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Chickenpox wanted in Albuquerque

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Is there anybody with chickenpox-y kids in Albuquerque who might help? I have been searching for it for a few years, even got exposed (with no success) a few times, but now really want it badly as we might be travelling next year and it would be really nice to get it out of the way before that. Much, much appreciated.

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I don't know the answer to this...but wanted to tag on as we would like to find the chicken pox too! 

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We are always looking for wild chickenpox in the ABQ area too!  We had exposure during the 2008 outbreak here in town but did not get the pox.  I will post here if I find wild pox and please do the same :) .

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We had 'em in 2008 but haven't heard of ANYONE since then!

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There have been at least 2 official medically confirmed cases at Hope Christian last year, and I read somewhere that for every documented case there are 10-20 unofficial ones, so it aught to be in town, I am pretty sure, at any given time. Plus, all the grown-ups with shingles from whom one can get it...


It's just very hard to find those families because in some school situations if those kids are in school, these kids get treated like lepers even if all is crusted over and gone (oh, how dumb you/your parents must be not to have gotten vaxed) so parents try to cover it up as much as possible...

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I am looking as well! Glad to have found this forum.

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We are looking for it too. IF anyone wants to have a party we are in and can bring the suckers.  We are worried that our kids will get too old and get a really nasty case of it.

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Also looking in Albuquerque for my unvaxed 6 & 8 year-old kids. Has anyone heard of any? It's January 2012 and I see this thread has been here for a while, but perhaps someone has suggestions, or another place to search? Most of my kids' friends seem to be vaccinated.

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I'd come too... we've been to 3 in 3 years and no spots yet, so I'm still hoping...


Let's keep each other posted!

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