  Then she told me the benefits of breastfeeding were gone after the first year.  Oh, well, luckly we're in a large enough city that I can just get a new one.



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UGH peds are the worst! So many know NOTHING about BFing!!!


When my DD was 2 m.o I was told b/c she was a big baby she needed formula (she was only 8lbs 6 oz..not that it matters) I told her she was wrong and she had me coming in for weekly weights for almost a moth even though her weight didn't even drop! (wish I had a backbone then)


I finally drew the line and fired her when DD had a fever and she wanted to cath her and I said "Oh I can get a clean catch on her she goes to the potty (EC)" She laughed in my face (loudly and exaggerated) and tried to force me to cath...


I ended up finding a ped who nursed her 3 y/o! (she was one in a million hey?) but she pushed vax so bad it didn't work out :(

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One time I was over at my mom's house when my daughter was over a year old. Mom was having a social gathering. I wanted to have an alcoholic drink, so I nursed DD and handed her off to my husband. Then I relaxed while having about half a glass of wine. My mom's friend's husband then asked me if I was still nursing. I replied, "Yep!" and he then said, angrily, "That's not right! You shouldn't be drinking alcohol and breastfeeding!" He was really upset about it and caused a little scene!

I had to explain how nursing mothers can still occasionally have a drink. It was especially funny to me because I so RARELY drink, to the point that most of my friends tease me about it, and here I was defending my "scandalous drinking" to a near stranger. Luckily I think I was able to educate him.

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My sister just asked me 'So, how long are you supposed to bf for? I thought it was only for 6 months and then they drank cows milk'. It was funny because she bf until she was almost 3 (She's 14 now). Apparently she got the idea that after 6 mths you HAVE TO stop bf from one of her friends. She was worried about my dd getting sick form bf at 8 mths. Stupid friends and their bad influences.

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Oh man she doesn't remember BFing then? That's sad! I have heard of kids nursing until 3 or 4 and then when they have kids not even nursing or only until 6 m/o or a year! I always say how crushed I will be if my DD does that after nursing her so long!

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A happy: My son's G-dmother yesterday remarked that my son never had a paci, nor does he have a "lovey" or security object, she cocked her head and then said "hon, YOU are his security object! its wonderful!" 


She has been a HUGE help with my breastfeeding journey as the hospital I delivered at HAD NO LC, I was a first time mom and the nurses kept giving me horrible advice. She helped me with his latch and seriously SERIOUSLY was instrumental in my success. 


I had to fire a GP though about 6 months back, as I needed to renew my asthma meds, and he refused as I was breastfeeding still and "it was time to wean". This was the man who would not prescribe amoxicillin for a bad sinus infection that would not go away. (I had tried every natural remedy in the book). The dosage of the meds i was on? is the smallest dosage a human can take, sometimes PRESCRIBED TO ONE YEAR OLDS. It was awful. 



I'm still nursing. And pregnant. I'm afraid to announce my pregnancy because I already get a TON of stuff for nursing my toddler. Nursing my toddler while pregnant? that'll be enough to mark me as a HIPPIE FOR LIFE! 

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I'm nursing and pregnant!


I just remembered my dads wife asked me upon eliminating dairy for DDs sensitivities "But don't you have to drink milk to make milk?" This woman BF her son until he was 1 btw....

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So my DS is teething (started at 10 weeks...yikes) and I have had sooooooo many people tell me how unfortunate it is because I'll have to wean once the teeth breakthrough. My response is always "so, before formula, moms just let their babies die if teeth came in early?" So far that has stumped everyone. I mean really people, let's just TRY to use our brains...just a little??? No wonder advertising is so successful, people refuse to analyze anything!

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Originally Posted by Mama2ChicknLil View Post

So my DS is teething (started at 10 weeks...yikes) and I have had sooooooo many people tell me how unfortunate it is because I'll have to wean once the teeth breakthrough. My response is always "so, before formula, moms just let their babies die if teeth came in early?" So far that has stumped everyone.

That's funny, I'm going to try saying that, people are really starting to drive me crazy with the have to stop when they get teeth thing.


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Originally Posted by RStelle View Post

That's funny, I'm going to try saying that, people are really starting to drive me crazy with the have to stop when they get teeth thing.


The look on people's face is priceless...enjoy!  confused.gif


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Ya know, the dumbest things people have said to you about parenting topic brought something to mind. I'll post some quotes from that topic (hopefully the authors don't mind), but I know I've seen examples of this attitude elsewhere....


Originally Posted by Miss Chris
and he says:
"When we had our kids we formula fed them because we figured you know whats in the cans but you don't really know what's in the "cans" (as he makes gestures with his hands as though he were lifting his own enormous, invisible breasts) if you know what I mean"


Originally Posted by minkajane View Post

We spent Thanksgiving with my husband's family. It's a 90-minute drive, so as soon as we got there, I had to nurse DD. Afterwards, DH's cousin asked to hold her. DD of course spit up on her. She immediately asked if it was formula or breastmilk. When I said it was breastmilk (wondering of course if she hadn't noticed that DD was nursing, not sleeping), she got this disgusted look on her face, handed DD back, and rushed off to "decontaminate" her shirt (my word, not hers). It was melodramatic to the point of being funny. Formula is stinky, sticky, and stains, but yeah breastmilk is gross. eyesroll.gif



Originally Posted by Smokering View Post

minkajane: That's hilarious! I mean, either way, it's vomit... does it really matter what it was before that?


Reminds me of the time I'd just nursed DD and my sister was lying on the floor, waving DD in the air over her head and laughing. Naturally, DD threw up in my sister's mouth. :p My sister is pretty cool, and dealt well with it; but her boyfriend (now husband!), who I don't think had ever seen a baby at close quarters before, was absolutely aghast - and yes, partly because it was breastmilk vomit. He hissed "That was IN SMOKERING!"



These quotes make me wonder... are there tons of people out there who are honestly not aware of where "normal" milk comes from? Personally I've stopped referring to human milk as breast milk; it just feels too inaccurate. 



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I just had a bad experience with a pediatrician (that, needless to say, I wont be seeing again). My son just turned 1 on December 3rd, and a few days later, we went in for his 12 month check-up. The doc asked me about his eating, and I said that he loves solids and we offer them whenever we eat(he screams if we dont share with him), but that I also nurse him on demand. I nurse him when he wakes up in the morning, before and after naps(he takes 1 or 2 each day), and at bedtime. Her words? "The risk you take with breast feeding him on demand is that he will get TOO much breast milk, and not enough calories because he wont eat enough food. So be careful that you dont let him use you as his little pacifier."


I had also asked this same doc whether the growth charts she was showing me were for breast fed or formula fed kids, and her response was "It doesnt matter when they're growing." Which is 100% wrong, but I kept my mouth shut, because I knew arguing with her would do no good. I wrote a complaint on the website for the pediatrician's association. But I know I'll never hear back from them.

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I take that back, I just got an email from them this morning with concern, requesting that I speak to them further on this issue. :)

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nak. teething didn't make me stop, but with both breastfed kids we had 2 days of hell with the biting after there was a tooth on bottom *and* top. i ended up both times calling LLL in tears. i definately understand why women think teeth=quitting, because i was so panicky at every feeding, waiting on those tiny teeth to bite my nipple. now my new one is sorta biting down but there are no teeth yet. not looking forward to when there are teeth!!

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When DD#1 was and infant she was FTT, and I ended up using a Supplemental Nursing System to supplement with formula (and later expressed milk) while relactating (long story for another place). DH told me about this quite a while after it happened: We were at a co-ed baby shower for a friend. I nursed DD COVERED with the SNS. One of the men apparently asked DH why I couldn't do that in another room. I don't remember what he said, but DH stood up for me. I mean, isn't that guy glad I was more comfortable being COVERED in mixed company! Good grief people!

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