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Need help with a boy name please!

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So here's the deal. I'm working on baby #5. Our kids now are Hazel, Chloe, Calvin and Sammy. This baby is a boy. My husband is a quarter mexican, and we've been living in Mexico for the past year, he's been working there for quite some time, and Mexico is playing a huge part in our lives right now. So naturally he wants to give this baby a name that honors his heritage and this time in our lives. I totally get this.


But I just don't like the names. 


He's wanted to name each of the kids something hispanic, but I've resisted--saying they were just too 'ethnic'. He thinks I'm being extremely bigoted, and that the kid makes the name and to let go of any random issues I have. I get that too.


So what to do--to make him feel included/opinions valued/all that stuff, while at the same time finding a name (a very permanent thing) that I can be happy with??


I've offered to give him middle name exclusive rights, but he says it's weak. He's open to an anglicized nickname of the baby, and I know if I go with a hispanic first name I can do whatever I want for a middle.


The names he really likes are:

Benito (nickname Benny, which is cute up to about 5yrs old. I don't really love Ben)

Carlos (the traditional nickname is Charlie, which I love, but I really don't like Carl)

Lorenzo--nickname of Enzo. Thinking on this one. 


Probably just about anything else, if it sounds good and mexican.


My names that I love? Oscar. Elliot. Ezra. Theodore. Simon. Oliver.


If you've read this far, bless you. This is becoming one of those bigger-than-just-the-issue-at-hand type marriage things, if you know what I mean. I need some help!!! Suggestions?

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Are you Mexican? What is his other 3/4 of heritage? The kid will be 1/8 mexican but the dad insist he honors mexican heritage? That sounds kind of like dad may have issues with his other 3/4 parts? It seems odd to me.


I could live with Enzo or maybe Benito. I suppose if you're going to live there forever maybe you want him to blend in more?


I think you both need to be happy so maybe keep looking?




Eduardo, eddie

Felipe, phil



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Oscar de la Hoya Hispanic American boxer,

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Oops--husband is 1/2 Mexican, not 1/4. He's wanted to give each of the kids some kind of hispanic name, but I've resisted. This time it seems pretty important to him--you know?

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I like my son's name, Victor. (My hubby is half hispanic too) Simon could be pronounced the spanish way, si-MONE,

Victor has a lil guy named Enzo in his class. Oscar is mexican too. Raul? Cisco?

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I vote for oscar.

I personally wouldnt give a name that was SO different from all of my other kids' names. What is your husband's name? Have you thought about just using that name?
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Oh, I love Theodore!!!

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I like Lorenzo and Oscar.  Good luck!

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I really like Lorenzo!

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Lorenzo or Carlos.


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Carlos or Oscar
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