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My first started nursing in bed at about a week (which was a couple of days after we got home from the c/s hospital stay). I was DD so not huge but not small either. DS would not stay asleep on his own at all, so this grew out of necessity. When he was asleep in my arm, I carried him - still latched on - to bed and went to sleep with him. At first, I think his head was sort of on my arm/shoulder, but I moved him down a little, and he was fine with that. It didn't take long until we were comfortable starting out in bed. The only thing I *didn't* ever get was being able to nurse across with the other breast. I always used the side I was lying on.

DD and I were in the hospital longer due to complications, and we didn't get to nurse as soon, but she was nursing in bed by 1.5-2 weeks.
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We nursed lying down from day 1 because I was too tired to sit up after a long labor!  It always seemed like the easiest way, especially at night. 

I did also have the 'guts falling out' feeling, although I had a natural delivery so I think it is more from the stretched muscles.  It was so uncomfortable that I bought a post-partum belly band thingy that held my guts in.  I wore it for about a week and then it felt okay again. 

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Oh yeah - and I am not comfortable doing it with baby's head on my arm, as my sister does.  I put my lower, bed-side arm up under the pillow, and baby lies on his side directly on the mattress or with a very skinny pillow with his face right in front of the boob.  When he was very small, I was not comfortable using the upper boob either, because that placed my body more at an angle over him, and I was afraid that if I fell asleep I could roll over on to him.   So  I would switch sides rather than go bottom to top.  Once we had been doing it several months, I got comfortable with it. 

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We started BF while lying in bed while we were still in the hospital.

One of the nurses showed us how to do it (they taught us some other techniques too and helped us when we had difficulties (milk threatened to dry up again and kid not wanting to latch on and screaming at the breast instead).


I often read while the kid's nursing and sometimes we both fall asleep that way.


How we do it: I just roll onto my side, stretch the bottom arm out above my daughters head, she's lying on her side too, flat on the mattress and I see to it that her mouth is level with the nippel.


I sleep on my side, so lying on my side is a position I'm comfortable in and which is stable for me (knees are bent for stability; bottom arm spread out, either straight or slightly bent).


For changing sides, we roll to the other side. (She used to sleep on a big towel in bed, so I could pull her (or rather the towel with her on top) close without lifting and then, after nursing, pull her back into the baby balcony attached to our bedside, also without lifting. These days, I just hold her close to me and well roll over together. She's so adept at latching on by now (2 years old) that she will latch on to the other nipple while I'm still in mid-turn. lol.gif


I'll keep my fingers crossed that you can get BF while lying down to work for you!

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.....I've been to the lactation clinic 5 times in the last 3 1/2 weeks. They actually had me try using a nipple shield (my nipples are kind of flat and soft), which seems to be helping her latch on and she nurses longer with it. But now I'm afraid that is going to interfere with her breastfeeding on my bare breast. .....

I know it's only anecdata, but we had to use a nipple shield for a while too. DD also kept falling asleep and didn't want to nurse (that was right after birth and she had a serious infection, which they thankfully caught and treated with antibiotics). Once she was a bit older and practiced with a nipple shield, we just went ahead and tried it without and it worked straight on (she was more awake by then and her strenght had vastly improved, so she had the power to suck again ^_~)

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Originally Posted by DrBrockBaca View Post

Just wondering if any of you have learned to breastfeed your baby while you are lying in bed? 

This is the ONLY way I've ever done it! :) Makes cosleeping easier too!


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I couldn't with DS1 until 2 months or so because we needed a nipple shield at first because his latch was terrible. With DS2, we nurses lying down the night he was born with no problem whatsoever. It's definitely a learned skill. If you have an LLL chapter close by, go to a meeting and ask someone to show you. I've laid on the floor and demonstrated how to nurse side-lying more than once. Yeah, it feels a bit silly, but it's really helpful to new moms. Once it clicks, you'll wonder how you ever lived without it.
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Hi! I don't have time to check to see if someone else made this suggestion--got a babe of my own.  But with my first, he did couldn't sleep laying on his side, so after about 5 weeks, in bed, I tried propping up about 4 pillows behind me and others on my sides to support my arms, and one more pillow under the bf'ing pillow, and lay back with the bf'ing pillow.  He could stay latched, and I could recline sufficiently to sleep relatively comfortably.  I hope you get some relief very soon!


I think you could do it earlier than 5 weeks, I just didn't think of it before then. 

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We nursed successfully from day one. The first night I just held her close and actually tucked her in under my shirt (it was kind of baggy) so we had skin to skin. She nursed all night while I dozed. We spent a good chunk of the first week or so like that except when we were up and about. I would just cradle her to my chest and she'd either be on top of me if I was on my back, or to the side of me when I was on my side. I don't have huge breasts but they're not tiny either. She was just kinda sprawled on top of me, I don't think I used any particular hold.
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Keep trying, you will both get the hang of it! With my 3 DDs we nursed lying down from day 1, no problem. So I assumed with #4, my boy would get it right away. I was wrong! He would just scream if I tried it and I ended up sitting in a chair with him on the boppy & we would both fall asleep. I would wake up terrified that I was going to drop him! I never did but I had to make it work lying down so we both could rest peacefully. We finally got it after about a week when I would lie on my side and hold him in the crook of my arm, his head in the elbow/resting on the lower part of my upper arm. I would have to bring my boob to him and hold it there for him but it worked. It seemed a little weird to me & would make my arm stiff but getting sleep was well worth it! I asked my lactation consultant if this was ok for him, she said that if we were both comfortable & he's eating it's all good. I guess it helped that I have big floppy boobs that I can just kind of maneuver whichever way. Baby is 8 mths now and nursing is incredibly smooth in any position now!
Side note (haha) you ladies that can nurse on both sides without rolling over are amazing! I've never heard of anyone doing that & have often wished I could when I have to move us both around to switch but I just don't think I could do it without squishing LO!
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I Bfed both my sons lying in the bed right from day 1. it was more difficult for DS1 (I had a c-section and he had a bad latch) than for DS2 who actually latched on all by himself right after the birth. (just had to yell at the nurse who did not want to let hm be andnsisted on helping him. The major difference is that you can't see very well what the baby does... But babies are quick learners....
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At first I had to put my arm under his head to raise him up a bit, but once he was bigger and had more neck control (and I was um, less full and firm?) he just lay on the bed.  I'm not super big breasted (34C when I'm not pregnant or nursing).

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I am a big fan of nursing in bed lying down...so much easier on Mama and helps you get more rest...here is how it worked for me...


My older daughter (3 years old) was a pro nurser and wanted to nurse 24/7 even if she wasn't hungry. She got the hang of nursing in bed right from the start.

My newest daughter (2 weeks old) is a 35 week preemie and only wants to nurse if she is TRULY hungry. She pushes me away if she isn't ready to eat...I have been trying to get her to nurse in bed since she came home from the hospital but it has been tough. She likes to be cuddled with my hand under her head when she nurses. 2 nights ago she finally latched on laying down and she has done it every night since.


It just takes some patience and trial and error to teach the little ones how to do it. innocent.gif


Best advice is to just keep trying and experiment to find out what works best for you!

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I learned when my daughter was about two weeks old.  We started at week 1 feeding in bed with some stacked pillows so I was in a very reclined position with her body draped across my chest under the opposite breast, so she was feeding almost face down.  Then moved pillows away over the next week so I was lying on my back and she was draped across me in the same way and feeding face down.  When her suckle got stronger and she was more efficient at feeding, we moved into the side-lying position. 

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We were able to do side-lying nursing from about 1 day old... I didn't know it was an "advanced" technique or anything about that. I just could not sit on my bottom for more than about 1 minute after giving birth, so side-lying become our thing. My midwife was all impressed with it, but my mom says that it's easier with larger breasts (we both have) so that's why we got it right from the start. It has made sleeping for both of us - so great! We just fall asleep where we are nursing and no repositioning or anything needed. I have found that for some reason he doesn't need to burp at night either. 

Even at 3 months old now, he still sometimes prefers the lie down, so we have a lambskin that just stays on the floor for nursing/nap times.


Good luck!

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I usually prop the baby's head up on my upper arm in the crook of my underarm to start and then roll into her to get the latch. It gets easier as they get older and gain neck control, but I started pretty early with all of mine out of convenience -and the fact that with twins I 'd never get any sleep if I couldn't nurse in bed. Which leads to an important point - Be Careful. This quickly turns into co-sleeping, which many people don't recommend, particularly with the newbies.  If you're a heavy sleeper, really deprived of sleep (hence likely to quickly go into a very deep sleep) or tend to thrash around, don't attempt this until you're more rested and not likely to fall dead asleep).  


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If you are in need of using the C-hold, remember that baby's head is at a different angle to your breasts when you are lying down and to rotate the C-hold slightly so that you presenting your breast at the same angle respective to her mouth as you would if you were sitting.  Does that make sense?  I second lots of pillows behind you too.  Keep at it—you'll get it!

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Nursing side-lying was my savior, but it didn't work for the first few months for me.  I tried it early on, and I just couldn't get it to work.  I would sit up and read on my Kindle to stay awake, but it was rough.  Eventually I tried again and had success, and that's what we've been doing at night ever since.  She just turned 16 months and is still in bed with us and still nurses at night.  Most of the time, I'm able to fall right back asleep, or I don't even wake up because she finds her way to me.  I would have loved to have had it work earlier on, but I was glad that I went back to it and got it to work.

I applaud you for your effort and patience.  I think many women stop breastfeeding at the first sign of difficulty, and it's wonderful that you've reached out to get support and do all that you can to try and keep it going.


Good luck and enjoy your little one!




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I am on baby number 5 and have been able to nurse all of them while lying in bed from the day they were born- except the first and he was a preemie. It is a bit awkward at first, but if you can get the hang of it you can nurse and get back to sleep. I set the baby laying next to me on the bed and get in a comfortable position on my side. Then I slide the baby up to the breast that is laying on the bed with baby's mouth at the level of the nipple. Then I wrap my free arm around the baby's back and pull him in close. If it doesn't seem to be working just try repositioning the baby. I find that I usually need to pull him down more towards the foot of the bed if things aren't working. Good luck!
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I have very large breasts, 34H/I & am a breastfeeding mom & coach. I found that practicing on a couch in the beginning was easiest to have constant back support. With any breastfeeding it's best for latch to have your nipple pointing towards your baby's nose. For laying down it means rolling your own body until nipple is to nose without having to hold your breast in place. I used a rolled up receiving blanket to support baby's back & keep babe in a good position. I figured out a good latch sitting up first then worked on laying down around 4 or 5 weeks.
A note for large breasts, I still feel more comfortable holding my breast while nursing sitting up & my son is 2. Best to support baby with rolled receiving blankets to have a hand free in the beginning.
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